Vishkanya 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu carries lamp in her house’s corridor wearing sari and looking beautiful. Malay sees her from his bed and stands in balcony. Vardaan sees him getting out of bed and gets jealous. Apu burns her hand by mistake with lamp. Malay rushes back to his room. Vardaan acts back asleep. Malay picks ointment and walks out hurriedly. Abhi sees him going and tries to stop. He sees vardaan peeping and asks where did Malay go. She says she doe snot know. He goes out to check. Malay goes to Apu’s house and checks her injury worriedly. Varaan jealously looks at them from window. Abhi sees Malay and Apu together and purposefully comes under a moving car and shouts. Malay hears him and runs down and scolds that he has 4 eyes (2 with specs), even then he cannot see a moving car. Vardaan

and Apu also come down. Malay picks Abhi and takes him home. Apu says Vardaan it is good Abhi escaped with a minor accident and asks her to go and rest now. Vardaan asks what does she need. Apu asks her to ask Malay itself what he needs. Vardaan says she does not know all this, why she is coming in front of Malay often after breakup. Apu says some people wander around people even when they are not related and trap them. Vardaan stands fuming. Apu smiles and goes to her hosue. Abhi comes back and says he was just acting to call back Malay. Vardaan says friends..and befriends him.

In the morning, Malay checks Abhi’s leg and Abhi says it is really paining. Vardaan brings herbal tea and forcefully gives it to Abhi with her lengthy meaningless explanation. She gives tea to Malay next and he makes weird face, drinking bad tea. He leaves to his room.

Vardaan brings herbal tea to Malay’s room and says herbal tea is good for health. She sees Apu’s window open and sees her looking via binocular. She climbs chair to fix bulb, even though it is already fixed, and puprosefully slips. Malay holds her and they both fall down. She says sorry and purposefully fixes her mangalsutra in his shirt and delays getting up. Apu sees via binocular Malay getting Angray and Vardaan still on him. Malay forcefully gets up and scolds Vardaan. Apu thinks Vardaan is so determined to lure Malay, but Malay loves her and will not fall for Vardaan.

Nikunj wins 50,000 rs lottery. Shopkeeper suggests him to have a 50 lakhs business deal with his boss. Greedy Nikunj agrees, goes to jungle, digs ground, opens his secret locker and looks at his 50 lakhs hidden money. Apu watches hiding and smirks.

Precap: Apu meets Nikunj as lottery business tamilian owner.

Update Credit to: MA


    • Narendran

      |Registered Member

      I am gold medalist today..?????????????.. So guys.. I have sent.. New ff.. Horror story.. For all time.. Vishkanya show is there.. But little change in show.. Only 4 shows.. This time.. That to my fav shows.. Kkb,vishkanya, matsh and ?????? Guess the last show..

      • Ooshi Akbar

        congratulations bro ur expressions which i emagined through ur first line was very cute and when i saw the entry of horror story 3 which has matsh then i was so sure that it will be ur’s

  1. Narendran

    |Registered Member

    Apulay scenes are superb!!???Vardhaan scenes makes me cry.. Guys can u pls tell me what happened on Wednesday epi?? Pls.. I don’t know and did not read it also

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      Yes naren… Mee too enjoyed a lot…

      Wednesday eps….
      Apu kills atosh before that she declared him that she is a vishkanya …. Malay n chipkali goes on a walk … But that cheapo imagines as Malay buy flowers n dors that in her hair..?? …. As per ritual… Kumkum ask Malay to choose his wife among veiled women… He unveils Apu…

  2. Narendran

    |Registered Member

    Now leaving to study.. See u if possible today.. Or tmr..surely.. Becoz I will get more time.. To use my mobile tmr!! And Sunday!!

  3. pari

    Please vardhan don’t turn negative , if not positive
    Please leave this show , you deserve better yaar .

  4. chakor

    Really she is chipkali whoever I didn’t remember who kept that name to vardan but really suits her friends

  5. chakor

    Seriously guys cardhan ka name to chipkali he sahi
    Chepo she looks like an very innocent and even talks like a small baby who doesn’t know anything but the acts she is doing to lure Malay is really disgusting

  6. Pals

    ? now this greedy nikunj also been demolished by apu….keep it up apu…..finish it at once m eager to see u n malay together living happy life?

