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Sometimes, when one person is absent, the whole world seems depopulated.
—Allphonse de Lamartine

It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, and a day to love them, but it takes an entire lifetime to forget them.

It was Drizzilig?. She was walking with bare feet. For the society she became ominous shadow, Y? Because her husband died. A widow is ominous but a widower not. There was the time when women had to burn with her husband’s pyre. Like boys girls r also gift of child, but they r special because they have power to endure so much but still they can hide it☺ with their sweet smile. Swara did same she hide her pain, she tried to keep everyone happy but what she got in return?

She was standing on the bank of river.


It was nearly 10pm. All were slept in Maheshwari House except Swasan. Sanskar came inside the room with tea while Swara was surrounded with books. She was fully frustrated.

“Swara.” He called her but she was lost in thoughts. He kept glass on table and removed some books and sat beside her, kept his hand on her shoulder.

“I think u should take rest, it enough for today.”

“I’m going to fail tomorrow.”

“But u studied.”

“No Sanskar ji, u know I read everything but now I’m feeling I don’t know anything. My mind become blank?. What will I write with blank mind?”

“Swara, look at me.” He turned her and noticed that she was crying. “U r crying.” She busted out crying and hugged him.

“I’m brainless. I wasted all ur money. Tomorrow I’ll fail then, everyone hate me.”

“Not everyone, Swara I’ll love u always.” He broke the hug and wiped her tears. “U know I failed 10 times in 5th class. 13 times in 9th class and 17 times in 10 class.”

“Then, u must be so old but u r young.”

“I’m old very old trust me. I’m 60+.”

“But u looks too young.”

“U know one day, I was going then I saw a beautiful girl. She was very pretty like angel. Her name was Swara. It was love at first sight but I thought, she would reject old and failure man like me. So I did surgery and see I got her.”

“Haha ????. Too funny. My old hubby she pulled his cheeks.” He was just staring her. Then she looked towards her books and became sad again. “I’m good for nothing. Nothing stays in my little mind.”

“Ok, don’t stress to ur mind. U take rest…”

“But my course.”

“Come with me.”


“Terrace.” The went at the terrace. The weather was cold. It was dark only moonlight was there which was enhancing her glow. He was just lost in her.

“Y u bring me here, Sanskar ji?” His thoughts broke.

“U know nature is the solution of our all problems. Close ur eyes and stretch ur arms.” She did the same. As the cold breeze was passing through her body she was experiencing the peace of mind.

“How’s u feeling?” He whispered in her ear.

“Cold.” Sanskar hugged her from back. His hands were on her tummy. She shivered with his touch.

“Now.” He started caressing her navel.

“San…S..kar…ji.” She gasped.

“Hmm…” Lost in her.

“Tomorrow is my exam.” He left his grip.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK, u know now I’m feeling better. U solved my problem.”

“See, i said na. Sleep now. Wake up early tomorrow. I’m with u, even if u fail which I’m damm sure u won’t I’ll always there for u. U just need to call me at once.”

They went back to room after talking. She slept. He kissed on her forehead. “Good Night.”

Flashback end…

“I know u r alive u can’t die… I will not let u die.” She was continuously ranting. “He can’t die. He is alright. Ya, I know.”

“Swara.” She turned towards the source of sound. Her teary eyes made her vision blur she wiped them and got her life back. He was standing there.

“Sanskar ji.” She ran towards him, he stretched his arms to engulf her in them. But she didn’t hugged him, instead of this she slapped him.


“Idiot, stupid, brainless, fool, dumb.”

“Swara listen.”

“Shut up. What u think? If u do this I’ll forgive U. I’ll say Sanskar ji I love u, I can’t live without u.”

“No, Swara.”

“What no? If u think so, then U r wrong.” She hugged him. “I love u, please don’t do this.”

“Swara, I’m so sorry.”

“Sanskar ji, our relation is ended but u should think about it family ur mother.”

“I only thinks about u.” He cupped her face and kissed her. “I have transferred the money in ur account.”

“For what?”

