Vishkanya 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inebriated goons molest Apu and she screams. Malay hears her voice and comes to her rescue. He beats goons and they run away. He asks Apu what was she doing outside now. She hugs him and says mom threw her out of house as a punishment for loving him. He picks her and takes her to Mittal mansion. Vardaan asks him to take her to guest house as she needs treatment. Malay drops her in guest house. Vardaan nurses her wounds and asks if she nees anything. Apu says yes, but she will not give it. Vardaan leaves angrily. Apu looks at Nandita’s pic and says she has to die now.

Kalpana tells Dida that she sent out her didi bhai’s gift Apu as she has gone mad in love and may harm anyone. They see Apu in Mittal mansion balcony and Dida calls her, but Apu leaves ignoring her.

Kalpana says she does not know what she is up to now.

Vardaan sees Malay giving police complaint against goons and concern for Apu and gets very jealous. She sleeps on floor. Malay feels sad. He goes to washroom and comes back to see her fallen sound asleep.

Apu goes to Nandita’s room and touches her. Nandita wakes up and gets very afraid reminiscing Sunder’s words that Apu is a Vishkanya. Apu says she is her new guest and says her brothers should not have left her alone like this, but what to do they got killed by her. She removes her neem tulsi beed necklace and shows her vishkanya roop. Nandita gets more tensed. Apu says she will not kill her until she confesses her sins in front of Malay, laughs and wears back her necklace and leaves.

Vardaan sees someone running in Mittal mansion wearing shawl and stops her. Lady removes shawl and reveals she is Kalpana. Vardaan asks what is she doing here. Kalpana gives her bag and requests her to give it to Apu. Vardaan asks what is in it. Kalpana says soap andApu is allergic, if she does not use this soap, she will get ill. Vardaan stands silently. Kalpana pleads to help a mother. Malay hears that and claps that she realized she is mother now, why did she throw Apu then. Kalpana says she sent her out because of him, he ransacked her after showing dreams, he should question himself if he is a good husband or boyfriend. He says he just helped a girl in trouble and not Apu. She says now Apu is his responsibility and leaves. Kumkum with Nandita hears that and shouts at Malay why did he bring Apu to Mittal mansion and continues yelling. Vardaan drops bag and sees neem leaves and other herbs in it.

Precap: Vardaan checks Kalpana’s given items for Apu and thinks what illness she has, drinks concotion from bottle and thinks she does not trust Apu.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kavya

    Episode was lyk ok.. ok… n luvd appu hugging malay!

    1. Kathy

      First to comment….??

    2. Kathy

      Today’s gold medalist…. ?

      1. Kavya

        hehe tq dii

  2. Sriranjani

    Podi chipkali neyum un trustum.
    Malay U f*** Go to hell and Apu You too with those Vishkanya team…
    What d Hell they are taking this show

    1. Kathy

      Cv’s gone mad sriranjani…

  3. Hii everyone sorry for not commenting actually I m not in India I m in new York actually when I born that tym doctor said that me or my mother they can only save me or my mother that tym everybody said that save my mother but they can’t save when I born everyone blame me that bcoz of me my mother die wht I did yar frm that in my family everybody is start hating me after few month my father also die when my father die everyone break relation wt me and my aunt phuphi on eid day I get this thing that tym bcoz of me very fight happen that y i said my phuphi I will go new York bcoz before my birth my parents live in new York only

    1. Dont feel sad dear! God is wit u!

    2. HarSHaN

      God is with U,Ayesha..Make ur parents proud..

    3. Kathy

      Don’t say sorry yaar… Just worried for u.. Coz Fiza comment that ur didn’t even attend her engagement… Happy that u comment finally… I think u contact Fiza too…

      1. Kathy

        Hope u contact Fiza …

    4. Love yourself Ayesha. You are blamed for something not of your control. If you can go to New York, then go. But go to make your life your way & be happy. God is with you always. May God bless your path & life with peace, kindness & love.

  4. Confusion …???

  5. patakha princess

    wow i love apu and malay….hate vardaan from the core of my heart……get this chipkali out of ApuLay’s wife…..hope ApuLay get together soon…..plz CV’s

  6. Shai

    Confusing episode!!! Can someone give the episodic update?

