Episode starts with swara listening whole conversation, she gets very angry by listening sanky thinking,
Swara thinks today she will surely show him after party….
Now in this way party got end………..
Sanky was going towards car, than he founds two girls standing in front of him.
Sanky got amazed to see this two girls……..
Swara comes near him, and speaks ohhh……. Did you got afraid..
Sanky- what non sense you are speaking……..
Swara- aah, non sense……….. but better than you…….
Sanky- what happened to you miss……..
Swara- nothing just came to clarify your doubts….
Sanky- what doubts…..
Swara- aah…… you don’t know
Sanky- yes …..
Swara- so should I remind you, what you spoke in front of mam..
Sanky- are you mad, unnecessary wasting my time.
Swara- mr. good boy, you are shame on male gender. How cheap you thinking you have, you don’t know to respect girls,
Now tell me what you were telling to mam, that we small clothes girl are bed, wow nice thinking, hats off to you……
Sanky- just shut up, I know like you girls always behind boys to lure them……
Just than he feels burning sensation on his both cheeks……
Yes , he was got slapped on both his cheeks by two girls, one kavya and other swara…..
Sanky- how dare you??
Swara- this must be done before only but I thought to explain you ,but you didn’t understand so this is lesson for you, think before speak mister………….
Sanky – shut up cheap girl……….

Swara don’t listen anything and go away from that place………….
Sanky was standing hopelessly by keeping his hands on both cheeks,
Sanky angrily shouts, now you will have to pay to mess with me miss. Swara………
While swara was walking on road crying, she thinks of sanky words..
Kavya sees swara pain and consoles her, its ok yar why you think about these useless people who don’t have any work other than speaking anything..
Swara- yes but he is also not wrong we came here to lure rich people only..
Kavya- but our intentions are not wrong, we are just thinking about good boy to marry..
Swara- its ok but reality is that we are also wrong somewhere so from now I decided, I will not wear these small clothes .
Kavya- but why??

swara- now I understood my mothers words, we are unnecessary showing our body to others, this is just like loosing our dignity infront of others,
You didn’t saw the way people see our body, just lustly, but we never understand this things..
Kavya- yes you are correct but today how you felt that you are wrong..
Swara- because of his words, the way he told about us, than I thought about me and I saw people eyes on me, I understood I am just making fun of myself..
Short clothes are ok, but too much short are not acceptable…….
Kavya- yes swara, you are correct, we should be in our limits…….
Swara- yes, I know that boy was wrong but he showed us one write path..
Kavya- yup, now don’t think much let us go to home..
Swara just give hr smiles and both moves towards their house……….
Sanky was washing his face at his house, he thinks I will surely give you tight reply miss. Swara…
His mother comes from back, oh sanky beta you came but you didn’t told,,
Sanky gives fake smile, voh mom I was little tired.
Ap- oh its ok bro, today our relative told about girl, they showed me pic also , she is looking very nice and cultured girl, so I am thinking to go their house tomorrow..
Sanky- its ok mom, that is your wish, we will go tomorrow …….
Ap- do you want to see her pic,
Sanky- nope mom, tomorrow only I will see her
Other side, swara reaches to her house through window and enters in hr room..
She sigs in relief, oh at last I reached without anyone notice.
But she hears a sound of person who is telling, but you are caught in my notice…..
Episode ends on shocked face of swara………….

PRECAP- sanky comes to see swara for marriage alliance …………………

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  10. The episode is nice…Swara and Kavya did right thing to Sanskar…He deserves this slap…But some where Swara was also wrong and she understood it…Stay blessed…

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