Vishkanya 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana asking Nandita to break Apu and Malay’s alliance if she does not trust her family. Kumkum says she trusts her family a lot, but Renu wanted to see her house. Kalpana asks why Renu came to steal in her house. Vardaan asks to behave with her mother. Kalpana asks why did she enter as thief. Nandita says she trusts Kalpana and family. Kalpana says she loves her dignity more than thhis relationship and will break it right now. Malay requests not to break alliance and scolds Renu for barging in like a thief. He says Apu’s family is his famil now and he will not tolerate anyone insulting them. Everyone walk out. Kalpana tells family that Renu wanted to know their secret but failed, in this process Malay came closer to Apu as he was taking their side.


entering home, Malay scolds Kumkum and Renu, says he respects guests and does not want her to make any more blunders and leave peacefully after marriage. Renu packs her bags and asks Vardaan also to pack her bags. Vardaan walks towards Apu’s house. Malay writes sorry on cardboard and shows it to Apu from his room. He sees Vardaan walking towards Apu’s home and rushes to stop her.

Vardaan knocks Apu’s door. Apu opens and asks her to come in. She says after what mom did, she is hesitant to come in. She apologizes Apu on Renu’ behalf. Malay enters. Vardaan says she sent mom here to check as she felt Apu and Malay have evil shadow on them, she just wants them to be safe. Apu is shocked. Malay follows Vardaan home and calls her toofan. She says Veda. He asks if she really believes in black shadow and all. She says yes and she does not want their relationship to break. Malay says nobody can separate them. She says destiny is written by god and if they are made for each other, nobody can separate them and if not, nobody can unite them. He extends his hand and befriends her. She feels his hand and gets mesmerized again. He leaves and she looks at him eagerly.

In the morning, Renu and Vardaan get down with their bags and greet bye to Mittal family. Vardaan says she did not expect going hurt emotinally like this. Apu comes. Vardaan says she wanted to wish her bye. Malay also comes down. Apu asks Renu to stay back and go after blessing her in marriage. Vardaan says they will stay back. She then takes Renu to room and shows lemon which Renu kept at bhooth badi and says it turned black.

Precap: She tells her mum that her doubt was right..that is why she agreed to stay back. There is some black power for sure in that house and she won’t leave until she finds that out.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    This epi..Malay supported apu.. Superb scenes semma bulb for others.

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Update little fast mam.. I will not watch epi.. Only updates.. Pls fast

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    This epi is good…but renu should stay outside from Malay and apu

    • Kathy

      Yah even I wanted that… But hereafter she won’t b keep quite now both mother n daughter has doubt so they will try to find the truth… They will do every possible thing to get the truth out…

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys I did not watched full epi!! So pls tell me.. What happened!!

  5. Kathy

    I don’t want to see Malay with vardhaan…. N now….they are friends??… Now I think vardhaan too will try to find the truth along with her mom…

  6. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys all my 4 ff!! On vishkanya show is posted.. Pls read it.. Horror,,crime,sci-fi and vishkanya ff.. Pls

  7. Ooshi,if I were hurt by my yesterday’s comment then I am sorry. But I have written what I have felt.sorry once again.?????

    • Ooshi Akbar

      first of all i don’t allow any one to say sorry to me specially from our family and i had totally forgotten the thing because of which u r saying sorry to me what ever i said to u remember it’s subject and try to act upon it if u r sorry then do this instead of saying sorry and again don’t say sorry to me for ever

    • Kathy

      Don’t know… She is trying to find the secrete of Apu n her family… Will have to wait….

  8. Hate redaan (renu+vardaan) hope their chapter ends soon but this is an indian soap opera so we should have lot of patience. My request is show some apulay scenes so that we feel like watching and tolerating the maa beti duo.

    • Kathy

      Hi nagma…. redaan … I like that name…. Even I wish it to end this chapter soon dear… But what to do… Will have to tolerate it until theire end… Earning to see apulay scene… Hope vishkanya team will show some… Before it ends…??

  9. Sujoy

    hey no offense even i am also a Apulay fan.
    But i also like this girl Vardaan as she is so cute

  10. Kathy

    Guys naren have written one more story … It’s a crime story pls do read n comment… It’s deferent … Hope u guys will luv it…

  11. Vishi

    I think apu will become villian. Malay extended his hand for friendship. Guys I think this will be end of apu as a lead. Mark my words. Vardaan is the new lead.

  12. Ooshi Akbar

    a small but a very important thing for the most respectful WRITERS of vishkanya
    this thing will not in english so try to understand it
    maine itne dino tk writers k liye koi comment nhi likha k shaid aap/writers sudhar jaen lakin aap nhi sudhre abhi main boht zyada izzat k sath writers se guzarish krti hon k iss drame ko sedhe track pr le aao aur iss maan beti ko drame se jld az jld bye bol do q k in k chakkr main love triangle bne ya na bne lakin apu villain zroor bnti ja rhi hai aur ab agr writers ka demagh bdl gya hai aur woh vedhaan ko female lead lena chahate hain to iss drame ka nam change kr dain waise to mmjhe aap writers k demagh ko repair krne ka koi shauk nhi lakin agr zyada zrorat pri to bta dena jo log mere doston ko confuse krain ghussa dlaen aur un k favourite show ka kbara krain un se mjhe itni izzat se bat nhi krni chahiye lakin yeh izzat se ki gai bat 1 warning hai agr phir bhi writers ki khopri se guzr kr yeh bat demagh ki smjh main na aai to agli bar aap k sath meri jo batain hongi un ka ksi ne khwab main bhi na socha ho ga izzat se ki hoi bat agr aap ko smj na aai to agli bar k lie tyari kr lena aaj mjhe bre maze mmaze k mohavre yad aa rhe the lakin q k aaj aap sb se izzat se bat krni thi iss liye un mohavron ko ignore kr dia lakin agr aaj ki bat smjh na aai to agli bar bat shuro hi un mohavron se kron gi izzat k sath bye aur agr aaj ki bat smjhh nhi aai to very very very very best of luck for next time because nothing bad happened and next time,most chances are,nothing good will happen