    1. Shai

      I mean episodic analysis

      1. 1. We were able to view Aparajita in her “Vishkanya”-blue avatar in this episode too! 🙂

        2. Kalpana’s maternal concerns about Aparajita’s dermatological complications draw flak from Malay. 🙂

        3. Vardaan either suffers from amnesia or has low IQ and is unable to assimilate what she reads! 🙂 She went through volumes of data on “Vishkanya” in an earlier episode – egged on by her foster/ adoptive mother…yet struggles to connect the “neem and tulsi leaves” brought by Kalpana with what they are meant for. 🙂

      2. Nice analysis Anne. ..

      3. Shai

        Thanks anne

  7. Bt i dnt like apu…vardaan is better…i want to c thm together..will it happen..or apu nd malay again??what the wrong vardaan did..nothing..i think Malay start 2 loving her…

    1. Adito

      Abzzz the serial is titled vishkanya and her love story. We just want a logical 2 way love story

  8. HarSHaN

    A replace of A Story’s Dream n Caramel Story..If it comes as comment,it comes earlier for U,frndzz..n also posted in KRPKAB page now..So,Unable to post twice…Hope U like it..
    Dev who speaks many languages is trying to find an extinct language which is believed to be long lost..
    He meets many people n searching for tat..
    Sona whose grandma knows tat language..
    One fine day,in museum Sona n Dev coincidentally meets..
    While seeing Sona,Dev stunned bcoz of her bangles in her hands..
    It belongs to someone spl who is the strter(a long ago…)of Dev’s DNA..(family )..
    Dev’s mind insists to follow her to know about her..
    Dev waits frm a distance away watching her after reaching her house..
    While opening the door,Dev sees Sona’s grandma..
    Dev takes his notes n see the 32th page..
    Hope U like tiz,frndzz..
    I made the characters as normal n out of supernatural..Tiz story Contains the remaining was not known now..Sply For Story Lovers..Next 3epi story from our Spl couple..Tanq frndzz

    1. Kathy this is how Dev met sona… Right…??? Dev DNA family means…. R they relatives ????

      1. HarSHaN

        S Kathy..just making DNA’ s meaning as hereditary..So the word family is used..Itz the easy word to understand..Just making..maybe it’ll comes if thinks for the next?

      2. HarSHaN

        Doesn’t know..Kathy..Just writing from the thoughts while hearing songs..So,Doesn’t know the next..In writing,it is new also for me…

  9. Narendran

    Epi is OK.. Vardhaan knew that apu is vishkanya.. Then why this much??scenes?????

    1. S i also thought the same ?

    2. Kathy

      Same thought…??here

  10. Wow Malay and vardhaan scenes was good , I loved it.

  11. malay feels for vardhan awesome i like both of u

  12. Nandana

    Ayesha don’t be sad OK nothing wrong is with u one day they will realise it and GOD WILL BE ALWAYS WITH U dear

  13. Adito

    Hey how’s everyone? I’m commenting after a long time. Missed you guys! ?

    1. Kathy

      After long time… How u doing??? We miss u too Adito….

      1. Adito

        I’m doing good kathy. How about you??

    2. Shai

      I missed you to

    3. Kathy

      Wel… Good Adito… Tnx…

    4. HarSHaN

      Adito.. . !!Hw r U?We miss U too

      1. Adito

        I’m doing good harshan?. How are you?

  14. Adito

    And what the hell’s happening in Vishkanya? Read all updates today, they finally made chipkali as lead huh. They’ll end this serial soon! Trp s are all time low since this chipkali came

    1. Kathy

      Yes Adito lowest TRP among all show… N these cv’s gone mad… Or has some serious mental issues… For sure… Or they don’t have a proper script of story…

      1. Adito

        Agreed Kathy?
        They don’t know what element to include so dragging that irritating chipkali story. They thought she’ll get more trps but introducing her made trps crash down to gutter?

  15. Hi guys s chipkali is gud i accept bt she is intefering in others life first of all during apulay wedding nandita nd her brothers kidnapped apu bcz of tat apu nd malay got separated nd this chipkali came to malay’s house as a guest nd for attending apulay’s wedding so she already knows both of them are loving nd wen apu doesn’t return she got tat as advantage nd gt married to malay nd after marriage seeing apu’s love for malay she is getting jealous even now also malay doesn’t love her bt has some respect for her. Nd already malay clearly mentioned to chipkali tat he can’t never love this chipkali nd nly he will love apu so hearing this words from malay y she is expecting the love from malay. Nd today kalpana rocked

    1. Shai

      Yeah gave a good dose to malay

    2. Kathy

      Malay … He is so confusing yaar… He reminds me of a proverb…”Sailing on two boats” i.e if a person keeps one of his leg on one boat and one on another, he would not be able to sail on either boats……
      He is just like that…..

    3. Adito

      Dharhu which girl will marry a guy who loves someone else? She’s not good! She’s the main culprit?

  16. today i m feeling very alone no one is wt me here in india phupphi fiza di and my cousins are there but here no one is here to shatre my feeling today i m missing my parents very much here only u are there to share my feelings missing u all to feeling alone here

    1. HarSHaN

      Ayesha..Dont feel bad..May the God makes U bold n joy in ur mind ..Dont feel alone..The whole world is with U..It seems like U r alone..Bt U r alone only in mind..It ‘ll be harder to recover..Bt trying maybe helps..May God makes U gud life with joy n without alone feel..

