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Vishkanya 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira forces Apu to sit in a car if she wants to meet her mom. Apu calls Malay silently. He wakes up and asks her to keep her phone on. He wipes blue color from his body and reminices hearing Apu and Mandira’s conversation and realizing Mandira is a black smoke who killed Vardaan, real Mandira, Chikki, Nandita, etc. He tells Apu that he exchanged things in Mandira’s room and asks her to keep her phone on so that he can know where Mandira takes her.

Mandira starts driving. Apu starts telling address over phone to Malay and Malay starts following. Mandira realizes something is fishy and checks her bag and finds mobile in it. She sees Malay’s last dialed number and realizes Malay is alive. She disconnects call. They reach a hospital where Kalpana is kept. Goons try to stop Apu. She removes her neem-tulsi beed anklet and shows her vishkanya form. They all get afraid and run. Kalpana hears Apu’s voice, frees herself, runs out and sees Apu.

Mandira catches Apu and shouts how dare she is to betray her, if not her child, she will kill her now. She tortures Apu. Apu says she will be finished today. Mandira starts strangulating her. Malay reaches and tries to burn door, but matchbox falls in water. He then sees kerosene bottle nearby, throws it on door and somehow burns it. Kalpana prys god to save her daughter. Malay reminisces Apu’s words to stab evil spirit with knife to kill it. He picks knife and runs towards Mandira.

Precap: Apu scratches Mandira’s face. Mandira says vishkanya will also die if she kills black smoke. Apu say she is ready to die to finish black smoke today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nandana

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