Vishkanya 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan brings water for Atosh and finds him unconscious on bed. She calls whole family. Whole family rushes in and wakes him. He wakes up and shouts Apu killed cat and will kill even him. He says cat is on floor. They see nothing on floor. He runs and opens fridge and shouts seeing cat’s deadbody there. Family runs and opens fridge and does not see anything. Harsh asks Malay to call doc. Atosh shouts he is not mad and doc will mix poison in his medicines and will kill him.

Family gets Atosh ready for court hearing. Apu is brought handcuffed by judge and inspector. Atosh panicks and shouts Apu will kill her and tried to kill her in hospital. Judge scolds inspector for accepting insane person’s complaint and wrongly arresting Apu and dismisses case. He warns inspector

that he will be suspended if he does this mistake again and suggests Apu to file defamation case on Mittals. Apu says they are her neighbors and she does not have any issues with them.

Atosh gets out of control in room and his 3 siblings hold him tightly. He shouts Apu will kill her. They say he is so vast, why is he afraid of Apu. He says he will kill Apu then. Nandita slaps him and shouts he spoilt her plan. He orders her puppets to lock Atosh in a room and they all leave locking him inside a room.

Malay sadly stands near window thinking. Vardaan comes and insists to see Kolkota. He agrees and gets up and they both clash. He gets nervous and says sorry. He says let us go.

Nandita tells her puppets that like Kalpana told, she got Apu released, now she will plan something else. They all hear Atosh shouting to get him out. She says let him be inside room until his madness goes. Vardaan with Malay comes down and says they are going out and will be back by the evening. Nandita says they can go. They hear Atosh shouting again, but Nandita sends them out.

Atosh continues shouting. Apu comes and says if he wants to have food. He knocks dooor shouting to open door. He turns and sees Apu not there. He writes a letter and runs away from window. Apu watches him running hiding behind pillar.

Atosh eats pani puri on street. Kalpana comes. Atosh asks if she came to kill hm. She says yes. Panipur vendor opens veil and Atosh is shocked to see Apu.

Precap: Malay and Vardaan’s romance starts. He buys roses and dorns it on her hair.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Shai

    |Registered Member

    apu why didn’t u file a case on those HORRIBLE MITTALS….malay included…kisi se bhi pyaar karne laga…….mere saamne mat aana…bhoon ke raks dungi!!!!

  2. HarSHaN

    |Registered Member

    Just making strt of an adv..Hope U luv it like prev..Caramel is waiting for its time to come nxt..I’ll try to make it long n best..

  3. prakriti

    i think we never get apulay want a new dashing hero for appu.who not only love her but trust her and became her soulmate.

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      she inherited kalpana’s brains….really missing her….writers please give her meatier role..

  4. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Hates of to kalapana she is very strong woman…. N very good plan… Apu got released at the same time atosh gonna killed by Apu…

  5. prakriti

    is this the same malay who used to say””appu mujhe tumhare bina jeena nhi ata aur m tumhare bina jina b nhi chahta.”what a 360°change in malay character.

  6. Shai

    |Registered Member

    guys do watch bahu hamari rajnikant on life ok at 8 pm …..a show full positiveness…sometimes u die of laughter…every actor and actresses are mindblowing…the one-liners will make u ROFL!!!! It is a show on human satire…how humans are complicates in every way!!!
    watch it for getting refreshed from ur hectic life!!!!!

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      Yes Shai it’s a wonderful serial .. N very unique… I like Karen grover from serial yah mein ghar ghar kheli

      • Shai

        |Registered Member

        yes….but u must agree that he is looking at lot more cooler as the geeky scientist..
        riddhima as rajni is also awesome…great work for a debut one..
        but the character which makes us laugh the most is dev(neel) really kya expression hai!!!
        the ‘crazy’ kant family is slendid…never fail to entertain us!!!!

      • Kathy

        |Registered Member

        I mean to say is I started to watch Coz of Karen … As u said Dev makes the laugh the most… All over I luv all the characters Shai…

  7. Jannat

    Yaar ye kya hogaya hai… malay ko… though he is nt abl to c whts going on… bt atlst how can a person chng his feelings so soon.. dat too jz aftr a day or 2…. disgusting vardan such a cheap character…. ??? flop trackk??????

  8. Ooshi Akbar

    her releasing from prison is a good thing but the precap is just dash dash dash dash

  9. Vishi

    What the hell is going on in this serial! Thank goodness I stopped watching this bull shit. Vardaan and Malay s love story
    What will happen to apulay? Apu made villain and that idiot stupid chipkali vardaan as heroine doing pooja and all. Malay is getting paired with her? Is she vishkanya and is this the anokhi pyaar kahani of vishkanya? Wake up writers
    The twist is not working. Apu was way better than this vardaan
    I miss the Saiyyan song when apu and Malay love story was going on

  10. Ridhima

    Precap might be vardaan’s dream … Apu kill vardaan and marry Malay …. She is irritating a lot ????

