Vishkanya 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dida trying to convince Kalpana not to send Apu out of house. Kalpana says she will not revert her decision. Malay comes and knocks door. Dida asks her not to open door. He climbs Apu’s balcony and knocks door. Apu opens door and is shocked to see him.

Rasik and Abhi reach home from hospital. Nandita asks where is Malay. Abhi says he went to meet someone. Kumkum says he has spoilt come here. Rasik says Malay is a sensible boy and will not do anything that will tarnish their family name. Kumkum starts badmouthing Kumkum and her daughters. Rasik takes Kumkum’s side and says Vikram’s condition is very critical and with just a scratch form animal, he became paralytic, they need to find out animal, so he has planned something. Nandita asks what is it. He calls police with sniffer dogs and says they will search animal in whole locality. Kumkum says it is a good idea and they should start from Kalpana’s house.

Apu asks Malay why did he come here. He says he saw Kalpana kaki at hospital, so came to ask if anyone is ill at home. She says no one and starts arguing. He expresses his love for him and proposes. She gets emotional.

Kumkum and Rasik reach Kalpana’s home with police and dogs. Kalpana asks what happened. Kumkum says they are worried for her and think animal must be in her home, so she called police and sniffer doc. Inspector says it is just a routine and they will search whole locality houses. Malay sees police and his family and asks Apu to hide him somewhere soon. He tries to hide under bed, etc.. but cannot hide.

Precap: Malay hides in Apu’s cupboard. Rasik and Kumkum bring police dog to find animal. Dog gets afraid seeing Apu. Kumkum says animal must be here for sure.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. wow wht a perfect episode……… Apu plz accept Malay’s proposal……………I beg u d…….avanukku inimae nee than ulagam…………….. Kalpana kumkum n naditha idiots……………..hate these villians…………love apulay…………….
    Hi my Tamil frnds…………… I am worried for one thing guys that Ranaji is not speaking with me…………Ranaji Did I hurt u anyway..sorry for that…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Not like that yaar I am busy now a days and I AMS studying +2 and I need to go to school and update all my 4fab fiction and comment on WhatsApp,fb, tu page and study also I toooo busy sorry

  2. Went on hollyday so couldn’t comment.

    Can someone tell me how to upload my photo here??

    Ranaji u have one. Can u tell me how… Please….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Become member at and upload pic and give rating as G and give same email here and gravatar so u r pic will be updated soon

  3. gud epi
    hi Ranaji
    and al others of Vishkanya family
    how r u alll

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      I am good sofeya, how are you?

  4. Wow loved Malay’s love confession apulay is awesome

  5. Akanksha sharma

    nice epi… oh woww….. malay proposed apu… lovely yaar… maza aa gya…

  6. NYC episode 2day..

  7. Tnx MA for the updates …. Wow Malay proposed apu luv it ….

  8. i thnk malay will come out and everyone will shock to see him there and operation of findin animal wil end also so they wont cautch apu lol

  9. nice epissode today, they also show a new promo while the show was on, it was malay and Apu walking together at night and Malay kiss he hand, with Kalpana watching the, i don’t know what she said since i don’t speakthe language.

  10. Good morning to all…. Have wonderful day …?

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