Vishkanya 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana entering secret with food and meeting a lady there. She says their Apu has grown up and she they will take revenge from mittal family via Malay Harshvardhan Mittal. She laughs loudly and says she is taking Apu to temple and indirectly invited Malay there.

Malay reaches home. Kumkum complains Nandita that he had been to Kalpana’s house and she should control him. He says he saw Kalpana kaaki in hospital, so he went to ask if someone is ill at her home.

Kalpana asks Apu to get ready and gives her tulsi and neem beed necklace and says she cannot wear tulsi and neem leaves everywhere, so she should wear this necklace all the time. They both then walk towards temple. Malay sees them and rushes to temple with Abhi and friends.

Kalpana with reaches temple and does not find Malay there. She goes in and hears Malay chanting mantras and praying god. They both stand next to him and perform pooja. He acts as surprised seeing them. Abhi comments even he is surprised seeing Malay’s new avatar. Malay says he comes to temple often. Kalpana says she is seeing him for the first time and excuses herself. Kalpana stands nervously. Malay tries to speak to her, but she does not. Friends say he is forcing himself. Malay says they are almost friends. Kalpana acts as getting a call and tells Apu that Dida fell in market and is in hospital now, so she will go and bring her home. She asks Malay to drop Apu home. Apu hesitantly agrees. Malay gets very happy. He takes her towards car. She gets into car and he fixes her dress from door and leaves. Kalpana sees them going hiding behind tree and smirks that her plan is working well.

Precap: Nandita waits for Malay eagerly. Malay’s car meets with an accident.

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  1. Ridhima

    It is little confusing now a days …. Is apu is not Kalpana ‘s daughter. .. Why she is ready to sacrifice apu …. ???

  2. Kathy

    I knew it… Apu won’t b kalapana’s daughter coz mother will not secrifise her own daughter to her benifit …

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I also wonder then apu is not daughter of kalpana?? Epi is good and precap is..
    I can’t understand it..

  4. Fatarajo

    Okay so Apu is not kalpana’s daughter this as expected as a mother would never act so casually when her daughter turns blue most of the time. Episode was nice but very shocking precap.

  5. priya

    Us first itself I guessed that apu will not be kalpana’s daughter as apu is a viskanya but kalpana is a normal human….anyways in that accident may be the tulasi chain that which kalpana gave will fall down and apu will again change into blue so can’t help Malay…. think so they R going to show this…guys this is just my guessing what is ur opinion….

  6. latanzia

    I have more question than answer, who is the lady in hiding, what is her relation to Apu and Kalpana.
    A very nice episode today as for the pre-cap goodness not an accident.

  7. hi frds am back :p how r u all ??? its very confusing pa …whoz tat lady in secret room …….whoz apu……. whats the revenge ?????????????

  8. Hi everyone, in todays epi i feel kalpana was talking to the statue not a lady .. Coz whenshewas rocking her chair it doesn’t seem a human.. Nice epi anyway !!


    hi guys…. i m new here…. i think few here know me already…..

    hope u will accept me….

    i just read vishkanya’s review n got attracted to its story…..

    pls could anyone tell me the story so far in short????????

    pppllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz guys…………..

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