Vishkanya 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan mixes gangajal in Apu’s neem tulsi leaves to expose her in front of everyone. Apu mixes leaves in bath tub water and enters bathtub. Her skin turns blue and she shouts in severe pain. Vardaan gets happy that her plan is working and knocks door to let her in. Apu panics and says she will come afte some time. Vardaan insists that she is waiting to take her for lunch. Apu comes out with normal skin. Vardaan thinks temple lady lied and gangajal did not harm Apu. Apu reminises Kalpana instructions to apply herbal paste to cover her blue skin. She thinks she has to hide her skin for 5 hours.

Apu then joins Malay for lunch and sits next to him. Vardaan comes and Malay asks Vardaan to sit next to him. Kumkum taunts one should not give their place to anyone. Apu sits on next seat fuming. She thinks Vardaan must have mixed gangajal in food and extends hand to pick bread and butter. Her hand exposes and she sits back soon picking bread butter. She then asks Malay to pass on pepper and in lieu of sprinkling it on bread acts as falling in eyes. Malay does not deter. Vardaan asks to wash eyes with water. Apu hesitates. Vardaan drops water on hand and herb washes, exposing blue skin. Vardaan is shocked to see blue skin. Apu says she is not hungry and runs to her room.

Vardaan thinks of meeting temple lady and goes in search of her. Lady meets her and says whoever thinks of her, she reaches there. Vardaan says Apu’s skin turned blue with ganga jal as she said and what to do next.

Apu takes Nandita out on a wheelchair to Kalpana’s house and asks her to apologize Kalpana for ruining didi bhai’s life. Nandita resists and falls on ground. Apu says she will be on ground whole night if she does not apologize. Nandita apologizes. Apu drops her back on chair and takes her till Mittal house and says her punishment is not yet over, she should stay out whole night. Nandita holds her hand and her bracelet falls down. She ges into Mittal house leaving Nandita out.

Precap: Nandita falls down from wheelchair. Vardaan puts her back on wheelchair and finds Apu’s bracelet and thinks Apu has kept Nandita outside home whole night, she will expose Apu in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hate this chipkali so much

  2. now its clear……they made appu as villain……..and vardaan mahan……even malay falling for vardaan

  3. Nandana

    What the hell is the chipkali doing and Malay . is he gone mad or he started to love chipkali!? And that chipkali already know that her skin will turn blue and she is a vishkanya as she had taken the video also in which apu is in blue color . then what the hell she want know :angry face:

  4. Mona146

    I hate this vardaan more now. Kill her appu. How dare she does this mahan and overacting act when did not have any issues which appu has? No one harmed her family no one killed her no one humiliated her in the name of black magic then why so much over-action? Who is this temple lady who knows everything? Where do these people exist while normally even pujaris do not spell half of mantras properly in many temples in reality.

  5. Anika

    seriously? Does anyone of you think this Vardaan is Mahaan!
    She is worse than villain.
    How dare she trouble Apu!
    Ford she snatched Malay from Apu, and now creating problem for Apu!??
    She is supporting this cheap Nandini.
    Afterall they both are same in character . ??

  6. Anika

    seriously? Does anyone of you think this Vardaan is Mahaan!
    She is worse than villain.
    How dare she trouble Apu!
    First she snatched Malay from Apu, and now creating problem for Apu!??
    She is supporting this cheap Nandini.
    Afterall they both are same in character . ??

  7. Hate vardan so much.start to stop watching d show

  8. HarSHaN

    The new dimension of Devshi..Dev is trying to find a long lost language which is used as extinct one by some..Sona’s grandma is the one who knows the language..While seeing Sona’s grandma,Dev takes his notes in rush n takes 32nd page..

