Welcome to prologue of story
Thanks for unconditional support in last part
There was pleasant morning in busy streets of mumbai,
Birds were chirping with morning fresh air. Normal busy roads of mumbai were busy as usual,
Girl is shown walking very fast while blubbering . that was swara only.
She stops bus and sits in window seat .

Today also I got late for my office, unfortunately I had to take bus,
Like these from 7 days I am taking bus, it is just 1 kilometer but now I am getting late.
Again these 20 rupees of my bus expence is increased, that means 140 rupees I wasted in this 7 days, I would had done party with friends yar.
I don’t know what will happen my income is 20,000 and family expense reaches to 21000 also, I need new job anyhow,
I know because of my mistakes I had to do all these works, I had to become breadbeeder of house but its useless swara for thinking about past, but now I only have one dream that I will get married to nice and rich family where I don’t need to do these work, full enjoyable life.
really god just fulfill this wish of me, I have many dreams about my marriage, he must be very smart, rich and should love me.

Other side, one nice home is shown,
Where all were shown doing breakfast,
One old age woman was serving breakfast to everyone,
Boy- mom please sit down and eat food.
Women- yes I will sit that time only when you get married.
Boy- what mom?
Woman- yes beta you completed your studies 2 month before and also got good package in nice company, so now please sattle.
Boy- yes mom I also want to sattle in life with nice girl who understand culture.
Woman- yes beta I really need girl with nice family, nicely cultured because now a days we don’t get good girls.
Boy – yes mom, ok mom bye I am going to my friend house today is party at his house.
Woman- ok beta go, but after some days you will get busy with your job.
Boy- yes ok bye mom.
Boy is our sanky and woman is ap,
Sanky reaches to his friend house,
A girl comes and hugs him, you came baby.
Sanky- yes my baby

So what is your openion about swasan character guys
AND if you want to give any suggestion or any chamges in story feel free to tell in comment section.
Take care.


  1. Niku


    |Registered Member

    It’s awesome looking forward to it….n yeah welcome back…one more thing ur profil pic it just👍👍…

  2. Jj

    Hi,it was very nice but I think sanky is not a rich guy,my poor swara her only wish will destroyed. But what is the last line who is the girl hug sanky and call him baby. He want to really culture girl for marriage, but now where they gone his culture in public place hug the girl and call baby what kind of character is sanky.

  3. Malika


    |Registered Member

    Hahahhaaahhh I was shocked when I saw your dp… I thought I was in watty… And yes coming to this prologue : hmmmm swara pov.. Is like every girs dreams. 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁 not all but for some.. Who wants to marry with rich boy and settled their life…. Happily… Hahahahhh… And sanskar character.. I’m little confused…

    Hey chotuu just thinking hmmmmm think think malikaa okk I can’t guess it!! Otherwise my brain will explose… 💀💀💀…*wondering *.
    You know what it’s because of you!!! I’m loving swasann now… In your ff.. First time ever… Otherwise only raglak and ragsan….. It’s interesting the story.. And one more thing.. Last one chotuu..!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😞😞 always be regular.. And update soon… I think sanskar has two sides. I mean faces… 👿Or 👼 …past!! Which past!! …well to know this I have to read next Ep and to read next one you have to update it… 😁😁😁😁

    • Pathan



      YES YOU are fully correct malika di
      i am happy that you started liking swasan from my story.
      this is gift for me.
      i updated next episode di
      thanks for your wonderful comment

  4. Shruti

    Awsm as usual…Swara’s character is gud…I think evry girl wants lyk this only..N about Sanskar then I know tht if there is any confusion then u will surely clear it in nxt ep..I dont think tht there is any confusion in Sanskar’s character….Bcz now evry boys r lyk tht only..Dont feel bad or dont get angry OK..Believe me I m not saying it for hurting u…Stay blessed..

  5. Riya

    Nice prologue…Swara’s pov is a little bit funny according to me…I don’t know about others but I laughed a little bit when I read her pov…And about Sanskar’s character then I think he is wearing a mask in front of his mother…Or may be he have a past…A bitter one…But I know it that you will clear it in the next episode or in the other episodes…Stay happy…

  6. Namra


    |Registered Member

    It’s a nice prologue ippu… n I just love swara’s character… but about sanky I’m little bit confused, I mean he want a nice cultured girl to marry but in last he was meeting a girl who was calling him baby… so I was little confused but I’m sure you’ll definitely clear our confusion… so eagerly waiting for the next part… n yeah your profile pic is just killer…

  7. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Amazing.. Swaras character is nice.. Aww,she have a lots of dream about her married life.. Sankys character is little confusing.. Keep going.. Waiting for Waiting for nxt..
    Take care

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.