virgin (part 1)

First time I’m writing like this. If u have any problem with bold content so ignore it. I have no idea how u would react…

The Gadodia’s were ready to welcome Maheshwari’s. Shekhar Gadodia the head of house, his beautiful wife Sharmistha Gadodia and their beautiful daughter Swara. Cute bubbly girl. But today she was nervous.

“Kavita, I’m feeling nervous.”

“Look who is feeling nervous. The great Swara. Don’t worry my jaan u r looking stunning. He will surely die after seeing u.”

“Be serious yrr…”

Both the family were happy as 20 years old friendship now going to change in a relation.

“Ramu (Ram Parsad Maheshwari), kaisa h tu? (How’s u Ramu?)”

“I’m fine. How my future daughter in law.”

“She is good.” Shekhar looked towards Sharmistha. “Namestey Bhabhi sa.”


They headed towards the drawing room. Ram and Shekhar were reputed person. Ram was sarpanch of Rajpur and Shekhar was a small farmer of Dhuliya gaon( village.) It was great honour for him as Ram asked his daughter hand for his son.

Ragini, Sanskar’s bhabi… The weird character in herself. And her husband Lakshaya, great lubber.

“Devar sa,( to Sanskar.) Lagta h thare se intezar na ho raha. ( it’s seems u can’t wait.)

“Na, bhabhi sa, it’s nothing like that…”

Finally the Swara came. She was looking too pretty, innocent. Ragini noticed the way Sanskar is admiring her beauty. In 3 year of marriage lucky never looked her with love, she was just a matter to keep him happy and satisfied. That’s the reason she never liked any couple happiness.

“What’s ur name beta?” Ram asked politely.

“Ji… Swara…” Simple village girl feeling too shy to look in his eyes… She wanted to see the face of her life partner but her ethics didn’t allowed her. But Sanskar wanted to see her face completely since the time she came she was just looking at the floor.

“Shona, beta serve the tea.” She nodded her head.

Finally she came towards Sanskar. “Ji, tea.”

She was undoubtedly beautiful, not less than an Angel. She waited him to take the cup of tea. But he didn’t. So finally she herself gave him. She looked into his eyes. Beautiful eyelock.

“Ahem, ahem.” Ragini broke their moment.

Swara came back to her seat. In her heart she was happy, he was good-looking. She was afraid if her dad would choose any random guy. A week ago her friend married to a guy who was 20 year older than her. But lucky she saved.

“What’s ur age?” Swara came out of her thoughts.


“Age?” Ragini said this time a bit loud.


“Actually, we want young girl for my devar. U know my devar is a pearl…”

They kept talking.

“So Sanskar beta what’s ur answer?”

“Ji.” He smiled… “Jo bhi apko theik lage papa (as u say dad.)”

Ragini kept her hand on his hand. “Devar sa, don’t take decision in hurry. We can’t judge anyone’s character in one meeting.”

“Bhabhi, u have seen more world than me. I’m ready to accept my elders decision.”

“I need to talk Swara.” Ragini said.

“Bahu Rani, u can ask anything.” Shekhar said.

“I think u didn’t understood I wanted to talk her alone.”

Ragini went inside the room with Swara.

“Look Swara, I admit u r beautiful. But u know this coming generation. Boyfriend girlfriend r common.”

“Ji, I don’t have any boyfriend.”

“Who knows? I’m directly coming to the point. R U VIRGIN?”

Swara was shocked to listen this. How she could ask this to her. Who gave her this right.

Ragini continued. “See if u r touched by someone then, I’m sorry. I don’t want second hand thing for my Devar.”

Thing really was she only a thing for her. She was a girl who have her own existence. And she couldn’t allowed anyone to raise finger on her character.

“Say something. Or ur silence gave me answer.”

“Bahu Rani…” Shomi came. “All r waiting…”

“Tell ur daughter to give answer ti my question.”

“Shona, beta say what she wants.”

“Ma, she asked…” Her words chocked in her throat. “I’m…”

“Y r u creating so much drama. It’s just simple r u virgin or not.”

“Y r u creating so much drama. It’s just simple r u virgin or not.”

There was complete silence for I minute. Shomi broke it.

“Ya, she is…”

“Don’t know is it truth or not. Anyways from our side it’s yes.” She went outside.

“Ma, Y u? How could she?”

“Shona, if u r right then Y r u afraid?”

