Guys I (IRFAN PATHAN)am back with new story
Fo you remember me.

Character sketch

Sanskar maheshwary- normal above middle family person, he completed his studies, did all the fun in his college life and now thinking to sattle in his life with nice girl, he hate very modern girl for making wife. He wants descent girl to marry. The most important need for him is VIRGIN GIRL to marry.

Swara gadodia- she is very open minded, loves her family a lot, she is only breedfeeder of her family.
She hates double thinking type person, her house expense is more than her income, she I stressed on her family problems only.

So guys other side actor character description will be given later,

There will be too much upgrade is both swasan character that I will tell as story proceeds

Guys this story is based on real life only, this will focus on thinking of middle class boys and girls .
What type of parnter they want and what type of expectations they have even if they are imperfect ?
You all may be confused with title of story that will be justified soon

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  1. Janviii

    Very nice and interesting

  2. interesting continue soon

    1. Pathan

      Sure I’ll

  3. Deeksha gupta

    Nyc concept …relatable to real life …looking forward to it …

  4. SRSL

    Oiyee back with a bang..hai na bhai.. Your previous ff was a hit with tons of twist and turns and this plot is damn interesting…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for liking each part of last story
      And this also.

  5. Nice one… Continue… N what about the ff u started about the childhood Masti of all

    1. Pathan

      I will think about that story

      But thanks for support in previous as well as in this story.

  6. Pooja26

    wow !!!! u r back 😉 😉
    so u r free after a long tym haan !!!!!!!!!!
    i think it gonna interesting……
    looking forward…… 😉
    post asap…….
    bubye !!!!! 😉 😉

    1. Pathan

      Yes little free


  7. Hi,it is very nice for ur return, ya I am confused in title, but I loved because it is swasan ff. And I know u r really good romantic writer so I am waiting for next update.

    1. Pathan

      Again we mate here

      Thanks for support

  8. Wow good concept.welcome back pathan.update soon

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for support!!

  9. Sanswa

    Well wen I read 1st 2 words of title of dis fiction..some couple of secs I wz just numb.. Means wz thinking dis much bold title…den I read ur name..den I came from my numb state..?…well but must say I loved title…n it’s u as a author so no need 2 miss ur any kind of writing… Coz u r seriously awesome writer..??
    N dis intro sketch is amazing one..?

    1. Pathan

      really thanks a ot for reading story .
      i am glad to hear that you loved my story

  10. Nice intro…Carry on…Although I don’t comment in Swasan ffs…But this is your ff so I am commenting…Stay blessed…

    1. Pathan

      I know
      Thanks for support.
      I can understand
      If you can’t read swasan ff than it’s ok

      1. No I didn’t said that I will not read your ff…You are taking me wrongly…I just said that I don’t comment in Swasan ffs…That’s it…And I am commenting in this ff because it’s your ff and I can learn a lot from your ffs…Don’t misunderstand me OK…

    2. Pathan

      I am not misunderstanding.

      I am just telling that for raglak fan reading swasan ff is difficult and i know you are continuesly supporting me unconditionally and i don’t want that if you are uncomfortable than also read my ff so.
      I just told it so that you don’t have unnecessary pressure and just i want to tell that don’t take tension .
      Don’t misunderstood in other way yar.

      I just did for telling that you are free.

      One more thing i am not taking rudely yar.

      From which angle you felt my comment is rude.

      1. At first it’s not uncomfortable for me to read Swasan ffs…Because I read Swasan ffs also and you know it very well…I told you this thing long back…Even I reads Ragsan and Swalak ffs also and you know this thing also…Neither I am a big fan of Swasan nor Raglak…I told you…I just like Raglak in Swaragini serial like my sister…And I am not taking unnecessary pressure or tension…I didn’t said it that I don’t reads Swasan ffs…I said I don’t comment in Swasan ffs it doesn’t means that I don’t read them…And yeah when I said that you are taking my comment rudely?? I said don’t take me wrongly… And one more thing I think you forget it that it’s tellyupdates page not Whatsapp…I didn’t said that your comment is rude…I said it in Whatsapp

  11. Awsm as usual..Although I dont like Swasan..N I hate Swara also..But then also I m commenting..Stay blessed n keep smiling….

