Virushi ff satrangi sasural intro

Guys I am big fan of vihaan and arushi pair but after her death I just stopped watching this show now I am back for people who like vihaan and arushi pair!!!
I wrote matsh ff,kkb ff,swaragini, ikrs, jokes,detective etc,… Now present I write kkb ff season-2 , matsh ff season-2 and ikrs love at first sight that is all now satrangi sasural

Guys pls do support me in this ff vihaan:Young boy owner of two shopping mall
Arushi; Owner of a shop in vihaan mall
And others I will introduce lately…

The episode starts with arushi tells workers to keep things safe becoz mall owner is coming to see it

Vihaan arrives and comes inside burger shop and scolds them and tells you are fired now they begs him but he tells no neatness so you leave

Arushi sees it from distance and thinks burger itself this much problem then my shop?

She cries inside vihaan comes to her shop and sees it and tells OK pls keep neat I will check often she thnx God for being kind

He comes to other shop and tells you too fired. Vihaan comes to his house his friend asks why you did not fire arushi?? He tells becoz I love her but she does not like me but she is my life!!

Friend asks then you can tell her?? He tells no she needs to feel for me Na . he leaves and comes to room and sees her pics and tells arushi when I saw you first time there itself I fell in love with you

Arushi thinks how rude he is? Except me all owners are fired she prays God for his kindness

Vihaan sees his mother pic and cries and tells now I have everything money etc,.. But not you mom he cries he talks to his mother pic and tells I love arushi but she does not like me she thinks I am soo rude he laughs

Precap:Vihaan comes to temple arushi also comes there and clashes with him

Guys hope you all enjoyed this part soon I will post next epi becoz I am posting many ff so pls adjust guys enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys if you like it pls give comments I think this is first ff for vihaan and arushi!!

  2. Its awesome

  3. Really nice continue

  4. Nice start keep going & am a big fan of vihrushi.A big thanks for this hope others too lyk it.

  5. I love it please continue

  6. It’s awesome

  7. Hey cud i add kaira in a role too?? Like sis of vihaan or arushi..

  8. Fantastic episode…and I also love Vihaan and Arushi alot. Waiting for next episode…

  9. I was so happy to know that finally someone wrote a ff on virushi and you turned out to be none other than my friend Ranaji or Narendran Bhaia thank you so much for writing a ff on virushi 🙂

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