Virushi ff satrangi sasural epi-7


The episode starts with Vihaan and arushi share some sweet moments. Vihaan kisses on her shoulder and takes her to bed Wajah tum ho plays…

Vihaan kisses on her neck and kisses on her lips and share some intimate moments.

Vibha and grandma share ideas and thinks now we should stop this now tmr we should torture arushi and they hifi each other

Vihaan takes the blanket and closes it and they share an best romance.

Arushi gets up in morning and sees vihaan lovingly and goes towards him and kisses him he pulls her closer and tells today we are going to stay here only. She asks what? He tells yes now today

Vihaan tells I informed grandma sooo. She tells sooo. Vihaan tells nothing and hugs her

Vihaan tells today I have a meeting at 5.30pm till that we are here. Let us go out

Arushi tells let us go for a movie he agrees. He asks for choice she tells I like Adithya Roy kapoor sooo much so we can go to fitoor movie.

He tells then me and he turns she hugs him and tells nothing like that I love you only

Precap: Vihaan and arushi comes to theatre. Arushi gets amused that nobody is here? Vihaan tells I only got all ticket sooo we can have some sweet moments Na???☺☺☺

Guys pls do comment or I will stop in epi-15

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Good epi
    And please don’t mind if ppl don’t comments lm here

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      OK mam next epi I will post tmr

  2. nice ff u continue

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