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Episode starts with swara reaches to outside party .
Swara while seeing all party arrangement, she amazed to see its beauty , excitedly she shouts, wow kavya its too cool party decoration, let’s go inside……
Swara and kavya both enters in party and sees full decoration..
It was too classy and nice party, both gets busy in talking with party guests.
While sanky who was already present in party meets his boss.
Boss- hey sanky, its very nice to meet you here..
Sanky- o k thanks sir its your pleasure you called me here..
Boss- its not mine, this was of my daughter..
Sanky- your daughter ??
boss- wait, she is standing there .
Sanky moves his eyes here and there, finds a very beautiful girl standing in front of him, he could only whisper, BEAUTIFUL..
Boss sees sanky with smiling face, haha so you liked my daughter,
Sanky- yes sure she is pretty..
Boss- you please go and meet her,
Sanky- of course sir..
Sanky goes near that girl,
Sanky was feeling nervousness as his foot steps were decreasing from her.
as her reaches too close, sanky again got nervous to call her but he manages to move his hand, just touches her shoulder..
girl immediately turns angrily and ask what the hell you touched me??
Sanky- voh, my boss told.
Girl thinks something, oh may be sir wanted me to him only, ok ok sorry for it..
Sanky- was seeing her beauty with open eyes speaks, its ok .
Girl just smiles.
Sanky – can I know your name.
Girl- my name is swara……….

Oh, god he looks too much hot and dashing, his dressing style is showing he must be rich only, the way he speaks nicely with me, the respect he is giving is really too good, I shouldn’t loos this opportunity, at least I must talk to him as friend and if everything will be fine and we both started liking than…………..
Uhhhhh, swara you again went in your useless thoughts, if rich boy talks to you and your useless thinking always starts to give its suggestion , now stop it and focus on him………
SANKY- excuse me, are you here…….
Swara comes out of her thought process, yes I am here only sorry I was thinking something.
Again there was silence between swasan, sanky takes one drink from waiter, he just pass to swara by giving a positive smile,
Swara don’t refuse and drinks the drink..
Sanky- so what are you doing now a days.
Swara- just simply working in company and usually busy there.
Sanky thinks wow that’s nice, she is hard working girl even if too much rich.
Sanky passes smile.
Swara- what about you.
Sanky- you know very well what I am doing ..
Swara thinks may be he is rich and famous person so he must be telling like this, because many people know about rich, so its better swara to pass smile and agree.
Swara- oh yes.
Now again there was nothing to communicate between them, swasan were just passing smile to each other, while sanky mind goes in other world……

Really god, she is dam s*xy yar, feeling to make girlfriend but her clothing is really too much modern, don’t know whether she will be good girl who can understand family and specially she must be virgin…….
Shit …………….. yar, I am again started, I shouldn’t forget that she is my boss daughter but one thing is clear, if she becomes my girlfriend than I guarantee, my reputation will become double in front of society….

His thought process was disturbed by taping of someone from back,
Soft voice from girl comes, hey sanky I am PRIYA, daughter of your boss.
Sanky shocked what ?
priya- what happened??
Sanky turns back, sees swara behind him and smiling, other side priya is standing ..
Sanky- oh god, I thought that this girl is priya, he speaks by pointing out swara..
Priya sees swara and speaks, oh she is our office worker only and she is working in that office only where you got manager job .
Swasan got shocked by knowing truth, dreams which both made shattered within minute only..
Sanky turns towards swara, I am really sorry, I misunderstood you.
Swara gives him plastered smile, its ok, It happens many times.
Sanky gives her satisfactory smile, turns towards priya, oh now lets go mam.
Priya – haha, no mam, only priya, we are just friend.
Sanky- haha, done priya , I am glad you care of employee..
Priya- haha, no its not like that, you all should see parties.
Sanky sees her attire, ask really you are too much rich but your attire is very simple, not much modern
Priya- no I hate small clothes, I wear jeans shirt or normal comfortable suits anarkali and all..
Sanky- really you have very nice thinking unlike now a days girl who unnecessary wears too much small clothes to lure others..
Priya- haah may be don’t know.