  17. first tym i m missing my parents this much that i can’t say

    1. Kathy

      Ayesha dear…. Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. If Allah allowed us to go through our lives without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been. We could never “fly”…. REMEMBER THAT WHEREVER YOU ARE OR WHATEVER YOU ARE FACING …ALLAH KNOWS, ALLAH KNOWS, ALLAH KNOWS when you are lonely …. Always remember …ALLAH IS BY YOUR SIDE!

    2. Kathy

      One more thing… We the vishkanya family is here for u dear… I can share ur thoughts here… We all with u… ?? take care

  18. Ayushi Rangari

    starting tym this serial was too awsome but after the merriage of mayal with vardaan it became so bored !! many confugens r there is malay lvs opu or vardaan…nd opu is good or villan of the serial….. ???

  19. HarSHaN

    The moon ‘ll get it’s companion like stars in 1hr..Strt a new way with it..Gud nyt frndzz..Nowadays like the show,The group also seems alone..Missing some magic in it..Maybe the new way makes tat active..

    1. Kathy

      I too miss the magic here… N many members are stop commenting… ??
      Good night harshan… U have a good sleep .. Sleep well…

    2. Shai

      Actually we are not able to connect with each other, also there are some angel fans who make our mood off

      1. Kathy

        Yes ur right Shai…

  20. Kathy

    Tnx MA mam for the update…

  21. Kathy

    Shai dear… How is ur new place???? Will take sometime times to adjust urself right…

    1. Shai

      Di actually its the old place, my own house 7 years back i used to stay here. U know na tat i am an Assamese…

      1. Kathy

        Guwahati in Assam ???????…. just google it… Guwahati largest city of Assam na…. So u back home…u must b enjoying ur old place.

      2. HarSHaN

        Shai already said tat..Old own house is always precious n contain memories…At my 10th I missed tat..

      3. Shai

        U r right harshan

  22. Kathy

    Ooshi dear one more day without ur comment… Come soon yaar.. Miss u…

  23. Kathy

    Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them but if you follow them thay will lead you to your destiny.

    Good night guys… Sleep well… Sleep tight… Sweet dreams…

  24. HarSHaN

    I apologize,Shai,Siddhi n my luvable Family frndzz..In my work they changed the shift frequently 9 to 6.30.,2 to 10,6.30 to 3.00..At the time of plan to thinking lines for ffs in the next day,it ‘ll be the working hr in the next day.. Silently it give me some stops..again n again still now..frm the time of hospitalization..Tats Y I update unregularly..A writer must have the passion to write only bt doesn’t need any comments,if he/she writes for his/her &others happiness..Bt in other case,Writer must have trying to reach the best for getting real praising his/her lines..His/her lines must hold the power to make the frndzz to share their thoughts..while reading the strting lines itself..I tried to reach..Bt,I strted failing..Tatsy I think to end..n try to get the best in another try..Bt Siddhi..I got a way to reach the page..Ill start a new U wish..Shai..Ill not end our Apulay story as U wish.Ill.Try to reach my best until I get the colours in tat..

    1. Kathy

      Harshan… Y so disappointment …. I think ur annoyed with the shift change… It’s ok yaar… We all know that u r a good writer… Writing is a skill… N ur blessed with it… over one hurdle another may come into view. Don’t allow it to slow you down. Don’t let small hurdles to stop u… Good luck for the new ff’s…

      1. HarSHaN

        Tanq Kathy..Ill overcome..

    2. Shai

      Thanks harshan

  25. I am tried of this serial..ah..u ff. .

  26. I think the month of July is month of hospital for me..just two days back got cured from cold…now i have alien legs…covered with big bandage…i am going to be a alien for 15 days..ah. .can’t even think of it..

    1. Kathy

      Oh dear… My thoughts n prayers r with u…I wish that you could recover soon and remain strong and healthy forever. …. Getwell soon…????

    2. HarSHaN

      Sis..Nothing like tat..Take rest n take care of ur health..May the God makes U heal..

  27. Good morning vishkanya family. ..have a great day ahead. .keep smiling n make some body smile. .

    1. Kathy

      Good morning dear…u too have a great day ahead…

    2. HarSHaN

      Gud mrng Rufina..hav a nyc day ahead

  28. Kathy

    Good morning naren, Ayesha Akka, ooshi , Shai, shafaq, rufina , siddhi, nagma, Tara, harshan, kavya, Arpita, Mel, mukti, shammu, sharaya, sharadh , shradha, chitali, prakriti, Elsa , Eva , Ayesha, Fiza , Dharhu , Adito , pinky , nandana , Mona , ridhima , Anne , khateri , Sonu. n Shaikh family… Very good morning all … Have a wonderful day ahead.. Keep smiling … ????

