The Virgin Mother (chapter 2)

Anwar was 32 year old widower.he was rich and handsome.he was holding someone’s was Aisha, his wife, his love.she died one year ago after giving birth to their child Adil. Anwar was crying while looking at the photo.he said to Aisha’s photo “I love you Aisha, I love you so much” meanwhile Adil come to him “pappa” he called Anwar. Anwar took him in his hand.Anwar’mother Hajara was came after Adi. “My relative akbar’s wife Humaira brought a marriage proposal for u.the girl is her relative. We will go today by itself” Hajara said.Anwar nodes his head in agreement. She take Adi with her.Adil was one year old cute and naughty kid.he is charming like his mom.
Mehrin was folding her clothes in her room.her father Mansoor come to her room. “Mehru Humaira auntie coming today, she is coming with a marriage proposal”Mansoor said.”hmmm” mehrin replied.”the boy is a widower and he has a son” he said.”okey” Mehrin said.her father went from there.she was thinking that “what kind of man he? His wife died one year ago and he is hurry to remarry”.
On the other hand Anwar was thinking that “I am doing this marriage for my son.I can’t replace Aisha and I can’t give the rights wich I gave to Aisha”.
At evening, Mehrin’s home.
Anwar and his family reached there.Anwar entered to the house with Adi.Mansoor and Anwar’s father Ahmad greets each other. Hajara said to Mehrin’s mother Fatima to bring Mehrin. when Mehrin come to living room Adi get down from Anwar’s lap and run towards Mehrin. he hold her legs and calle her “mamma”.everyone suprised to seeing this.but Anwar was in shock.
Mehrin took Adi in her arms.he smiled at her.”what’s your name?” she asked.he said “Adil” .
Hajara said that “let them talk alone”.everyone went from there except Anwar, Mehrin and Adil. Anwar composed him self to talk.
Anwar:I am doing this marriage for my son.I need a mother for him not a wife for me.
Mehrin just smiled.Anwar continued.
Anwar:if this marriage happen then I can’t give you the rights of a wife.
meanwhile Adi slept on her shoulder.
Mehrin:I am ready for this marriage
she smiled and gave him Adi and she went from there.

elders were talking about them.they asked Mehrin and Anwar about their decision.they both said yes.their family decided marriage will be in one week.

precape:wedding preparation

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Roma

    It’s cute episode, mehrin and Anwar very lovely couple. …and Adil is sooo sweeeeeet, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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