Virushi ff satrangi sasural epi-9


The episode starts with Vihaan feels arushi calling like and cancels the meeting and comes towards house.

Arushi cries in the house. Vibha and grandma tortures her in the house. Suddenly vihaan enters the house and sees arushi state and gets
Shocked and comes to her and asks what happened? She tells grandma and vibha and fells down unconscious. He calls doctor. They comes and checks them. Arushi opens her eyes. Vihaan tells her to take rest.

Arushi tells him about the torture. He gets shocked.vihaan tells now I will kill them. She stops him and tells do you like him or not.

Arushi gets amused after hearing vihaan hate them. She gets up and gets ready and tells vihaan to go to meeting.

Vihaan tells I need to look after you soo no meeting. He comes close to her and kisses her and tells from now I won’t leave you for a second.

Vihaan tells then OK I am going to office now pls take care of yourself and he leaves from there.

Vibha and grandma comes from Temple and sees arushi ready tip top

They did not see vihaan. They comes there and holds her hair and brings her to room and tells her to clean it and goes from there.

Vibha and grandma have a talk how to torture her in new way..

Arushi takes the bucket and comes near their room. She hears their talk and looks on and she tells from now you will see who is arushi.

She comes inside and throws water on their face much to their surprise??????????

Precap:Arushi takes the stick and beats grandma and vibha they run but arushi beats them

Next epi I have planned to end this ff

Credit to: Narendran

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