    On 32nd half horizontal page,
    A girl in a tribal dress playing oldest form of flute with a tear n the same bangles..
    A bow n arrow in her back of the left shoulder..
    Another half page is empty..
    Dev’s mind insists to meet Sona’s grandma…
    Dev going towards Sona’s house..
    While closing the door,Sona sees Dev is coming..
    Sona thinks Y he is coming n trying to close the door..
    Bt,Dev stops the door..
    Sona asked”What do U want.,ha..AngryB?”
    Dev face goes angry n said”What say?me..U mean AngryBird”
    Grandma hears n asked”Sona..Who is he?”
    Sona turns back n said”Granny…He is the clown.. Aara said about him to U daily”
    Grandma turns joy n said Sona”Sona,Welcome him”
    Bt,Sona obeys granny n opens the door..
    Dev enters via the door n sees Sona..
    Sona’s eyes seems something like anger..
    Dev’s eyes copies that..
    Dev touches Grandma’s his fingers..Grandma blessed him..
    She asked”So..U r Dev?my Aara always said about U daily..Can U tell me one of ur stories”
    Sona tries to stop”Granny..”
    Dev turns n signs Sona to stop with a smile..
    Dev:”S..Granny..With Ur blessings..
    Once upon a time,
    A man who is a clown was living in Banaras..
    He was famous for his games,comedies n funny dances..”Grandma interrupts Dev n asked”Aara said U r saying stories daily with funny plays..Bt now..?”
    Dev turns Shy n said”Granny..Bt..”
    Dev with a smile waves his hand like a clown continues the story..
    Dev describes how tat clown tries away from a forest..
    Sona’s lips smiles with out of her control..
    After the story is finished,Grandma thank Dev with touching his head by her hand as a blessing..
    Dev smiles n said “Granny..Tanq for enjoying..I asked U something important..”
    Sona’s grandma asked with a smile”Is that very important?”
    Dev:”Granny..I was surprised while seeing ur grand-daughter’s bangles..I m sure it belonged to U before..Can U told something about that..”
    Granny with a smile”Nothing Spl,Dev..It belonged to my mom..”
    Dev takes his notes n turned the page into 32nd..
    Dev:”Granny..I searched about a spl..Maybe I’ll find tat if U help me”
    While seeing the drawing on tat page,grandma was shocked n her memories goes back to her childhood..
    The moment when Her great-grandma was telling a story of a flute-woman n also itz a hidden story about a language kept as a secret in old times..
    Grandma asked Dev”R U want to know about the fill in empty place in tat page?”
    Dev with a hurry”Grandma..Plz tell”
    Grandma’s head sees down n she said:”It’s a clown faced man hanged in a rope”
    Hope U like tiz,frndzz..
    Tanq for reading n for ur thoughts..The end in tiz epi seems something depressed..Bt,for a twist,made tat..Sure tat U guess the twist..
    Story of DevShi-3 is waiting to create..
    Write Ur cute thoughts after reading..

    1. Kathy

      Luv the episode … Is that flute woman… Apu… But confused….?Keep writing…

  9. i like u whole vishkanya serial ur character is super.god always helps to good people.this much of revenge not necessary for appu .every human being reacts this way when their husband put link with other women.its not wrong.this much is not necessary.
    ek vishkanya and ek human nonscence.think practically everybody.appu looks like aunty beside malay.i like malay and vardhan pair

  10. Wow nice keep it up,vardana u hav to do u ar responsibility

  11. I like Vardaan. Apu got too caught up in revenge and thats not true love. Malay has no backbone. If he is married he should treat Vardaan with more respect as they are husband and wife. He shouldn’t have married her if he cannot handle losing his love….

  12. Hi-i dn’t want apu 2 be a vallain i want to see peheli wali pyar of apu n malay-pliz.

  13. Hellw-who wil win malay’s heart-apu or vardaan? I want apu to win malay’s heart. Pliz apu ko vallain jaise mat bana o kyu ki she is so innocent and vallain unhe like nahi karte.vardaan ke liye i feel pity. Peheli jaise apu or malay ki pyaar ko wapas le aaye….i’ll waiting 2 see them together soon.tknx

  14. I donot know how to convey message to the director that we donot like vardaan girl. We have sympathy and love for apu. We hate vardaan as a character as well as the girl who play its rola

  15. Hii everyone sorry my test is going on that’s y busy

  16. Hiii everyone how r u all

  17. New entry is coming in vishkanya may be he will be paired with appu

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