Virushi ff satrangi sasural epi-10-finale


The episode starts with vihaan comes to office and comepletes the meeting. Arushi takes big stick and starts beating them with it. Vibha and grandma shouts to stop it but arushi beats them without stopping.

Nearby house sees them and laughs they also takes sticks and beats vibha and grandma and they tells we thought you are changed but you tortured arushi a lot today we will also punish you.

Vihaan comes to house and sees people beating grandma and vibha he stops at once and takes stick and he beats them arushi laughs.

Vihaan tells i am acting for my mom but when you tortured arushi then i will not spare you and he beats them. Vihaan calls police they arrives and arrest vibha and grandma.

Arushi hugs vihaan tightly Allah warriyan plays…. Vihaan tells her that today you proved that you are my wife. Arushi pinches him and tells pls be careful

Arushi runs inside the house vihaan runs to her and catches her and holds her hand. He kisses her hand and tells i love you……..

Vihaan kisses her screen falls at them. They share romanctic moments. Arushi keeps hand around his shoulder and kisses him tightly he tells i am flatttt

Vihaan tells her once more. Arushi comes to room. Vihaan comes near her and kisses on her shoulder and removes her dupatta and takes her to bed.

He kisses her continously suddenly he stops at once and tells Ok bye guys i will catch you soon with one more story and he bids bye to all readers…..

Precap: THE END

Guy hope you all enjoyed all 10 epi and thnx for supporting me

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. why did u end it

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      No response and I have to concentrate on my studies becoz j am going to +2 and I am ending my ff one by one I was writing 6ff now I ended 2 soon I will end all

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