“After divorce, I don’t want u to stop ur college. U have to work hard and forget this stupid illiterate Sanskar. Swara, u deserve the best. U r a topper and I just hardly passed 10th class. After that I left study that was my biggest mistake, I never gave importance to study. Bapu, ma they never forced me. I thought what a man gets from these books nothing. I’m nothing less than an animal.”


“No Swara, I claimed I love u but what I did. Person like me don’t deserve gem like u. One last request, if ur son says he doesn’t want to study then slap him, don’t do that, that my parents did.”

“Last wish.”

“Yup.” He kissed on her forehead. “I love u.”

“What do u mean? Sanskar ji look at me.”

“They came Swara.”

“Who?” She looked around. Cop came there. They arrested him.

“Sanskar ji, what is happening? Sir Y r u arresting him?”

“He is a murderer.”

“What?”? She was shocked. “No u must be mistaken he is innocent. Sanskar ji, u tell them.”

“I’ll miss u.” They took him with them. She ran after the Jeep but no use.

In police station, there was a big crowd. Sujata and Ram was begging to officers to leave their son.

“Sahab, my son is innocent. Please leave him.”

Swara came inside the station. “Ma sa.”

“She, is responsible for all this.” Sujata tired to slapped Swara.

But Sanskar hold her hand and shouted. “Ma, don’t try to do this.”

“She ruined my son. She is responsible for all the problems in our life.”

“Ma, please.” He moved towards lawyer. “Sir I don’t need u. I’m accepting my crime. I’m ready to go behind the bars.”

Swara hold his hand. “Officer, may I know to whom he killed.”

“Mr Nagpal yadav.” Swara was shocked. She took few step backwards, and they locked Sanskar behind the bars. Swara moved towards him but, cop stopped her.

“Sir, he.. is my.. husband.”

“Mam please, if u want to meet him then take permission from court.”

She came out, and directly went towards court but a lady stopped her.


“Who r u?”

“I’m Neha Sahil’s wife. Oh, u don’t know me. U didn’t came in my wedding.”

“Look, Neha. I don’t have time, my husband is in jail, before court will close…”

“Swara today is Saturday and court is already closed. U come with me.”

“I told u, I’m already very tense.”

“U don’t want to know Y he did this murder? He did this for me.”

“And Y would he?”

“Because that Nagpal is my uncle…” Neha told her, whole story. “Even my so called husband left me, but Sanskar was with me. U please don’t take him wrong. He just gave punishment to a rapist.”

Swara faced this before. She kept her hand on her shoulder. “U should be strong.”

“Swara, Sanskar loves u a lot. U r lucky to have him in ur life, I don’t know what happened between u both but he told me to give u this.”

That was divorce papers.

“Sanskar already signed on it. He said now his future is behind the bars, and it’s his punishment.”

Neha looked towards Swara’s eyes which were filled with tears. “Swara, one thing I want to ask. What mistake he did? He is a gem, I can’t believe that the person like him did anything wrong.”

“Neha, I have to go.”

Neha hold his hand. “Trying to hide ur tears, Swara if he can kill a person for me who is nothing for him then U think what can he do for u. U too love him then Y this?”

“It’s our personal matter.” Swara turned to leave.

“Can I marry him?” Swara turned. “It’s better to be called wife of a murderer then that cheap Sahil.”

Swara slapped her. “Be in ur limits and u better stay away from my husband.”

Swara left from there.

“Stupid.” Neha smiled while rubbing her cheek. “It’s paining yrr.”

12 years later.

Modern School. Assembly ground.

“Good Morning mam.”

“Good morning students, You all must be thinking Y all of u r gathered here? Actually our reputed principal Miss Swara Bose wants to say something. Come mam”

A lady nearly 30 year old came there. She was in simple cyan color saree, her eyes were covered with specs ?. With full attitude on her face.

“Good Morning students. I came here to congratulate to u all. Since past few years the ratio of passing students was increasing but this year it’s 99%. I want it 100%. Will u do it.”

“Yes mam.”

“Rules r strick but all for ur good future, Someone told me to give full education to my child, make them understand the value of education in one’s life. He is not between us, and I was upset for not fulfilling his last wish. But now see I have 5 thousand child. And all r doing well? My wishes r always with u all.”

