Virika and Ishra love story intro


Virika and ishra LOVE STORY INTRO
Hi everyone this is aHTayyab the writer that used to written gohem and ishra love story now im starting a new one with way different theme and tittle Virika and Ishra love story
Ishita Iyer- A typical girl who sits at home and gets bored but loves her sisters
Jeevika- Sister of Ishita they have a storng sister relationship
Mihika- sister of Ishita and Jeevika
Amma_ mom of ishita jeevika Mihika
Mr. IYER- Amma husband
Raman Bhalla- A typical Buisnessman broher of Viren
Viren Bhalla- Brother of Raman
Mrs. Bhalla_ mother of Raman and Viren Romi
Mr. Bhalla: father of viren and Raman Romi
Rinki- died because of car accident
Romi_ Brother of Viren and Ramn
ACP Abhishek- police officer
Shagun- enemy of Ishra
Ashok_ enemy of Raman

Ruhi and Adi- on and daughter of Raman

This story revolves around Virika and ishra who get married but with a lot of challenges

Please commet if you wanna read the first part thank you

Credit to: aHTAYYAB

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  1. Plz update 1 St part soon

  2. Yes its nice aHTAYYAB but do update regularly pls its a kind request looking forward for 1st part

  3. Why ishita is not a working woman
    Make her a working one
    Homely type ishita is not so good

  4. Can u please have manvi and virat in the story to??

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