    1. Pathan

      I know
      Thanks for support.
      I can understand
      If you can’t read swasan ff than it’s ok

      1. Hey in my comment from which angle u saw tht I will not read ur ff??????????????? Where I told it??? Don’t take me rudely ok..I m jst asking..

      2. Malika

        Riya and shruti I didn’t know you both are sisters….. And same Here girls… I’m with you both.. ?? …areeee eeeeeeee meri bono behen… Kyaaa Hoo rahaaa haii yearrrr….!!..swasann story haii… !! And irfan continue… Soon.update next Ep. I know you all will solve in in whatsapp..!! AND YOU THREE STAY BLESSED AND KEEP SMILING.. ..????????

    2. Pathan

      See your reply on riya comment

      1. Hey Irfan if u compare in between Swasan n Raglak then for me I lyk Raglak only….I jst LYK them..Tht’s it..N u know it tht whose big fan I m..N u also know it tht its not Raglak..Even u know this thing also tht most of d tym I reads Swasan ffs not Raglak ffs…N whether u ryt Swasan or Raglak ffs it doesn’t matter to me…I will surely read ur ffs..Don’t take tension..N don’t take me rudely I m jst saying..

    3. Pathan

      thanks for your unconditional support from starting of my tellyupdates journey.

      it really means a lot to me.

      keep smiling always
      stay blessed

      1. Malika

        Whommm is this comments….??

  12. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Update soon

  13. It’s new concept……

  14. Wohooo…! So You are finally back ippu… n It’s again an awesome concept… waiting for the story to begin… n yeah I wish this story will also be as Superb as your previous one…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur best wishes !!

    1. Pathan

      thanks for commenting

  15. Awesome dear

    1. Pathan

      thanks !!

  16. Soujanya


    1. Pathan

      thanks !!

  17. Awesome…. U are back with a bang

    1. Pathan

      thanks for your support !!

  18. interesting intro..

    1. Pathan

      thanks !!

  19. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Nyc..interesting. .continue soon

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  20. Deeksha


  21. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Hmmm, real life based story.. Interesting.. Plz continue bro.. All the best for the further parts..
    Take care

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for support from last story till this story

  22. Mahavir

    welcome back bro…characters are intresting and where is the school antics..i m waiting for that…!!!! and this was based on real story ok well i know it will be nice..continue soon…and how was ur studies…????

    1. Mahavir

      and ya how are u…

    2. Pathan

      I am fully fine .
      Now I got Christmas vacation .
      So fully free now a days
      About that story i will think

      Thanks for commenting
      What about you

      1. Mahavir

        oh thats nice but i m lil busy bcz now my xams are going on soo having xam fever…burning with it…

    3. Pathan

      Ok ok it will end before holidays

  23. Very nice concept irfan ur thinking is eye catching I really appreciate it continue further?

    1. Pathan

      Happy to see your amazing comment!!

  24. Malika

    Irfaannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!.. When did you update this intro?? ???????????very vbaaddd….!! And today to told me… !! Well it’s a real life story… I’m soo excited….!!

    1. I didn’t said it that I will not read Swasan ff di…But Irfan is thinking like this…And neither I am a big fan of Swasan nor Raglak…I just like Raglak…And Irfan know it very well…I am OK with Swasan…And Di I know you are very good…You also stay blessed and keep smiling…

      1. Malika

        Ek minuto.. Yrrr choti.. I know… And yes same here even I like raglak… And Irfann… Well just a small.. Request.. !! Please continue to update your previous story…. In wattyy….

    2. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting malika di

      And thanks for understanding me.
      Too much thanks.
      I will surely update on wattpad

  25. Haya malik

    Ahhh….Irfan so good to see you again on TU….Well I can clearly make it out that I’m gonna get again a story based upon social reality….Well character sketch is not enough to get to know about story
    …So just eagerly waiting for next part…
    Stay happy

    1. Haya malik

      And yeah title is really damm confusing

    2. Pathan

      Thanks again for reading this story.

      Yes you are correct
      So I updated next episode.
      Keep smiling always

  26. Go ahead
    All d best

  27. AMkideewani

    Real life story awesome bro

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  28. Shrinjal

    Wow amazing bhaiyya!!!

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