“Swara, it’s OK…”

“No ma, it’s not.”

“Shona, see they r very rich. And unlike kavya’s husband. Sanskar is young. U r lucky to have him.”

“But ma Ragini bhabhi.”

“See beta Sanskar is ur husband. U have to worry for him only. I know u will win her heart also.”

They came outside. So finally her alliance fixed with Sanskar. Swasan exchanged ring. And took blessings from elders.

“Devar sa, now u r happy.”

He started blushing. “Bhabhi, I have some urgent work. He went outside.” Swara smiled seeing this.

“Don’t be so happy. Don’t u think I’m blind.”

“Ji, bhabhi what do you mean?”

“See Swara if u r right. The most welcome in our family, else I have lots of way to find truth.”

Y Ragini was saying this cruel words to her. Might be she didn’t want her to be happy more than her. As per Ragini’s POV if she was suffering then Y not others…

Finally Swara got married. Two stranger were tied in a knot. Ragini took her inside the room.

“This is ur room Devrani sa. I know it’s too big then ur small room.”

“Ji, it’s beautiful.”

“Today everything will be clear Devrani ji. It’s ur first night. I don’t want any complaint from my devar side.”

“Bhabhi I want to change this lehnga it’s too heavy.”

“Don’t even try to open it. U need not to do anything my devar will do everything.”

She went outside before closing the door she turned back. “Woh kya kehte h, All the best.”

She left.

Outside Lucky was giving especially training to Sanskar.

“See bro, these girls r nothing without us. If u try to hold their hand they will start dancing on ur head. So their true place is here.” He pointed towards his leg. “Be a man let’s have a glass.”

“Bhai, u r too much drunk. U sleep I’m also going.”

“Wait, don’t leave ur wife, all the best bro.” Lucky whispered something in Sanskar’s ear. “Now u understand.”

“Yes bhai.” He left.

Swara was all alone. Sitting at the middle of bed, which was fully decorated with flowers.

“God, I’m so nervous. Y this day came in our life? I married to a stranger to whom I met only at once. How could I gave myself to him? Does the meaning of marriage is s*x only?”

Suddenly the door opened and She clutched bed sheet tightly.

Don’t know what I wrote… If u like only then I’ll continue… Tell me if u like it or not. Ur friend nilu?.

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  1. Seebu_s

    hey nilu?after so long i’m reading ur ff…i appreciate u for this bold concept..!!would love to read further also?and apologizing before only as i will comment something on ur ff which is not for u…but for some ppl…
    firstly…why ppl are mixing onscreen and offscreen issues….?if u talk whatever u want,do u think we will sit quiet..!as i’m die hard helly and varun fan/vahe fan…saying this don’t drag my vahe every where…!and better know difference b/w onscreen and offscreen…colors tv,cvs everyone knows which couple looks better than us…and they paired swasan and raglak bcs they compliment with their respective costars…and it also prooved by getting award for our beloved swasan..?we no need to proove for anyone as everyone knows our swasan are best?and some ppl are even morphing our beloved couple pics??this prooves how much they want our swara’s place for their favourites??they will hate swara and in ffs they will show their fav. female character as swara?tch..tch..tch?we swasan fans came to bhai-behen bcs u guys morphed?but y u guys are coming here after knowing writer is swasan fan?haww….u guys are so interested and we know our swasan are magnets??they attract everyone?and some people are there as gud for nothing?but always love and hurt swasan fans and they themselves invite bashings/abusings and atlast will act as saint ppl?and some ppl will comment like cowards using fake ids which make me rofl???tch…tch..tch…first decide whom u love with ur fav. female lead…once they will say we r true fans of our real fictional couple and next day they will say…bhai behen pair would be awesome?lol???if we talk anything directly they will go to offscreen issues and will talk abt everyone’s bonding…but ppl don’t even no bonding is different from chemistry which our SWASAN/VAHE have?nilu…it’s ur wish as u will make ragini positive or negative..!i don’t give damn to that character?for me swasan matters❤

    Love SwaSan Forever

    p.s-don’t come and reply me as i will not reply?

    1. Simi

      U know one of them said they become crazy for bhai behen when tbey shared an eyelock?? seriously where there any eyelock between sanskar n Ragini.. I only noticed angry glare….

