Vishkanya 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan checks Kalpana’s given herbs for Apu and finds a stinky paste along with neem and tulsi leaves. She gets nauseated with the smell and thinks what illness Apu is having, she cannot understand and trust her. She realizes that she has to perform aarti at temple, asks servant to give bag to Apu, and goes to temple with aarti. She holds lamp and it blows off. People scold her that she blew off lamp. She says she will light it again. Apu gets her bag and smiles looking at it. She goes to kitchen and sees Kumkum preparing food for Nandita yelling that Vardaan escaped today. Apu enters and Kumkum gets afraid at first seeing her and then orders her to prepare food if she wants to stay here. Apu prepares food smiling.

A lady holds Vardaan and says she touched something apavitra/inauspicious

today, so lamp blew off. Vardaan reminisces touching Apu’s herbal concotion and says yes. Lady warns her not to eat anything made by apavitra lady. Vardaan runs towards home. Lady hides her burnt face. Apu takes food to Nandita’s room and tries to feed her forcefully. Vardaan comes running and sees Apu feeding her corn flakes and relaxes, asks what will she have. Apu says she has paranthas.

After sometime, Apu takes bath and wears Malay’s clothes. Malay asks why is she wearing his clothes. She says she washed her clothes and did not have anything wear, so she found his clothes. Vardaan fumes in jealousy seeing Apu wearing Malay’s clothes and says she will take Apu for shopping today.

Apu is busy in ktichen washing neem tulsi leaves. Vardaan comes and says she will take her for shopping as she is wearing old kurta. Apu says she likes this kurta. Vardaan says Malay told her and sends her to bring something. She then hurriedly picks ganga jal bottle reminiscing Apu falling ill before consuming gangajal mixed kheer and mixes gangajal in neem tulsi water. Apu comes back. Vardaan hides gangajal and says she will get her another kurta. Apu goes for a bath and steps in bathtub filled with neem tulsi leaves and water. Vardan standing outside thinks gangajal will expose Apu’s true colors today.

Precap: Apu turns blue and writhes in pain after bathing in gangajal mixed water. Vardaan thinks gangajal did it work and knocks door to let her in and check what happened.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kavya

    Hate tht chipkali! Shezz sooo irritating..n poor appu

    1. Congrats kavya..u r today’s gold medalist..

      1. Kavya


    2. Adito

      Great Dp kavya?
      Love it

  2. Shai

    What the hell!!! Apu is apvitra!!! I think the stupid writers don’t know that poison/vish is the purest of any substance… If u try to adulterate it, its true value will change, so apu should be purest to carry vish in her body..

    1. Interesting perspective Shai. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Prathi

    Hate Vardaan?

    1. Same here…Most of us hate her…

  4. Mukti.H

    Hi everyone sorry was busy due to my studies…

    1. In a family no asking sorry dr..

  5. Mona146

    vardaaan ill kill you. How dare you take advantage Appu’s problem. I dont understand one thing. Appu is not a spirit that she will have problem with gangajal’s purity. Especially after Maa kali allowed her to enter temple and even killed appu’s villains. I feel god is with her. Why the hell is appu burns with gangajal?

  6. Sriranjani

    You Dash and Idiotic vardhaan…… You are not Vardhaan You are Shraap.
    No Apu malay Scenes. It’s good that I didn’t Seen varna I will kill that shit Director. ??

  7. Thanks especially Kathi di,nazneen,harshan and kavya for giving me streanth I m feeling relax now thank u sooooooooooooooo much

    1. Kavya

      We r one family n we all r there 4 u! So dont lose hope ayesha

    2. You are very welcome Ayesha ? I will ? pray for you.

  8. & thanks for advices also I’ll try to forget why they said once again thanks ???

  9. Thanks for the update MA mam. ..

  10. The precap is really scary…oh.shit..what is it??

  11. If i get to see the director of viskanya i would would tell him to go n suggest him to meet a nice doctor n get treated his ammessia..oh..sorry..He will forget the name of the doctor too…better i will go n leave him to hospital itself…

  12. After he gets well i will go n beat him..because i have a policy of not hurting a sick person..director get well soon..

    1. Loved reading your reaction/ comments Rufina. Many will relate to that… 😀

    2. i support u??? and me too want to beat the directors as well as writers black n blue????????

  13. Siddhi all the best for ur exams…

  14. Nandana

    what the hell is this that chipkali is doing ?

  15. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Backwas vardhaan?????i wish she should die soon!!

    1. Yes me too wish the same …

  16. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Commenting after long time with old ID!!!!??????????????how many miss old ID? After registering new one???me miss sooo much

    1. I too

  17. Apu just die yaar

    1. Yea apu u die ? but before that marriage drama by nandita should be known to malay anyway apu is there also she will be the villian since in a story there should be villian since it’s a fact that sure that they will make apu as villian instead of that u die ?? anyway if marriage drama for to know also malay will make concern in apu no more love ?? and ha I know these writers make vardaan to unite with malay but I hope before that whole truth should came out infront of Malay ..and anyway who will become unite I don’t want but apu u r the best such a good lover(trying to harm herself fake engagement with villian for malay),such a good daughter( making ur love critical for ur mom?),good villian (saving vardaan) oh u r s best.. but writer make apu should not harm nandita and apu leave the house then make vardaan and malay together that writers want know??