      • Ooshi Akbar

        suchi tathy yeh izzat hi hai mere demagh main itne maze maze k beizzati wale mohavre aa rahe the lakin maine nahi likhe agr un pr iss warning letter ka koi asr na hua to agli bar ka comment prh kr to un ki akl thikane pe aa jae gi

      • Kathy

        Lol…?? Will wait for sometime ooshi… Let’s see … Don’t know what this writers up to!!!

      • Ooshi Akbar

        don’t be sad they couldn’t do any thing bad and this comment is for ALL FAMILY MEMBERS

  13. Ooshi Akbar

    today’s epi was just ok because malay defend apu family but he doesn’t know their aim and nor apu loves him as much as she should 2nd reason is vedhaan and malay became friends 3rd is that maa beti didn’t go and the last but not least is that maa beti both are after apu’s secret

  14. mkc

    So the standard twist in this drama will be Vardaan and Malay will end up as couple…Hmmm..

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Pls pls don’t speak like this.. Malay and apu are leads and they will get married.. She is nonsense.. Renu.. Vardhan also.. Idiot..

    • Ooshi Akbar

      aisa main hone nhi don gi q k agr agli bar thora sa b lga k aisa hone wala hai jo tum ne likha hai to writers k lie 1 full on besti wala commment main kron gi best of luck writers very very very best of luck i am not joking for confirmation u can check my comments for yeh kahan aa gae hum o 11,12,13 may fror telly updates

  15. Kathy

    Good morning naren, Ayesha Akka, ooshi, nagma, sarayu, Shai, mukti, shammu n all my vishkanya family…. Very good morning… N have a wonderful day ahead…. ? Keep smiling…?????????

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      But for me bad day??except my 5ff crime.. Did not get good comment than u.. Kathy one comment came but he does not liked it.. So decided not to write that type of ff..

      • Kathy

        Oh naren.,. Don’t worry about others …. U just wait for sometime am sure everyone would love this crime story…

      • Ooshi Akbar

        u accept defeat so easily u r such aboy no yaar u can’t do it prove other’s that u can do what u want didn’t u do this for ur happiness no yaar accepting defeat so easily is the symbol of cowards and u r my brave bro understand it and always remember it

      • Ooshi Akbar


  16. Kathy

    Ooshi… Have u read naren’s ff on crime story… Pls do n comment… It’s different from others…

  17. Ranaji

    ooshi i will continue my ff pls pls don’t get angry..i will write it but not for others sake but for me and u

  18. Kathy

    Where our new comers…. Pls guys do comment… It’s 2 now n just 55 comments…. Not done… Will have to reach our target….

  19. Kathy

    One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.

    Kahlil Gibran

  20. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Kathy and ooshi sorry I don’t want to write crime story any more becoz I don’t have any idea.. So I have decided to write diff story.. So no crime..

    • Kathy

      Naren I don’t understand… One person comment n this impact U stop that coz AaRa said that the plot is not good… What about other four people who Support n encourage u … What about them Yaar…. Anyway since u decide … I respect ur decision ….

      • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        It is not like that Kathy… Don’t worry..I an back with another ff

  21. Kathy

    Naren I really wish to ask that person whether he / she happy now by stopping u from writing that crime ff…. But I don’t make it an issue… All vishkanya family loves u a lot…

  22. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys don’t worry.. Now I came back with another new ff.. So be happy…

  23. Rufina

    hi i am a new viewer of vishkanya n can i join here???? Actually i was not interested in vishkanya as in thought that it would same like naagin but i got liked it when they telecasted at saturday afternoon….

  24. i knw vishkanya is a nyc nd differ concept of serial bt the hero heroin is totally disgusting they nor have a acting skill neither have beauty…..just rubbish i hate malay,s acting he cant do his acting properly…

  25. vishkanya is a nyc nd differ concept of serial bt the hero heroin is totally disgusting they nor have a acting skill neither have beauty…..just rubbish i hate malay,s acting he cant do his acting properly…

  26. i, m also agree with u FARU
    nd sure if the director of viskanya change this stupid bullshit plainjain so called actor malay nd actress apu then for 100%sure they,ll get good response from viewerss soo plz change them hurrielyyyyyyyyy we dnt want to cc dem

    • Ranaji

      nonsense shut up and leave..pls tell anything about malay but not about apu…just get lost

    • Kathy

      Guys from where are u all coming from…. They are the best for our vishkanya family… So we don’t bother about ur comments…

  27. Ranaji

    Guys for all new comers..don’t even dare to speak about female lead then u have to pay for it..just keep quiet

  28. Ranaji

    if u does not like her then don’t tell anything bad about her..kathy u knew about me i am short temper so sorry if i hurted someone

  29. A.K

    Hello Vishkanya Family , I am not liking this Vardhaan
    She’ll try to snatch Malay from Apu

  30. Ranaji

    i told u ff is posted by submitting article so that only….i won;t send..see they did not post my ff till now

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