While there whole conversation was heard by swara, she feels so much insulted, she thinks, why everyone talk to any person if they have good status,
I felt too much happy when he was talking to me but now I got his real identity, these all people only speaks with anyone if they have some motives,
Its ok swara , now stop thinking all these people, I just came here as employee, I have to do my work,
But one more thing popes in her mind, sanky’s word that many girls wear too short dresses to lure people.
She concludes, is he talking about me, because I wore too short dress..
Again her other mind says , don’t think much swara about all these things, just enjoy party and find a good boy.
Swara turns her face and move towards kavya side.
Kavya – wow swara, that person was really hot.
Swara tells everything to kavya.
Kavya- its ok yar, we know these people only try to find and lure rich girls only, who sees like us girl in parties..
Swara- yes yar, ok lets enjoy it.
Kavya- what enjoy yar, very few comes towards us to meet.
Swara- why they will come we don’t have good status .
Kavya- aha, but many comes to you.
Swara- I know but only because of beauty
Kavya- yes, so this is important thing you have inside you…
Swara- its ok leave it….
Just than priya comes towards swara, hey swara he will be new engineer of our company,
Swara sees sanky, passes smile..
Priya- but swara when, he was confused between you at least you must have told him..
Sanky- its ok priya..
Priya= I know, I was just telling her, I forgot to tell you, father has some work so he is calling you.
Swara- ok I am going.
As swara and kavya started going sanky say something to priya about swara which resist her to listen there conversation by hiding any place..

Sanky- you don’t know this type of girl, did you saw how much modern suit they wore, when I was talking to her, she didn’t told anything about her properly, these girls are just busy in luring people, I have seen like this girls in my school life and this is one of them……………
This everything is heard by swara……………..

PRECAP- you decide


Guys suggest what swara will do ??

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  1. Nice

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    Awsm ..

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  4. Mahavir

    broooo…i hate sanky…how can he say swara like that…and about this epi it was awesome and i want sanky to regret…tc bro…

  5. Amazing unique story

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    Nice dear….

  7. Vyshu10

    nice…both r materialistic

  8. Nuramy1997

    She should slap him…

  9. SRSL

    Awsm bro..

  10. Nice one n I think swara should clarify as sanskar is taking her wrong…

  11. First of all Merry Christmas to you too again☺☺…Now coming to the episode…Well I think Swara should clarify herself in front of Sanky as he is taking her wrongly…And should make him realise his mistake about her character and should clear the misunderstanding… And after clearing the misunderstandings Sanky should regret for his useless thoughts…This is my opinion…And the episode nice and good…But Sanky is thinking too much about Swara’s character…He don’t knows her then how can he think like this about any stranger?? Hate his character…Don’t feel bad I am just telling my views…Keeo smiling and stay happy…

    1. The episode is*…Keep*

  12. First of all blated Merry Christmas 2 u too again..

    Ummm how could Sanskar tell lyk dis 2 Swara..Shame on him..Really vry bad he is..I m jst laughing after remembering there thinking after the first meeting of them..N I think Swara shud show Sanskar tht she is not lyk tht..Yahi muh tod jawab hoga Sanskar ke liye..He is useless guy seriously..Dont get angry I m jst telling it to Sanskar’s character only in this ff..Nothing else…Ok u stay happy n keep smilimg always..

  13. Srusti

    I think swara should slap sanskar because he was doing to much by seeing clothes how should he justify a girls character really I hate this sanskar a lot really these people r existing in the society I had a request to u plz change my sanskar character soon I don’t want to see him like this sorry if u hurt u but these r my views and according to ur story it was superb as usual of ur previous ff and post next part as soon as possible dear

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Aila??yeh toh syappa hogaya??…How could he say like this..Kisi ke dressing style se uski character nehi patah chalti hain..His thoughts are disgusting.. Swara should slap him and give him a good answer…Loved the chappy.. Keep going bro.. Waiting for nxt..Sorry for not commenting in previous chappy bcz I was busy..


  15. Hi.nice chapter please swara want to slap sanskar, how would he think like that for swara because his mind only ganthi that’s why he is speaking like that. I know u ,u will make it his view correct for girls for use of priya character. I think priya is not nice character girl this only he got good lesson for him and this type of mentality person. But now i want swara slap to sanskar please for me.

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    Mai koi suggestions nahi dougi.!! Kuyki mai suggestions mai bahout weak hun. ???? swara waaah kya baat hai manna pareeh ga bhai. ???? nd Sanskar aree mere bhai sudhar jaao varna swara tumhe nahi choregi..!! ????? next ep update karo mai pandit ki taraha hun.!! Sitting like priest and waiting for your update ..

  17. awesome .swara should react boldly. and merry Christmas

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    It’s superb….U r writing d reality in both cases….n it’s true too… waiting for next…

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