  18. Vishkanya writters shame on u. What u show in starting and now this nonsense. U r not able to handle dark love story then y u make it. Learn from dark love story till now.

    1. May i know what is PKEK?

    2. u mean pkyek?
      payar ki yea ek kahani…!
      dear just watch twilight series
      you’ll find pkyek nonsense too.. but still,pkyek was d rockest….Vishkanya is nothing but a deserter…??

      1. Yeah but abhiya love story is awsm. At least they unite at the end. vishkanya also has much potential but writers and creatives of this serial r showing pure gutter trash.

  19. ?????

  20. Generosity is giving more than u can and pride is taking less than u need.

    1. HarSHaN

      Crct Kahlil

  21. Wat is happening in this serial it’s really confusing. Oh chipkali i don’t know how to praise u nd she is really more than a stupid already she knows apu is a vishkanya nd y she is creating a scene nd for whom she is helping tat too nandita another head ache for this serial nd today no apulay scenes ? bt happy for not showing irritating malay nd chipkalli scenes nd as shai said if you mix all the poison it will become a medicine nd i can’t understand tat wen apu want to take revenge they are showing as god is also helping her bt wen they show chipkali scenes they’re showing as if the god is nt helping apu. Watever plz remove this chipkali from the serial really can’t tolerate nd if they continue like this my first target to kill this chipkali?

  22. Anika

    Oh! thisChipkali, Shaapdaan! I wish I could twist her neck or chop her into pieces ??
    One side our Apu, Who saved her from poison knowing that she is her enemy.

    and other side this Vardaan! she troubles our Apu.

    And CVS are portraying her as lead! seriously? ??

  23. Adito

    Lol. What are these writers writing?
    They are the most confused people who don’t know logic! Apu enters temple even kuldevi supported her then, now she’s apavitra huh?

  24. Adito

    And this chipkali! She’s soo good that she tried to hurt Apu intentionally! Who’s the villain now? Writers should seriously stop writing bull shit story without logic!
    Rip Vishkanya??

  25. Nandana

    GOODNIGHT friends

  26. pkyek is the best wish I had a bf like abhay and such a daark love story.

  27. Guys grow up… Appu has lost her way and turn to the dark side. She is letting her desire for vengeance tarnish the love between her and Malay. Vardanna simplicity may be viewed as stupidity to many of you but that is her greatness and unless Appu realized what is important to her, she may indeed lose to the Chipkali

    1. Adito

      Vardaan aka chipkali is not simple. She wantingly married Malay when she knew he loved Apu. That’s not simple. In fact she’s the villain. She’s not great. If somebody tried to marry your fiancĂ© would you be happy? No I guess?

    2. Adito

      And she intentionally is trying to harm Apu by putting gangajal in water. But Apu saved her from poison. Who’s noble now? Apu or chipkali

  28. I understand that some people don’t like Vardaan.
    But the problem is that Malay is MARRIED to Vardaan so you can’t say that Malay should go with Apu. That’s making a joke of a marriage. If Apu and Malay were meant to be then they would have gotten married to each other. I don’t understand how you guys think marriage is a joke. If he falls in love with Vardaan then thats good because he is married to her and thats what husbands are supposed to do.

    Sorry for the rant

    1. Hello but actually marriage happened by killing the bride apu by nandita and making that marriage in a big lie..but one thing marriage should not happen by killing 1 girl making the marriage with other girl who the family likes ? u agree with marriage yea but what without humanity i don’t agree this marriage atleat till nandita should apologise her crime of apu and apu should tell the truth after nandita then whoevr unite i don’t matter.. may b vardaan and malay..
      But killing one person and making other person for marriage bride it’s big **** .I will not agree such type of marriage that is not marriage at all??

    2. Adito

      Hello you are not seeing the serial title. Agreed marriage is no joke. But chipkali made it a joke when she married Malay inspite of knowing he loves Apu. She wanted him in the first sight she set on him. Even after he was engaged to Apu she flirted with him. Does that seem pure and simple girl to you? ?

    3. Adito

      Apu was Malay s fiancĂ© when she was killed. That makes her relation rightful in the first place. She has the first right on him! Marriage by cheat is not marriage. It’s forced one

  29. AAYUSH

    Hate this chipkali

  30. HarSHaN

    Gud mrng frndzz..Hav a cute day ahead..

  31. what d hell is going in dizz serial…. i think.. d concept of dis serial us awesome but d writer is Mr. phusssss….. who dont know howw to carry the whole story…. so much of confusion is created… fu*kkk..

  32. Hi there I am new here ! I soom as i see thst chipaki Vardan meri hetamin secrets hoti

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