  11. Sriranjani

    |Registered Member

    How can Malay loves vardaan(Kaali Billi) suddenly???
    I hate this Malay and Vardhaan pair…….. Plz..Separate ApuLay…………….. Hey loser Malay You can Never Understand Apu’s feelings nor Apu U can’t Understand Malay’s feelings………….. Clear the misunderstand btw U Both and Apu Plz get a new Hero For You and just only for You and he shd understand your feelings and evil baadi feelings………….. Plz Cvs get a new hero for Apu……….. I’m waiting for new Apu_______( for new hero space 😛 ) Scenes…..

    Ohh the show is dragging and dragging and no strong point has been noticed yet. only Drama with these evils.

    Hey did anyone notice that Malay was step son of Kalpana and I want to give a one applaud for CVS that they didn’t make Malay Maary Apu. coz Apu is Kalpana’s sister child and how can a cousin marry another cousin on being brother sister relationship. Plz show Apu as a Good women and make her Kaali Maa as Every maa will help her daughter/Son in this world and no mother can tolerate the tortures given by the evils to their Children’s. So plz Make apu a Goddess Child and make Kalpana throw out of Apu’s Life.. It will be good for Apu and her Mother and Grand Mother.

    What Do u think abt this Comment Guys???

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      not agreed……thinking on different terms…i dont want any other actor coz vin’s the best…and apulay are not cousins…..check ur calculations….kalpana is a good woman…she has suffered a lot…she faced many injustice…i think u didn’t see that she is the one who is running the whole house..caring and taking responsibily of the whole family…and she loves apu the most!!!!
      she just wan revenge for the injustice… why she should be killed!!!

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      not agreed……thinking on different terms…i dont want any other actor coz vin’s the best…and apulay are not cousins…..check ur calculations….kalpana is a good woman…she has suffered a lot…she faced many injustice…i think u didn’t see that she is the one who is running the whole house..caring and taking responsibily of the whole family…and she loves apu the most!!!!
      she just wan revenge for the injustice… why she should be kicked!!!

    • Sriranjani

      |Registered Member

      yes they are cousins Shai. Kalpana is her Massi and Nandita also her step massi and this connections said that Apulay were Step Cousins.

  12. Ranaji

    guys..i hated today precap! Siddhi naagin gonna be dubbed in tamil!in sun tv..soon..i saw promo also..

  13. sonu

    Oh no?? this vardaan?? she is the actual villian saving killers family ?? now romancing with malay?? poor apu??
    When this policeman will blackmail nandita?with that video and when Malay will get that video and truth about the marriage day?? poor apu took blame by the Malay on marriage day ????also dint say anything by seeing vardaan??

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      Even i am waiting for the video revelation sona…don’t know when will Malay comes to know the truth n… This chipkali…whenever think of her only one work comes to my mind… Disgusting …

  14. Elsa

    Guys episode is super… but I can’t bear vardhan … wats dat? Its a terrible precap… I hate that.. appu first u kill vardhan nd den Malay nd den mittals… I totally oppose them .. only apulay should be together…. now I don’t want that bcz Malay betrayed appu… he didn’t trusted her… very bad… I want to kill story writers now….

  15. HarSHaN

    |Registered Member

    Apu going to be hard n tough by tiz revenge..frm her luvly thoughts..Why its so much reveng..Already Unable to watch,bt daily read updates..If tiz seg continues,directly come to comments only bcoz they had included a new char as a pair..just make Apu as Anti-heroine..Apu char lost her gud mind because of them..

    • HarSHaN

      |Registered Member

      Elsa..If U enter in as like as in gmail by using Register,U hav easily sent ur ffs with little procedur n meet many friends n also less time taken than b4 for displayin comments n I don’t know Y private chat is not working

  16. ayesha

    Hii frnd today is my music class holiday and i think writers forget that name of the show vishkanya ek anokhi prem kahani

    • HarSHaN

      |Registered Member

      Ayesha..Can U help me??I saw ur posts about classes..In tat,U indicate arts also..Can U get Suggestion for me frm ur teacher about”What steps are to be taken for producing hyperrealistic arts?Any technique of using paints,pencils??” plzz..