  7. milks

    hey guys iam back well today was awesome it was son gooooood epi and thankyou for inviting me to your family very grateful and apulay scenes were intersting and dashing

    • Narendran

      |Registered Member

      Sure.. Chakor.. Welcome keep commenting.. R u udaan fan?? Tell me.. Becoz this name chakor.. Is the female lead.. Name.. My mom will watch.. In Tamil??

    • Ooshi Akbar

      u r in and wish u a warm welcome to our family keep commenting and don’t even think to ask this question again

  8. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Hi, naren, kathy di, oshi di, rufina, arpita, diya, shai and all the new and old vishkanya family members…

  9. prakriti

    apulay scenes r too good.i just hate abhishaap and abhi too.chipkali never understand apulay love for each other.

  10. AAYUSH

    |Registered Member

    Episode was nice. Hate vardaan and now it’s confirmed that vardaan is the villain only and it would be apulay only.

  11. Rajni

    apulay scene was nice but i don’t like that vardhaan i hate her really correct name for her chipkalli

  12. Ridhima

    Vardaan …there is a chance for you run away ..otherwise death will be your destination …. Sorry yaar …. Apu and Malay are very strong in their feelings …haha … Vardaan you want to hurt apu but at least you will be hurt more … Seeing you in this show yuuukkkk … Get lost … Cheap crab …. ????

  13. Karan

    Hi guys I am Karan and my and Siddhi’s marriage has got fixed.When me and siddhi will get mature and educated then we will get married.And I have registered in gravatar as siddhi.

  14. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Wow Malay… I misunderstood that u have changed but I was wrong man.. He still loves n care Apu…. ???

  15. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Disgusting chipkali …. ??? I wish to kill her… Pls Apu kill that cheapo…. Soon… Cant bear her for long..??

  16. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Ooshi dear… Coudnt reply to ur 15 the post… Before I answer so… His name is munib…?? am glad that u got a way to convey ur tnx dear… Even I think I should apply ur technique… If u don’t mind..?? n from ur loved ones u can request anything dear …

    • Ooshi Akbar

      first of all u r my di so how can i mind and he is Munib it’s not true because actually she is Muniba but i call her MUNIBA,HIM or we should say i talk to her like some body talks to a boy but actually they are all girls like GUFA JANI,NABEEL MUNIB,HUBBY they are my best buddies named like boys by me actually their names are SHAGUFTA,NABEELA,MUNIBA and HABIA respectively some of my other friends named as boys Intikhab,Usman they were in previous clg and both of them have name Maria with father name Intikhab and Usman so for differentiation i use to call them Intikhab and Usman and in my present clg i had 3 boys whom i called Javed,Hanif and Bhai jaan first 2 have the same name Iqra with father name Javed and Hanif so for differentiation i call them Javed and Hanif and the third one’s name is Atika Raza and Raza is the name of my big bro so i call him Bhai Jaan but these all are girls actually and there is also a strange change in my behavior in this clg as already i have told so much to u without asking that’s why i will tell u that strange thing if u want to know and asked me

      • Kathy

        |Registered Member

        I laughed thinking ur way of calling ur friends dear?? sure dear I would like to know ur strange change on ur behaviour…

      • Ooshi Akbar

        i learn to said G although only one person but i the girl only use to talk respectively for GJ but don’t call him G but i learned it there’s a friend or best friend of me in present clg whom i met first after entering on the first day of clg and i am so close to her her name is Sobia and i always calls her Sobia g in front of teachers friends or any body my class mates ask me and feels irritate when i call her Sobia g they ask me the reason which i myself don’t know but may be because according to my heart only G suits with Sobia as the aunty who is my phopho i will call her phopho but when any other calls her khala i feels some strange/awkward so as my heart doesn’t like her single name so my heart ordered me to call her Sobia g and now i feels awkward when i call her Sobia as she is Sobia g for me i talks to her “aap kahan ja rhe ho,jldi aa jaiye ga,Sobia g kya kr rhe ho aap” in short she is special to me and is the first and the last person whom i calls g

      • Kathy

        |Registered Member

        So sweet BTW….I didn’t find any strange thing here…. U follows ur heart… I think it’s a good thing… It sounds nice when u call someone with G…. ?? my personal opinion..?? then sobia must a very good friend of urs…