AL clapped for her. “I don’t need praising, promise me u all will study hard because education is base of ur future life. Thank you.”

“Mam one question.”


“Who is that person?”

“An innocent soul, who knows the real importance of education.” She left.

Ya, he was truly an innocent soul, who punished himself. He proved her how much he loved her. Life taught him a big lesson. Swara looked towards Sanskar’s pic.”

“Sanskar ji, u know when Neha told me that u killed that evil for her, I knew u lied to her. U heard everything that I told to Kavita. I know it was u, who came in my room that night. The court declared u as criminal still u didn’t spoke my name, because u didn’t want anyone to raise finger on me. Once u pointed finger on me, but u saved my pride.”

From that night Sanskar determined to punish the person who broke his love, his Swara. After killing him he came to know that he was the same person who rapped Neha. All thought he did that for Neha but truth was hidden.

Neha came inside her cabin. “Mam u called me.”

“Ya, how many time I have to tell u that I’m not Miss Swara it’s Mrs Swara Maheshwari.”

“But Sanskar, he is not with u. U haven’t forgave him.”

“That’s none of ur business.”

“U have still kept those divorce paper what u want to show, Swara accept the truth he won’t came back in ur life. Move on in ur life. Forget the past live in future like what I did. Sanskar showed me the path of divorce and told me ask alimony from Sahil. From those money see I’m here.”

“Neha, u r my friend that doesn’t mean u r allowed to interfere in my life. I’m happy like this.”

After a week.

“It has been 12 years Sanskar ji. My love is still same. For u. I love u.”


“Is my car is ready?”

“Yes man.” Swara left in car.

Central jail.

A man with long beard, came out. He stretched his arms. “Hmm, so new.”

“So, Mr Maheshwari came.”

“Neha u.”

“Ya, first person to meet u. Everyone forgets u but I can’t.”


“So, let’s go.”

“Where? Neha.”

“Anywhere u want, u r alone here and me too we both need a friend.”

“Swara, she didn’t came.”

“No, may be she has not forgave U.”

“Ya I deserve this.”

He left with Neha. After sometime Swara reached at the jail.

“Mam he left.”

“What? But Neha told me the time 12am.”

“No, mam it was 11:00am. We informed u.”

“Ya, but Neha told me that time is changed. I’m big stupid.”

She immediately left for Neha’s house. But it was locked. A lady came there.

“Ji r u SWARA Bose.”

“Ya, but where is Neha?”

“Oh, she left with her fiance. Don’t know, she left with a man.”

Swara showed her Sanskar’s pic. “This man.”

“Ya, and she left this letter for u.”

It was resignation letter of Neha. “Swara u r late this time as usual. Ur Sanskar Oops ur Ex Sanskar thinks u r still angry and u won’t forgive him, and I guess it’s true.. He was very guilty he told me that he wants to meet u but I convinced him not to meet u as it would hurt u. Now u stay in ur world, I’m going my new life is waiting. With time my love will heal his wound and he will give me ur place. Bye, I don’t want to waste my time. Never see u. Take care.”

“Kaki (aunty) where she went?”

“Don’t know, u can check in bus stop she. Ya yesterday she asked my son to see room in Kanpur may be they r.”

Swara immediately left in her car.

Sanskar was in bus. He was crying seeing Swara’s pic. Neha kept her hand on his shoulder.

“Sanskar don’t tie her in ur memories. Please forget her.”

“I can’t Neha. I love her.”

“But she don’t, look at her wedding pic. A week before she married to Sahil.” Neha showed him, pics. “See their marriage photo.”

“But Y Sahil? He is not good. I think should talk to her.”

“Sanskar u r forgetting something. U said na, u won’t disturbed her. And now Sahil is changed. Don’t create mesh in her life. Now give her photo to me.” She took Swara’s pic.

“Let me keep it, only this pic.”

“Ok, I’ll give u later u close ur eyes and be calm.” Sanskar followed her. She distorted the photo inside her fist and threw it outside. “See u soon Swara.”