      • ayesha

        Hi I Hashan I’ll tell u 2morrow if I forgot than on saturday bcoz i have so many classes that time I forgot everything yesterday I forgot that I m in fast and in class I’ll eat samosa when I came home that time I will say oh!no that I m in fast

  17. Adito

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys do you think it’s end of apu as lead? I don’t want this irritating vardaan as lead! They are showing her as do gooder and Malay s savior. Writers are turning apu s character negative. Malay’s love for apu s getting less. That harsh and nandita are shown as victims and kalpana as villain. Writers are doing injustice to the roles

      • Kathy

        |Registered Member

        Yes Shai… Just because chipkali married to Malay … She cannot b leading… This show is about vishkanya … N will remain …

  18. Adito

    |Registered Member

    Pari first of all observe the title of the serial
    it’s love story of a vishkanya her battles against evil and her innocence. Logically there should be her love story not vardaan’s! The original concept was intriguing and interesting. After this vardaan track started almost 90℅ of viewers were very disappointed. There is nothing interesting in her character to watch! It’s the same characterization as any other serial. The reason we love apulay is apu was different in her portrayal and a love story of vishkanya is more interesting than irritating vardaan track. And note that even after knowing Malay was engaged she flirted with him and when Malay requested her to back off marriage she intentionally married him because she wanted him soon badly

  19. [email protected]!

    frm today i dnt wnt 2 see VK isse kuch to trp kam hoga..wat a bad track..this chipkali wnt 2 bcome heroine without knowing the truth..frm d frst day she enter in the show she wnt malay.chipu dusro ki maangetar se pyar v karne laga..kya siksha diya uski maa ne..shadi v kar li.!!
    madam ne apu k hath se malay ko jo bachana chati thi..jaise ki god ne duniya bachane ka responsiblity usse de rakkha hai?

  20. Chhavi

    Hate the precap if Malay comes in front of me I will shoot him with a gun . Appu should not see the romance between chipkali and Malay otherwise she will die.

  21. Sunshine

    |Registered Member

    blo*dy hell precap I hope that is just a dream by that stupid girl if Malay did this then it’s disgusting for us I can’t watch anymore this stupid hell romance ???????????

  22. Sunitha

    I am so passed with this show because Malay married Vardaan,can’t bear to see them together,I thought that Malay would marry Apu

  23. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Hey harshan… After ur post … I wonder what is hyperrealistic art… In google …. I come across some technique in details y don’t u check them… Don’t know whether u have read them…. Already… Just thought to help u..?

    • HarSHaN

      |Registered Member

      I already checked them Kathy..Bt full of how it come n it’s history☺..pages with detail r loading …slowly n little..tatsy Unable to see..Would U get techniques?!!Just a thinking of study…n draw with tat technq.. as a try

  24. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Never say dreaming is useless , because life is useless if you can’t dream. –

    Good night to all my wonderful VK Family… Have a good sleep.. Sleep well.. Sleep tight… See u guys tomorrow …. In shaa Allah…

  25. Ooshi Akbar

    ASSALM O ALAIKUM and wish a gooooood morning and a gooooood day to all members of my sweet and cute family

  26. Rufina

    I have doubt…whom does Malay love?? I thought that Malay loves apu n not this chipkali. ..but now showing romance of Malay n vardhaan…i think apulay r together n planning together…its my guess because yesterday day there was no need to apu to call Malay when she said his name n why did Malay caressed her hair..

  27. pari

    Adito it’s just a serial that’s it and I am not against apu but I like vardhan, if something is happening in between Malay and vardhan let it be coz soon or later Malay will divorce vardhan or she will die and Malay will marry apu that’s it.
    Now you guys want vardhan to die or Malay to divorce her, just wait for some episode it will happen.
    so till then enjoy this varmal romantic scene .

    • Ooshi Akbar

      pari it will not some episodes it will many and we can’t tolerate them with each other for many episodes

  28. Xuan

    what the hell is shown in d precap yaa…it sucks & its disgusting 2 see malay n that chipkali 2gether lyk this even if it is a dream..

  29. Adito

    |Registered Member

    Hey Pari I know it’s a serial! ✌Just as you like Vardaan some of us don’t like the same old acting she is doing like any other serial leads! No offence?. Logically thinking it was actually a love story of a vishkanya. Now they as showing vardaan as a savior of Malay. Common can’t the guy protect himself! She’s like a nagging wife who won’t leave her husband’s back

  30. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Good morning to naren, ooshi, harshan , Ayesha Akka, rufina, siddhi, shafaq, nagma, Tara, Mel, mukti, sharaya, shammu, Eva , Elsa, Arpita, kavya, chitali, prakriti, Adito , sharadh , shraddha , Ayesha , Nandi n all my VK family…. Very good morning all… Have a wonderful day ahead… Keep smiling….??

  31. Siddhi

    |Registered Member

    Guys I saw dream that Vardaan got bad and also got expose and Apulay got married.A very nice dream of my life ☺

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