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Thanks for your amazing comment in last episode and I replied to each commentor in prologue, intro and episode 1 of this story so please check it….
Episode starts with joy reading the requirements of sanky for his ideal wife…….
Joy- bro this many requirements.
Sanky smiles for while, YES bro, i got good job in google company with high package so girl also must be good for me.
Joy- oho that’s nice bro.
Sanky takes paper and read it again……….
1st ) girl must be virgin.
2nd ) girl must belong to nice and reputed family.
3rd ) she must be educated but not more than me.
4th ) she must know whole household work and respect elders.
5th ) she can wear any type of clothes but no small clothes wearing girl.
6th ) she should be like my mother that is also important because my mom is best.
7th ) she shouldn’t had any relation with anyone .
8th )…………….
Joy takes paper, enough bhai, I read already so no need to speak again.
Sanky- hahaha ok ok !!!
Joy- bro where you will find your susanskari girl,
Sanky- don’t know but there will be one.
Joy- bro by seeing your requirement, I guarantee you wil not get girl till your 40 years of age……………
Sanky- are yar now stop …………. Now I am going to home to talk about my marriage.
Joy- ok bye bro…….
Sanky reaches to home.
He goes to her mother room, shouts mom mom,
Ap- while moving her gaze on smiling sanky, arey sanky what happened why you are happy.
Sanky- mom I decided to marry and you can find any good girl for me,
Ap- wow that’s very good my son, now I will start my searching.
Sanky- yes mom, you can do………
Ap- beta there is party on Sunday in which your company head called you so on Sunday you please go there…….
Sanky- ok sure……..

Swara completes her office work and walks on road to go towards her house.
Someone tapes her from back,
Swara sees backside ad shouts arey,kavya you here……..
Kavya- yes my best friend, cant I come here to meet you.
Swara- yes you can but yar what special.
Kavya- arey idiot girl, Sunday we are going in party so at least today we can go to temple and pray……
Swara- hahah, nice idea.
Kavya- ha idiot, now a days you don’t get any ideas, became fully idiot in work work work……
Swara- you know very well kavya, my condition……
Kavya- ok, ok now again don’t start your story, lets go and pray…….
Both prays in temple……
After praying……
Swara- so what you prayed kavya…….
Kavya- nothing much, just boy must be like my father, smart and rich……
Swara- yes as always you want a boy like your father……
Kavya- hahah, all girls only want boy like their father, don’t you pray like this…….
Kavya words disturbs swara mind..
Kavya understood what she told in flow, she immediately corrects, aah sorry swara, I didn’t want to hurt you,
Swara- its ok kavya, I know you, you did it by mistake, but reality is that only, I only pray my hubby must not be like my father.
Kavya- just chill now…….so I am going get ready at night 9pm with nice and hot dress.
Swara- ok ok yar.
Kavya- so meet you on Sunday at 9pm in our old place..
Swara- yes bye, take care……..
Kavya is waiting in there own place for swara,
Kavya- this useless girl always gets late..
Now she hears a voice from back, not always….
Kavya turns back and see swara coming.
Kavya was shocked to see her attire,
Kavya shockingly, oh god swara, you are looking too s*xy, today sure someone will flat on you..
Swara gives cute smile says arey yar, my boss also told me to present in party ..
Kavya – that is too nice, now we got official entry.
Swara- yes but you also had pass..
Kavya- no I didn’t had pass, I was just thinking to do some tricks to enter in party..
Swara- oh god you are purely mad kavya..
Kavya- so today you got to know..
Swara huh…………
Kavya- ok mam not lets go to party, all will be waiting for us, hahahah
Both smiles and leaves for party…..

Other side, sanky wears nice court paint for party.
Ap comes from back, wow my son is looking so cool in this dress.
Sanky- thanks mom.
Ap – beta search nice girl there if you find, many reputed people will come there..
Sanky- ok mom, now I should leave, I got already late..
Ap – yes beta, ok bye take care…………
Sanky reaches to party with his friend joy.
He meets with many new people and many big businessmen, many respects them because he studied hard and got nice placement.
He was feeling proud of himself..
Now kavya and swara also reached there

Precap- you know very well


So I know today episode didn’t had anything much but from tomorrow get ready, swasan meeting will be there
So what type of meeting you guys want …
What is your point towards today episode

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