Bus left. Swara was late this time. She searched each and every bus like mad. But no clue.

“Sanskar ji, where r u? Ur Swara is dying to see u.” Just then her eyes fell on photo. She picked up the paper ball and noticed her pic.

“This pic Sanskar ji kept in his purse. What I do?” She asked a man.

“Kanpur bus.”?

“It left.”

“What I do now…”

“Swara mam u r here?” A man came. “Namestey my son studies in ur school. Do u need any help? I work in bus agency…”

“Kanpur bus, please stop that bus, please stop that bus it’s urgent.”

“It’s just left 10 minutes ago, u go catch it I’ll call Driver.”

Swara left like super fast. It was her last chance to get her love.

Inside the bus. Seeing Sanskar sleeping Neha hold his hand and kept her head on his shoulder. Sanskar woke up due to her action he tried to withdrew her but she was intensionally holding him tightly.

Driver stopped bus near a dhaba( roadside stall.) “We eat something we will left in,15minutes. Driver checks his mobile but it was Switched off.

” Sanskar, come eat something.”

“No, u go. I don’t want anything.”

“Ok, I’ll bring coffee for u.” She left.

Sanskar was continuously looking outside. He remembered his journey with Swara. Court declared 12 year imprisonment for him. That time Swara came and hugged him.

“Sanskar ji, Y u didn’t allowed me to say the truth. U did this for me.”

“Because I don’t want anyone to look at u with pity eyes. U r my everything, take care.” He kissed on her forehead.

His dreams broke when a car in fast speed just passed…

“SWARA…” He was about to come out. “Neha, Swara was there. I saw her in car.”

“Sanskar, u r mistaken. She is in her honeymoon. U forgot she even didn’t came to meet u.”

“But, I can’t mistake to…”

“Sanskar, u r missing her that’s why this is happening? Now u drink this hot coffee.”

Bus again started its journey. It started raining.

“Sanskar u stay here i just need to call someone.”

“Hmm.” Sanskar again lost in his own world of sorrow.

I’m leaving this village forever but Swara u will remain in my heart. My love. I still remember the time we first saw each other. My Shy Swara, how much afraid u were on our first night. Our conversation, the way u blushed when I came near to u. And the most beautiful moment of our life when we tired to become one but everything changed because of me. I hurt u badly Swara. There is no forgiveness of my sin.

Suddenly bus stopped with a jerk.

“What happened Driver?” Neha asked.

“A lady is standing before the bus. Sanskar immediately saw her and moved to came out but Neha hold his hand.

“Forget her, she doesn’t love u.” Sanskar jerked her.

“Leave my hand, my Swara is standing there.”

He came outside. They were in the middle of highway. Swara immediately came and hugged him.

“I LOVE U.” She confessed. She broke the hug. “I love u.” She kissed all over on his face. Tears were flowing from her eyes were mixed with rain water. They were completely drenched.

“For a second I thought, I lost u Sanskar. Please don’t do this. Next time I’ll die…”

Sanskar kept finger on her lips. “Sssh, don’t talk about dying.”

“I missed u so much, I came to meet u but they said u left. Then I came to Neha’s house and aunty said she left and I missed the bus, then I girl called me to inform about bus and I…”

“How’s u, Swara?”

“As u left u. Half Virgin.”

She kept her feet on his and encircled her arms around his neck. He kept his hand on her waist and pulled her closer. And kissed each other forgetting the passengers in the bus, the surrounding environment, birds animals even this sky. They lost on their kiss. The desperation, the wait of years now ended. He pulled her more closer to access more, the can get enough of each other. Don’t know how long they would continue if driver didn’t pressed the horn.

“If love birds r done they shall we leave.”

“Sure sir.” Sanskar lifted Swara in his arms and took her inside the car and closed the door. And then they… (?. If I get time I’ll write….)

Bus left, and Neha was stayed alone. She called someone. “Mission successful.” She winked. Love is love u can’t force it. If it’s true then it will surely come back to u.

Done with this little story. Love you all those commented. Ur friend nilu?.

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