Virushi ff satrangi sasural epi-2


The episode starts with vihaan tells to his mom pic that she thinks I am sadist and he laughs..

Suddenly wind blows he closes the door he hears door bell he shouts at servants and tells them to open the door

They opens and they welcomes the people he wonders who is it? It is his grandma he comes down and hugs her and asks how is she? She asks him why are not eating well so you did not eat my ghee he tells that I am having six pacs if I have this then my hard work will be waste

She agrees and asks when is your marriage?? He tells I did not tell to that girl. Grandma tells him to talk to her or I will talk with her vihaan tells I will tell her give me some time.

Grandma tells I am giving you 3months time you should tell her or I will choose another girl. Vihaan gets shocked

He goes to his room and breaks all things and tells why she came here? I hate her when my mom was there they throwed me out but now he cries seeing his mom pic and tells I am tolerating her for you only or??

Vihaan comes to temple and clashes with arushi and tells idiot he then sees her and gets amused

Vihaan and arushi share an eyelock arushi takes and walks she suddenly slips but vihaan holds her Sajne plays…

He makes her sit and tells her to be careful. She wonders what happened to him? He is normal she thinks why I am thinking about himself always and leaves from there

Precap: Vihaan speaks to God about arushi and tells I love her but how can I tell her? Arushi hears it and gets shocked

Hope you all enjoyed it I will explain grandma tortured vihaan and his mom and she died but after earning money grandma comes to him vihaan hates her but he is seeing for his mom becoz his mom love grandma a lot..!!!!

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys all liked it or not?? No comments till now?

  2. Wow love at the second episode just make both fall in love ASAP and introduce more virushi scenes as most virushi fans miss them desperately

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