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Vishkanya 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Apu seeing goons kidnapping Tapur and taking her in a jeep and asking Malay to follow jeep. She calls Tapur , Tapur… and asks Malay to speed up. Jeep dissappears from eyes. Apu says jeep has disappeared and they have gone far away. Malay says he will not let them escape. Abhi calls Malay and asks where is he. Malay says there is a problem here and gives phone to Apu. Kumkum passes by and snatches phone from Abhi. She fumes hearing Apu’s voice and asks Abhi what is Kalpana’s daughter doing with Malay. Nandita comes and hears their discussion.

Malay and Apu see jeep parked aside and stop their car. Apu says she has to save Tapur. Malay says goons will catch even them and she says she does not care. They see a house and Tapur pleading goons

to spare her. Goons tear her sleeve. She punches goons and runs into jungle. Goons see Mala and Apu and start following even them. Malay beats goons. One goon holds Apu and she resists. Malay beats goon. One of them hits him with beer bottle from the back. Apu shouts Malay.. Goons escape from there. Malay’s head starts bleeding and he falls down holding his head. Apu runs towards him.

Dida annd Kalpana wait for Apu. Dida asks why did she leave Apu alone with Malay, what if something happens. Kalpana asks her not to worry as she has tied tulsi neem beed necklace in Apu’s neck. Door bell rings. Kalpana happily opens door thinking Apu has come. Kalpana and Nandita enter and ask what is Apu doing with Malay. Kalpana asks what are they talking about. Nandita asks her to keep her daughter away from Malay. Kalpana asks what does she mean. Nandita says it is her badluck that she is her neighbor and nobody wants to befriend her, she and her family should stay away from Malay. Kumkum says she wants to hookup Apu with Malay. Kalpana asks Nandita to ask Kumkum to mind her tongue. Nandita says shut up and says she will take Malay back to London soon. They both walk out.

Apu takes Malay in her lap and pleads him to wake up. He asks her to go to main road and call for help.

Kalpana shouts that Malay cannot go back to London. Dida asks her to let him go. Kalpana says she will kill herself if she does not meet her goal. She goes in front of kali maa’s photo and says if she does not get her revenge and if Malay goes back to London, she will kill herself. She burns knife and cuts her hand and says she is giving her sacrifice to kali maa so that she accepts her plea.

Apu comes on road and tires to stop passing cars, but nobody stops. She runs back to Malay and does not find him. She searches him all around and calls him loudly. She runs in whole jungle calling his name. Malay is seen walking with wobbly gait holding his head. Apu continues searching him and then finds him on floor.

Precap: Rasik says family that he did not find Malay or his car. Apu holds Malay and walks in jungle and stops seeing snake in front of her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. hey guys….just came to know that kalpana is actually apu’s maasi!!!!
    but tapur’s kalpana’s real daughter.
    sorry if u have seen this before…as there is this moderation problem..

  2. Hello…………. I am back………. I think no one remembered me but i missed u all a lot. I did not feel like commenting or writing ff or chatting from many days. Now i am back.

    1. Hi Nagma how are you?

    2. Sharaya…. I am fine….

  3. Everyone comment. I want to see 100+ comments or atleast 50+

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Hi nagma today i am going out Na.

  4. Concept is good but too much slow and dragging in d show.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      It is moving little fast compared to kkb.. Na..

  5. Who is that Kali Maa? This serial is very confusing but I like it

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Kaali maa is a God like Mata rani..

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        If u saw naagin serial then it will be known to u…..

  6. I think in next episode we will see the fight between a snake and vishkanya lol :p

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Yes sharaya apu will scratch snake. It will die..??????

  7. Now where did this tapur went?

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Same yaar me also thinking the same.

  8. Hi friends

  9. This episode should at least get 50+

  10. awesome episode i think in next episode apu will scratch the snake and it will die

  11. awsome episode and i think in next episode apu will scratch the snake and it will die

  12. awesome episode and i think in next episode apu will scratch the snake and it will die

  13. Gid afternoon…… Have a super sunday…………..

  14. Plz everyone comment. We should have atleast 50+

  15. Nagma i want to tell u that i am Siddhi,i dont matter if my parents are not real but i have markesh dosh because my life has gone in danger many times and by the way i dont beleive in god but i have beleive in this dosh.My name Siddhi is given by my parents who adopted me,my big sister Shavi is there real daughter.

  16. I am going to give auditions for serial as child.pls pray for me as if i will get selected then i will become a child actor.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Really!! Whcih show?????pls don’t blast tell the truth

    2. Hi friend,hi nagma.nice epi and hope maley does’t get any problem.fight between snake and apu !! Is it possible??

    3. Sarayu(honey)

      You are the one who changed your name as arjun bijlani and commented in the naagin 16the April update right? Please don’t make people fools by your stories

      1. Have you gone mad i habe told you several times that i am commenting my brother Malay comments as actor.

      2. I dont comment my brother Malay comments.

      3. Sarayu(honey)

        I am not mad and by the way I just asked you and when did you tell me that you are commenting your brother’s comments. Sorry brother if I hurt your feelings.

  17. Hello everyone

  18. Really,currently they dint told the show name but when will go for auditions then will come to will come on sony tv.

  19. Missed to see the episode

  20. Ranaji why are u changed ur name?

  21. Hey guys i didn’t get what happened to tapur after she went to jungle

  22. Hey guys vishkanya is epic

  23. Good night

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  25. Hi Guys do you knw the repeat times of vishkanya coz I missed the sat episode

  26. Friends i got selected for role in serial but i refused for serial as its shooting started on june and my 90 marks exam is on june so i refused but they told when some new serial will come they will contact me for child role.

  27. Who is this ssharad malhotra?
    Burra thintunnadu…
    Abadhaalaki aadhaar card laga unnadu…
    Chachipothunnam athani comments chadhavaleka….

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    Hey, jasmine memu telugu vallame. Good to see you here.

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