Virika and Ishra love story part 1

Virika and Ishra love story
Scene 1
Ishita is seen walking and waiting to go to office
Ishita: Hurry up
A girl is shown
Girl: coming
Ishita: come on Jeevika hurry up
The girl face is shown it is Jeevika
Mihika: bye di I have an urgent work so bye

Ishita: bye
Vandu: ishita you haven’t gone to office yet
Ishita: Jeevika is late as usual
Vandu: com on Jeevu your gonna be late
Jeevika comes
Amma gives them tiffin
Jeevika and ishiat go while Vandu goes to her school
Scene 2
Raman is seen working
Viren comes
Viren: I did all of my work check this file
Raman: I trust my brother you wouldn’t do anything wrong
Viren: thanks
Raman; no probem jus ne thing theyre are 2 new girls joining that ishita will remain here as my pa and Jeevika is your PA
Viren: where are they

Someone knocks on the door
Jeevika and Ishita walk in
Ishita: heloo im ishita and this si my sister Jeevika were the new PA
Raman: ishita you remain outside at your desk as my PA and Jeevika your viren pa your desk Is rright next to ishiat Viren go show her around
Viren is lost hes staring at Jeevika
Raman: Viren

Viren: what
Raman; go show jevika around
Viren: come beautiful lady
Jeevika smiles and goes with Viren

Precap: Viren starts to look at Jeevika all the time gets yelled at by raman for not doing his work

Spoiler: A love story of virika will strengthen

next part will be long i will try since i have exams they will end this weelk so ill post long one from wednesday or thursday

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