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Vishkanya 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malay and Apu’s marriage rituals start. Malay performs rituals sadly. Pandit asks Apu to add something in havan. She adds and her blood falls in havan from injured hand and fire increases. Kalpana gets worried and takes Apu to nurse her wound. Malay reminisces Apu trying to stop her blood from falling on earth before and then goon’s wound turning blue after Apu scratches his hand. Kalpana brings back Apu and she sits next to Malay. Malay asks what is the truth. Kalpana asks what truth…Pandit asks to do gathbandhan. Malay looks at Vardaan. Pandit asks to start pheras.

Kalpana peeps from window and sees Nandita and Kumum bringing Kasturi. She gets tensed. Malay performs pheras sadly. Apu reminisces mixing some powder in Malay’s soup, Malay’s rudeness for her, his love for Vardaan, etc… Kalpana goes out and tells Nandita that she went to bring Kasturi, but she will not let her execute her plan. Guests walk out yelling marriage cancelled once again, these people are weird.

Kalpana goes in and scolds Malay if he is not ashamed to break marriage again like this. Apu says she broke this marriage and reminisces telling Malay that she did lots of tricks to get back her love and now she does not want to get her love with tricks, so she will cancel their marriage. She comes out of flashback and apologizes Vardaan to forgive her and runs from there. Kalpana runs behind her and asks why did she do this. She says she loves Malay and does not want his love by tricks. She has killed Nandia’s brothers and Nandita is like a living dead body, so her revenge is complete. Malay loves Vardaan.

Precap: Malay tells Vardaan he thinks Apu canceled marriage with some motto, he is meeting her tonight and will know the truth. Vardaan says whatever it is, Apu loves him a lot.

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  11. Poetry by Iqbal
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    Pathr ki masjidon main khuda dhondhate hain log

    Hathyar(weapons) hain,oozaar(tools) hain,afwaj(army) hain lakin
    Wo teen sao tera(three hundred thirteen) ka lashkar(army) nhi milta
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    Teri rehmaton pe hai munhasir(depend),mere hr aml(act) ki kabuliat(acceptance something like that)
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