Vishkanya 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira/black smoke strangulates Apu. Malay throws knife on Mandira and she leaves Apu. He runs and asks Apu if she is fine. Apu says yes and scratches Mandira’s face and herself feels pain. Mandira says if she kills her, even she will die. Apu says she is okay with it. She drops her blood on floor and it catches fire. She asks Malay to take care of Kalpana and fights with Mandira. Mandira says she is wasting her precious poison and energy. Apu says maybe god has made her to destroy black smoke. She kills black smoke and black smoke vanish. Malay shouts Apu.. Apu comes back unhurt.

Apu goes back to Mittal mansion with Malay and Kalpana and tells Malay that she is going to stay at a sadhu’s ashram in hamalayas from here on and even Kalpana wants to stay at herhome booth badi. Malay goes to his room and feels emotional, he realizes he loves Apu now. He thinks if he is betraying Vardaan. A flower falls from Vardaan’s photo and he thinks Vardaan also wants him to reunite with Apu.

Kalpana packs Apu’s bags. Sadhu comes and asks if she is ready. Apu says yes. He gets rabbit and asks her to remove her neem-tulsi beeds and touch rabbit. Apu says innocent rabit will die. He says do as he says. She does and rabbit does not die. Sadhu says devi maa cured her poison and she is a normal human now. Malay comes out and asks Apu will she love him again. Apu gets emotional. Kalpana says god reunited Apu and Malay.

Apu and Malay hapens. Malay carries Apu to their room and consummates with her. In the morning, Apu performs pooja and gives aarti to Malay and Avi. Avi says Malay that Apu may be his wife now, but she is his friend since a long time, so he will get prasad first. Malay and Apu leave for office. Apu thanks god for giving back her happiness.

Precap: Apu and Malay promote new serial Mehak.

Update Credit to: MA

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