      • Ooshi Akbar

        yes it is and how much i am possessive about her no one can imagine even i and if she is not in my life then i can’t said any one my friend by heart once i had fight with her it continued for two days then she got absent for 4 days and the day she came i only start searching her and forget our fight and asked why were she absent from so much days i had accepted that i had right on her not so much but at some instant she is mine and my GJ,NB,MB.HB,ND,ZB are always mine

  17. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    I think Apu didn’t stop Malays marriage Coz she knows that their love so is so strong… N end of the day .. They unite …

  18. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright.

    Good night to all my vishkanya family… Have a good sleep…

    • Ooshi Akbar

      di don’t be sad as it also happens some time and surely ALLAH TAALA doesn’t want that your those comments post

  19. Ooshi Akbar

    today’s epi was nice and i think the dialogue which apu used in hindi for saying “some people wander around people even when they are not related and trap them”should be awesome could anyone share that dialogue in hindi

  20. Ooshi Akbar

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM and a very good morning to all members of my family wish u all a very good day ahead
    believe in yourself and don’t be disappointed these are the key of living a good life
    my dear family embers is this saying true because i am not sure must reply

  21. Ooshi Akbar

    Harshan there’s a reply for u on 17 june’s page read it understand it and remember it and u r missing from this page till now it’s my observation not complaint so there’s no need to be sorry may be u r busy so only explain the reason when u will comment

  22. Ooshi Akbar

    all who had time give the answer of my question the question is written in the reply of Prakriti’s comment under Kathy di’s reply in older comments check it and reply

  23. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Good morning… Kathy di, naremdran, oshi di, rufina, arpita, shai, hashan, pals, chakor, diya, rajni and all the family members…

  24. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Kathy di u asked what means abhishap…
    Actually vardaan means boon/blessing
    And abhishap means curse…
    Hope now you can get it… Why that chupkali vardaan should be calle abhishap…

  25. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Aishwarya khare aka apu and vin rana aka malay = Aishvin aka Apuloy…
    Kathy di how do you find it… Is it nice??

  26. pari

    O God so much negativity in every comments for vardhan . Dear vardhan it’s humble request , leave this show coz the stupid serial will make you villain to make apu and Malay one

    • Ooshi Akbar

      pari with so sadness but she has became the villain not pray and request her to leave the show as we all are requesting apu to kill that chipkali as early as possible so a gret best of luck to ur vardhan and our chipkali

  27. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Good morning naren, ooshi, Shai, rufina, siddhi, shafaq, Mel,harshan,Ayesha Akka , mukti, kavya, Arpita, prakriti, nagma, Tara, chitali, sharaya , shammu, Nandi, sharadh, Ayesha, shraddha n all my beautiful VK family… Have a wonderful day ahead… Keep smiling … ???????

  28. Chaitali

    |Registered Member

    Hii guys…good morning!!How r u all…didn’t comment in last episode….was a bit busy…haha..i was enjoying today’s episode toooo much!go chipkali…make friend with abhi…and get paired with him only…pls leave malay alone!

    What a dialogue apu said!!Well done my girl.

    • Ooshi Akbar

      good morning to u too chaitali we all are fine and we enjoyed the episode too accept that chipkali’s malay scenes but enjoyed when malay scolded that chipkali

  29. Chaitali

    |Registered Member

    hey pari…do u like vardaan?But the name of the show tells that it is all about apu…as she is vishkanya …so if vardaan tries to separate apu and malay then the viewers will hate her it’s for sure!

  30. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Guys i am not from india… So can anyone tell me where india gate and gateway of india situated… Actually confused about these two..

  31. AppuMalayFAN

    Now they are showing Appu as sautan who is interested in having illegitimate relationship with Malay, How much they will show the character of Appu in bad light.. They forgot Vishkanya is the story of Appu’s dark love. It is neither the story of illegitimate love story or the love story of Vardaan.

    Hence I request all Malay-Appu fans to stop watching Vishkanya on TV to reduce their TRP’s and show our frustration to CV’s and Zee TV.

    But always read written updates or watch the show online rather than seeing it on TV to make sure the TRP’s sink.

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