The Virgin Mother (Chapter 1)

“Mehru…Mehruu…ya Allah where is this girl?Mehru…” a 55 years old lady was coming towards someone’s room.She opened the door.Wow! !! it is not like a bedroom, it is like a library.Lots of books are in shelf.Some books are on table which is in a corner of the room.A guitar is hang on wall.A bed is in the center of the room.A girl was sitting in bed, she is reading a book.
“Mehru” the lady called the girl.She looked at the lady.The girl’s eyes were dark and beautiful, her long hair is open,it falls on her face. she was wearing a blue denim jeans and a full sleeve white top.she is not so good looking.Her face was brown but left part of her body was little bit white.she was MEHRIN.”what umma(mom)? why u called? ” she asked to the lady.the lady was Meherin’s mother.”Mehru someone is coming to see u.change your clothes, else ur father will scold me” mother said.she didn’t say anything.”they will be reach in 5 minutes”her mother hurried up her.”I will get ready umma.u go”Mehrin said.”and do a little make up too” -mom.”I wont do any make up”-Mehrin. “it is waste of time to talk to u Mehrin”-mom.her mom went from there.

Mehrin changed into a salwar suit.She wore bangles too, else her father will scold her.She combed her hair.

The boy and his family came.That boy was a divorcee.Again a divorcee! !!! it was not first proposal.She didn’t remember how much proposals came.She rejected everyone.some of them rejected her too coz she is not white and she is not beautiful.She know that everyone wants a beautiful wife, not an one cares about beautiful heart.That’s why Mehrin afraid to marry. She afraid that if she married someone without knowing them it will bring problems in married life.

The boy’s family asked about Mehrin’s age.her father said “she is 25” . Boy’s parents looked at her father in a dislike. Mehrin smiled.she know they may want a teenage unmarried girl for their son.

When the boy and his family went Mehrin asked to her father “is this also divorcee? “. “ see a divorcee didn’t want a 25 years old girl.I told u years back it will happen.but u didn’t listen to u r going to pay for this” he angrily goes from there.

This is what Mehrin’s society. a 25 years old girl never get a good proposal even she were beautiful.The reason for this is her age.In Mehrin’s district every parents do their daughter’s marriage when they r in high school, when they r only 15,16 or 17 and the girl became mother before her 18th birthday.People always blames for girl.but never blames a boy even he did a mistakes..they say “He is a BOY”. Mehrin always thinks that if she were a boy no one questions her.But then she realises that only a girl can tolerate all pains not a she always proud that she is a girl.


Anwar’s Home

“Anwar you should marry someone” Anwar’s father said to him.”no uppa (dad) I can’t marry again. I can’t forget Aisha and I don’t want to replace her” Anwar said.”haai Allah that girl gave him poison before dying” his mother said.”umma I can’t here anything against Aisha.please shut ur mouth umma” Anwar angrily said. “you always misbehave with me for ur Aisha” his mom sadly said.”it is not like that umma” -Anwar.”then promise me u will get marry again.because I am too old.I can’t take care of Adi”-mom.”okey.I will get marry only for my son” said Anwar. his parents smiled at each other evily.

Precap: Anwar and Mehrin’ first meeting.

Let me knw buddies whether u liked it or not.and tell me whether I change it’s title or not..

and 1 more thing Mehrin and Sona is my own reflection (a little, not fully 😛 )

Credit to: Ruby


    • Ruby

      this is only start can I tell all story in one chapter? keep reading u will get to knw more about this all..thnx for commenting 🙂

  1. Hayathi

    Wowwwww super story dr… but one thing change the title dr….. and seriously lot of girls are there getting married in 14 and 15 this is wrong na….. girls need to be independent and they have to fight their plms individually…… thanks ruby for this story gives a message tooo….. best of luck ma

  2. Roma

    Hi ruby, I loved your storyline, the plot and the message…it’s really a heart touching story…loved to the core like your other story…plzzzz continue dear and it’s up to you to change the title or not, I like this one too…you’re correct dear still in this time we still have so many restrictions and rules which make our(girls) life terrible…in the age of exploring world and living life and fulfilling the dreams we are forced to do what we are not capable of doing…it’s really depressing…all the best sweetie, plzzzz continue and post the next episode soon, love you loads

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