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Renu breaks line and stands in front of cow. Someone asks to stand behind. Cow’s owner calls her maaji and asks to stand in que. She shouts that she is of her daughter’s age. People laughs. She says if not daughter, she is of his younger sister’s age. She thinks why cow got out of control.

Vardaan stares at Malay cleaning himself and smiles. Mai pareshan in the background. Malay asks what did she do. Vardhaan apologizes and says she did mistake by mistake, she finished saula somwar vrat and had to finish pooja early, so she was rushing. He says so she cannot trouble anyone like this. She tries to wipe him with her dupatta. He asks her to stay away from him. She says if he washes shirt in hot water, stains will vanish. He says he himself

will sit on gas and yells she is giving him free tip. She says she did not do it purposeful and even she incurred loss. He says she threw her pooja thali on him and should get blessings also. She continues looking at him and tries to remove leave from his shirt. He stops her. Pandit says this may be god’s indication and he should not get angry. She says she was telling same. Malay asks Pandit to take girl from here, else he will go out of control.

Apu comes and asks Malay what happened to him. He says he got stuck by Howrah mail and says let us finish pooja and leave before mad girl crashes again. She says she finished pooja.

Renu looks at Malay and thinks he is perfect for her daughter Vardaan. She asks Vardaan who was that handsome and why did not she introduce her to him. Vardaan says she calls everyone handsome and yesterday called milkman handsome. Renu jokes that if she marries milkman, they will get free milk, says she will ask pandit who was that handsome. Vardaan stops her and says she will get his whole kandali, so better not ask. Renu prays god to send some hansome guy for Vardaan. Vardaan says her name is Veda. Renu asks not to confuse god. They both walk out of temple and Renu farts. Nearby ladies laugh. Renu says she got medical problem. Vardaan says it is chaat pakoda effect and she will not eat again. Renu reminisces cow panicking and says there was some superpower around. Vardaan asks her to stop, they just came here for 4-5 days. Renu continues.

Malay comes home and sees Nandita engrasped in thought. He asks why is she looking tensed. She says nothing looking away. He says if she had seen him, she would not have told nothing. She looks at his stained shirt and asks what happened. He says nothing. She says Vishal went without informing her. He says he must have gotten some other work. She asks him to go and change.

Malay goes to his room and removes shirt yelling. He opens bathroom and Vardaan comes out and he falls down and asks what is she doing here. Kumkum knocks door and asks what is happening. Malay comes out and asks what is arrogant doing here. Kumkum tells Malay she is her friend from Rajasthan and came to attend his marriage. Renu says her daughter’s name is Vardaan and she spoilt Malay’s shirt. Malay says her name should be toofan and not Vardaan. He touches Renu’s feet and she touches his head to bless him and feels influence of superpower on him. Once he leaves, she tells Kumkum that she felt superpower on Malay. She says she knew booth badi people do black magic and tells her all the incidents happened.

They both go and stand near Kalpana’s house. Kalpana opens door and asks them to come in. Kumkum says some other day. Kalpana says okay and closes door. Apu comes with Vardaan and after a bit of conversation gets into home. Vardaan also enters Mittal house. Renu says she is sure there is some superpower in this house and they have to enter Kalpana’s house silently at 12 midnight and findout what is there.

At Mittal house, Vardaan confronts her mother and asks what she is up to, what was she doing near Apu’s house with Kumkum, she should stop her drama here. Renu says she felt some superpower there. Vardaan asks to stop now.

Precap: Vardaan wakes up and does not find Renu. Renu is seen trying to climb Kalpana’s house pipe. Apu tells Kalpana she hears some sound down. Renu tries to hide.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I didn’t watch the episode …. Guys is renu really trying to climb the pipe…. If so… Do u all think will she able to climb that???

    1. no…apu nail scratch renu and she will die and we all can be happy

      1. i didn’t believe it she can’t be die so easily

    2. Really…. Wow then I will b the happiest person ever …. She is so irritating …

  2. I wish to kill this moderation one day with a machine gun…???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Me too will join u…

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      I will join you

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Kathy I really love her. Apu… Alot.. So I have added one more show in next epi… Kumkum bhagya also.. I have sent to tu they will post soon.. So I hope u will like it bye..

    1. Yah I know u luv a lot… I have never seen a crazy fan like u naren… Sorry I said crazy to u??

    2. Wow… Would luv to read….

    3. I have never watched kumkum Bhagya naren… Now I watch EDKV and Kuch rang pyaar asea… Only… Sometimes I do watch krishnadasi as well..

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Kathy I need to write other 4ff also now.. I need to write vishkanya alone or otherwise.. So I will catch u within 25min.. I will complete 4ff and join u

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    1. superb kathy ur show should maintain 100 comments daily!!!!!!..I have sent vishkanya ff i will love that epi alot 100%sure..becoz i alughed alot while writing that epi

      1. Am eagerly waiting to rad naren…???

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  6. Finally reached out target….

    1. becoz that epi was really i made it so that u will laugh alot

  7. there is no humour scenes but still scenes will be laughable

    1. Oh naren… Am waitiiiiiiiiing… To read it…. Am dame sure it will b a laughter episode….??? coz it written by u na….

      1. kathy see my comments on poll and reply me??

      2. kathi is it khatheeja i think it should be khadija or khatija but not khatheeja i never heard it

      3. I have replied to u naren….

      4. Ooshi… My name spells as katheeja only… The way u have written also correct but… Mine spells the way I told u coz am writing as per in my birth certificate cannot change that all the documents including passport in that spelling… Opss very big reply na…

  8. they are trying to make that vardhan make the lead if this is so i going to stop watching it. Apu is the best

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