Virushi ff satrangi sasural epi-3


The episode starts with vihaan speaks to God and he tells I love arushi but how to tell her? Arushi hears it and gets shocked she hides behind god statue and she asks who is she? Vihaan looks on and tells she is keeping a shop in my shopping mall

Arushi gets amused and she thinks he loves me!!! So that only he does not fired me!

Vihaan finds arushi sari and gets shocked he shouts her name she has comes out.

Arushi comes out and tells I too love you!! He looks on and comes close to her and tells I love you

He takes a flower from God statue and proposes her all people around them looks on

Arushi gets shy she takes the flower and runs away
Vihaan tells arushi to wait he comes to her and asks her hand for marriage she looks on!!!

Vihaan tells her wait and gifts her watch she looks on she hugs him. He looks on and hugs her back suddenly vihaan grandma sees it and gets shocked she thinks I will not leave you to stay happy she smiles evilly..

Vihaan drops arushi at her house and he will comes to his house and tells this to grandma she tells I am sooo happy she hugs him and thinks now I should act like this.

Grandma tells my daughter going to come tomorrow he asks her name she replies vibha!! He looks on and tells OK

Arushi in the home thinks about vihaan and his speech and looks on she thinks why I am thinking about him sooo much??? She thinks this is only love???????

She calls vihaan he attends but she does not speak and cuts the call vihaan gets happy

Precap: Vihaan comes to mall and sees arushi and calls her she tells him to wait. He pulls her closer

Guys pls enjoy it and comment yaar pls I beg you
Enjoy it buddies…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I thought there are many virushi fans but here nobody is there to comment ?????pls comment

  2. Im here yaaar
    And please don’t let vibha comes in between its a humble request
    And nice epi keep it up by the way lm salma but you can call me yma

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