    1. HarSHaN

      Gud mrng Kathy..?

  29. Kathy

    From yesterdays episode … It’s clear now that chipkali has a serious amenisia…. N should b cure very soon..? Coz she is the one who inform nanditha that Apu is a vishkanya … N now herself try to find what ill Apu has… ???

  30. Anika

    Hi everyone!
    How’re you kathy diI, shai di, ayesha api, harshan vaiya siddi and mother ?
    Actually I couldn’t comment for these days because I went to my village and there was some network problem. but I missed you all.

    1. Kathy

      Hi Anika dear good morning dear …. Happy u comment today…??? How u doing… U must have enjoyed urself in ur village… Oh…. We missed u too dear… U have a wonderful day ahead…

    2. HarSHaN

      We r fine Anika Sis..Hw r U.?.We, all miss U too..

    3. Shai

      I am fine dear…

  31. Kathy

    Chipkali/ vardhaan… This is for u….
    …YOU’RE CONSTANTLY HOPING…. For someone who is not belongs to u….Remember …“Hope is a dangerous thing,” and in no case is it more dangerous than when you’re loving someone who won’t love you back. You spend so much time hoping that they’ll see you the way you see them…..Being with someone who doesn’t love you isn’t called loyalty, it’s called stupidity…..

  32. Anika

    sorry some typing mistake.
    how are you kathy di, shai di, ayesha api, harshan vaiya, siddi and others ?

    1. Kathy

      It’s ok dear… N nice DP… Is that u???

      1. Anika

        yes. kathy di.
        and thanks 🙂

      2. Kathy

        Masha Allah ….u looks so pretty…?

    2. Shai

      Another mistake u r calling me di

      1. Anika

        Opps! so many mistakes!
        what’s wrong with me! ??

  33. HarSHaN

    A mythic Luv-1of3..Hope U like tiz Dev n Sona’s new Dimension..Childrens r hearing the story in a class..A young Romeo actually in a kindergarden school makes the childrens his cute n funny moves for a story..Helper comes towards him n said in his ears”Sir..Ur nxt program is ready to strt.”..
    His eyes goes angry n said “Cancel It”..
    Helper:”Bt Dev Sir..”
    Dev:”Before this children’s happiness,nothing is important to me..”
    After the story finished,Dev sent all childrens to their homes one by one..
    School heads:”Dev Sir..Don’t Worry..We’ll take care of it..”
    Dev hears tiz n said”I know it..”
    After all the kids r leaving,Dev leaves from tat place..
    Dev strts his precious old work-Trying to find long lost language..actually little extinct by some..
    He takes his notes n in his jean clothes,he strts walking though cars r waiting..
    Aftr a long time,he reached museum..Dev’s Angel Sona is also there..
    While seeing Statue of a Dancing Apsara(in below the board shows before 5th cent..),Dev is interrupted..
    A cute kid holds his hand n said”Uncle…”
    Dev see the child n said”Hey Chocoleti..Aftr School,U r coming to Museum..Who brings U here?” with a smile..
    The child signs Sona n said”My Aunty..”
    Dev sees Sona also sees them n also sees she is coming towards them..
    The cute said”Aunty..He is Dev Uncle..He comes to school daily..n told a story..”
    Sona smiles n said”Tanq Mr.Dev..U makes Aara happy everyday..Always she said about U n Ur story”
    Dev asked”How careless U r?Aara sees me..If not, U maybe miss her for little time..,If it happens,What ‘ll U do?”
    Sona’s face goes to angry…”I know How to care..U don’t interfere in it”n holds Aara’ s hand n strts moving..
    Aara turns back n sees Dev..Dev smiles..While he smiles,Sona turns back n sees Dev with angry..Dev also expressed his face angry n turns back..
    While turning back,his memories go back n surprised by seeing Sona’s bangles..
    Dev turns joy n thinks”It belongs to my family’s beginning..Surely I’ll find the long lost language earlier”n his mind insists to follow find about her..
    Dev follows her..with hearing flute tune of “Patakha Ghuddi(Highway)”
    N finally reached her house..After the bell,someone opens the door..
    While Dev seeing tiz,he was surprised..
    Actually Sona’s grandma opens the door..Dev didn’t know she is the one who knows tat language..
    Dev takes his notes in rush n takes 32nd page of it..
    Hope U like tiz frndzz

    1. Kathy

      Luv the conversation between Dev n sona… N turn back while they move is nice…. So finally Dev met sonas grandma who knows the language… Waiting for the next episode … Good episode ..?

      1. HarSHaN

        Tanq Kathy..Itll be on Tom?

  34. please stop this serial , totally section between apu & malay change so serial getting bored….

  35. Kathy

    Where is Arpita… Coudnt see her for long in page…

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