Virika and virman love story episode 2


Hi frnds..
Yesterday v saw introduction of virat,viren and manvi,jeevika..our hero’s and heroine’s..?
Today v I’ll see how they will meet and fall for each other..☺

Virat and manvi meet in accident..

Virat thinks nly two years of studies in SKM COLLEGE.. after that I I’ll fly
in to Bollywood for music.. Dadaji will not stop me in music career then.. And thinks about how I’ll b after that while driving..and hits manvi scooty by mistake..
Manvi and dhaboo fell down from scooty and get injured..
Virat gets shocked and stops jeep just in time..

Manvi: aaahhh..and gets up from road and gives hand to dhaboo..
Dhaboo: di its paining di…
Manvi: mee too its paining dhaboo..
Just then they see virat..and they come to him..
Manvi: u…idiot..r u keeping eye in ur back..
Virat: mesmerised by her beauty and saying nothing..
Manvi: helloooo and shake hand before virat..r u dreaming..
Virat: smiles and thinks what a girl..
Manvi: r u mad..helloooo..
Peoples surround them and ask what happened..
Dhaboo: sensing tension asks manvi to come..

Manvi and dhaboo leaves in scooty.. Virat stands there thinking about manvi..want to find about this girl..
And sits in his jeep and leaves from there..

Viren and jeevika first meet…
Jeevika came to market to buy veggies.. Viren is going in car somewhere..suddenly the car gets breakdown..viren gets down the car..
Viren: shit and thinks what to do..just then senses something and turns and sees some girl standing near one shop..
Jeevika: how much bhaiya(shop vendor)
Shop vendor: 105 Rs madam..
Jeevika: smiles and gives..
Viren came near jeevika and try to see her face..
Just then jeevika turns and slips and viren holds her..viren moves jeevika hairs which covers her face and sees her face..
Virika having eyelock..Jeevika gets restless and shys and leaves viren and goes..
Viren smiles at her..thinks this is called love at first sight?..

At SKM COLLEGE campus…
Virat enters college and thinks this s where I m gng to build my career strong and smiles..?
Manvi and dhaboo also enters and manvi thinks just 2yrs after that I I’ll fly from this college.. I came just for fun and if I say di she I’ll start to advice me?..
They passby side by side and didn’t see eachother..?
They enter the auditorium which is ready for fresher’s meet in different entrance…
They take their seats..dhaboo says di I I’ll join to the group for my course allotted seats..v I’ll meet after the fresher’s meet di..bye..
Manvi: bye dhaboo..and looks around.. Just then one girl came and introduce herself as sapna..
Manvi: helloooo
Sapna: hi..what s ur name..
Manvi: manvi,..and urself…
Sapna: manvi..nice name..and myself sapna..
They start to chat with eachother..
After sometime the principal of college came and says..
Principal: gud morning blooming buds..
Students: gud morning sir..
And then he tells some do’s and don’t in college campus and leaves the hall saying ur regular class I’ll begin tomorrow..
All leave the college after the lecturers introduction..

In virat and viren home..
Viren smiles thinking about jeevika..
Virat enters and sits in sofa for relaxing and says
Virat: gud evening bhai..
Viren: didn’t respond and smiles to himself..
Virat: bhai..bhai..and thinks what happened to bhai..and shakes viren..
Viren: just then came to reality and virat when u came virat..I just thinking of some case ..
Virat: looks suspicious..
Viren: leaves from there..
Virat: thinks something is wrong and smiles..?
Manvi and dhaboo enters the house with bandage in their hand..
All shocked to see them in that state..

Virat and manvi meet in class and says tum……?

Hi friends leave ur suggestions for this episode..

Credit to: Sukanya

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  1. Can you please change the story so Virika fall in love and then marry, after that Virman become friends and start falling in love? This is just tooo boring! No link to actual story whatsoever 🙁

  2. Hey……superb Yaar pls Cary on with Dia track itself… d eyelock of biren n jeevika….also waiting eagerly for d clg galattas of virat and manvi….pls update sooooonnnnnn……

  3. Ha ha ha nice fight…

  4. Dr Sukanya ur story is NYC but no link 2 actual story plz cont both
    Sorry if u r hurt….

  5. I lie the story but birth brothers can’t half love at first sight, change one love story , we won’t mind if you re draft the episode because there is no link to the story so that’s why….
    I’m just giving my suggestion.

  6. Its gud but oldr one ws bttr dr

  7. Hi friends..
    Actually its viren and jeevika first meet..their story will cont based on actual story.. Nly virman track changed..thank you for ur comments..?

  8. Hi friends..
    It’s actually virika and virman first meeting… Virika love story will go based on actual story… Virman love story track I’ll go in college that’s all.. I didn’t change the actual story don’t wry my drs..

  9. Can u please give me the link of this episode

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