Virushi ff satrangi sasural epi-5


The episode starts with Vihaan and arushi gets intimate wajah tum ho plays….. Vihaan kisses her and tells I love you arushi also tries to telll but he keeps hand on her mouth and tells her to be quiet she removes his hand and tells I hate you .

Vihaan tells now I hate you too and he leaves from there arushi comes to him but he neglects her she comes close to her and tells now we are one he agrees

Grandma sees it and gets shocked and thinks now I should seperate them. She calls out arushi and tells her to cook she tells I does not know she taunts her parents arushi cries vihaan scolds grandma and comes to arushi

She was crying in the room and keeps hand on his shoulder and tells her to be normal she hugs him

Next day vihaan and arushi comes to airport to welcome vibha but she throws bag on Arushi and tells her to bring she signs not to tell her and does all work

Vibha holds vihaan hand arushi gets angry And shouts at her and we are married she gets shocked

She leaves his hand and taunts her status and tells my vihaan will not marry like you cheap girl vihaan tells enough and slaps her

Vibha gets angry arushi comes to vihaan and tells sorry he hugs her

Precap: Vihaan and arushi comes to 5star hotel for their wedding night. Vibha and grandma plans to kill arushi

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Credit to: Narendran

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