Vishkanya 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episoe starts with Nandita’s friend coming to meet her with her daughter. Nandita waits for Malay and calls his number repeatedly, but he does not pick call. Malay drives car looking at Apu. Kalpana follows her. A speeding truck rushes towards them. Malay suddenly sees truck and applies sudden break. Apu falls on him and her hair gets stuck in his shirt button.

Nandita continues calling Malay, but his phone is out of reach. Apu and Malay’s eyes stuck, Apu shies and Malay smiles. Apu frees her hair and sits on her seat. Kalpana calls and asks if she reached home. Apu says she is still in car and just escaped an accident, Malay is taking her somewhere and she will come late. Kalpana says okay and disconnects call.

Kalpana reaches home. Dida asks where is Apu and why did she ask her to wear bandages and be at home. Kalpana says Apu is with Malay and her plan is working as she thought.

Malay takes Apu to a lake park. Apu gets happy seeing lake and surrounding environment. Rain starts. Everyone run uner shelter. Apu enjoys rain. Malay asks her to come udner shelder. She says she is enjoying rain and asks him to join her. He joins her and continues looking at her face. He proposes her again and she gets shy. He finally gets Abhi’s call who asks him to rush home soon as Nandita is waiting eagerly with her friend and daughter and wants him to them. They both then get into car and start driving. Apu sees Tapur in a jeep with goons an pleading them to leave her. She asks Malay to follow jeep.

Precap: Apu speaks to Kumkum via phone. Kumkum shouts at Abhi what is Kalpana’s daughter doing with Malay. Malay and Apu go to rescue Tapur. Goon hits Malay’s hea with bottle.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Today epi was again superb…??????????but precap is something. I think Malay will get hurt.. Apu will scratch her nail with other hand and save him right!!!!! Guys????

  2. Nice episode lovely? ..
    Hi guys which song’ music is that when Malay and apu travelling in car some sayya song comes no??which film song I dint get from the website?

    1. Its not movie song its their background music 4 the show heres the link

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Thnx reem so kind of u?????????

      2. Thank you so much reema
        nice background music?
        sorry for the late reply☺

  3. Nice ep

  4. Omg…. Precap is sooo scary.

  5. Apu is going to get blamed again,this time it was not because of her

  6. Good episode……this is 4th time I’m commenting don’t know why this TU are deleting my comments

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Hahaaaa tooo funny u should post 8comments only.. Then only they post.. It

  7. Hi guyz anyone here.good epi ko low commenting,that’s great.100 comments banavo yaar atleast e vishkanya family ki isath ka saval hai.

  8. precap is shocking.i think apu save them.god apulay&tapur ko us goon se bacha dena.i think tapur ko is incident ke bath apni bahan se pyar ho jaye ga

  9. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Guys I have changed my name Now..

  10. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Where is today epi?? Mam? LS update

  11. where,s today’s episode???? waiting for it!!

  12. well..just a question…isn’t malay nakul from mahabharat ?


      yes…. nakul from mb…..

  13. Guys i came to know that i am not real child of my parents but i am parents told i have markesh dosh in my kundli so i am going to die at the age of 14,and now i am of 13 i gotin tention first i thougth it is not real but when my mother who is not real she told me many times my life has got in danger like when i was in my mothers stomach at 6 month i died but when they did pooja i got alive,and i was about to fall from 5th floor but my mother catched me on time,and while i was with my unreal father in car and suddenly a truck pushed the car and the car hit the tree,my father din’t got injury but i got major injury in my head and because of that my life got in danger.My parents told that my real parents were not good people,they killed many people and priest and because of that i got markesh dosh.

    1. I am back after many days. I think no one remember me ???????

    2. Look siddhi shavi whatever listen and try to understand that the woman u are calling as ur fake mom she took care of u till today. 13 yrs….. U are saying she dont have any relation with u. But she did a lot to u. This clearly shows she love u a lot. Whatever u ate saying IF it is true then she will never let u know that u will die at 14. I really dont know wheather u r genuine or trying to seek attention. If u are genuine then dont be tensed coz everything will happen whatever is written for us. No one can predict it. So plz stop saying all these.

  14. My real parents are dead.

  15. hey Guys….just came to know through zee tv site that kalpana is actually apu’s maasi!!!!

  16. but tapur is kalpana’s real daughter

  17. hey fan of vishkanya…just came to know tht kalpana is actually Apu’s maasi!!!
    but tapur’s kalpana’s real daughter.

  18. oh sorry, I thought my comment got deleted

  19. Nagma mam i know that my parents love me very much and i also love them and i am geniun infact i dont beleive in god but its true because my life has gone in danger many times and mother have to tell me because to get cure of markesh dosh i have to do on my 14 birthday and it was compulsory to tell me when i am of 13.i love my parents,i dont matter they are my real parents or not,and i am Siddhi,they only gave me this name,my big sister Shavi is my parents real daughter.

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