    2. Nilu

      So sweet of u seebu… Thank for understanding me… Deepu told me about.. U so thank u dear…✌✌✌✌✌???? LOVE SwaSan forever

  2. Pramudi

    Interesting nilu. Plz continue. Don’t get hurt from those bashers words.
    One day i accidentally landed in a rag san ff, there in the author’s note she had equalised rag san’s love to swara’s negativity. ? omg i was laughing like hell. If they can make our swara as ultimate villan then why can’t we have ragini as a villain.That’s not fair. And we don’t go their by requesting not to do that. Then why here.
    One request dear, plz mention the pair in the topic to avoid these things.
    Continue this as you planned dear. I’m sure your every fan will support you. And plz post ‘DSRLM’. ?

  3. Dear dnt change ur story line for some creepy ppls..we even beg dem for dont use our swasan morphed pics.but dey not na..dey just barking us example is shrilatha..soo dear dont replace ragini.and i read many ff wherr ragini is positive..but nowadays i saw that ragini being negetive bcz of some viruses dpreading here..making morphed pics just want to take swaraz place.
    They can even morph raglak pics but dat creeps dont na..and whn we asking abt these matters dey wpl say an uninvited shamrless ppls comr.soo same apply here..they can say that and dey act as mahan..soo same apply ignore the uninvited ppls and continue ur stry on the stry line u thinked..

  4. Nagamanasa

    Interesting dear…continue soon..
    Don’t listen to any1…continue as per ur plot and ideas…we swasan fans are always there for ur support…

  5. Its seems intrstng dear..u continue the stry on d way u plotted no need of change..i liked it
    R u the writer of swasan ff foes she love me..if yes plz post nxt part..waitng for dat eagerly..
    And r u on wattpac

  6. interesting concept..continue soon..dont change d storyline also..
    dont worry about these bashers..
    they r good for nothing..
    and dear bashers dont drag offscreen dramas here..we can say a lot of things too..

  7. Simi

    Interesting dear.. Dont mind bashers.. Some bhai behen ff writers r really mad..

  8. Nilu

    Sorry I can’t personally thank to EVERY One … Thanks to all who support me and sorry who r hurt… ?????✌ ur Friend nilu ???

  9. Kakali

    Hey people a REQUEST here! Don’t drag OFF SCEEN drama here!
    Why to bully REAL actor in our matter! Let’s just simply talk about SwaSan & Bhai Behen!
    Because I realized something, “Ev1 is having a perfect mouth to utter things! If we want we also can say many things! I won’t talk about others, let’s take me only! I’m truly bad and my mouth is more mad than me! Soo please don’t force to open up it that will lead to something which no1 wants here!
    You can utter about off screen bonding and all n all n all, grrrr I can also do the same uttering about OFF SCREEN KANDS OF PEOPLE!
    As Deepali said NO ONE IS SAINT! ? Ev1 is having something to point out! Sooo better don’t drag my Helly, my VaHe nor Teja here!”
    Let them be happy with their lives and argue with me or any1 over the point of as SwaSan & Bhai Behen lover!”
    It is just a small REQUEST to all, even it’s for me also as I was about my mouth talking bla blaa blaaaaa!! But not now!
    Agree na people NO1 IS SAINT! NO1.
    Good Morning! Have a wonderful day ahead!

    Niluuuuuuu, yeiiiiii, I would love if you change or try to ignore Ragini here! You will have many people who will fit in the character! Try to find it erasing Ragini! Then definitely I will follow your story!
    Other fandom has said to change Ragini, DO THAT DEAR! RESPECT THEM AND THEIR EMOTIONS!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Arshaanya

      I never expctd dis frm u ??
      U r tellin her to chnge ragini ???
      How can u kakali…
      U’l follow dis story if she chnge or replace ragini rite??
      I’l follow if she goes wid way she thought n dis evil ragini…
      Othrwse m out…

    2. Arshaanya

      Han kabhi othr fandom people ne humari baat mani??
      Kabhi kuch chnge kiya??
      U r tellin swasan wrtr to chnge coz othr fandoms r sayin so…who r not goin to read dis swasan ff..???

      1. I’m agree with u. Writer must write they way she thought…

  10. ur all ffs are best. i just love all of dem. plz dont change ur storyline. eagerly waiting for next part . pllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soooooon.

  11. Praju


  12. Meera_s

    concept is a quite bold…would love to read

  13. interesting…continue soon

  14. Awsm continue soon

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