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Episode starts with sanky hugging a girl,
Girl- oh sanky, you didn’t came from many days yar,
Sanky- yes neha, now a days busy in shoping .
NEHA- shopping ??
Sanky- yes , you know very well, I got high package.
Neha- yes that’s nice, so when you are thinking to marry.
Sanky- now I will find good girl yar.
Neha- why other girls, I am not ok !!
Sanky- you??
I cant marry non-virgin girl.
Neha – what ??
Just than sanky friends came,
Joy- hey guys why you are fighting, I called you for party and you both started.
Neha- see, what he is telling, he cant marry me because I am non-virgin than why you made me girlfriend, why you slept with me in nights.
Sanky- see girlfriend and wife is different term, both have different criteria to analyse.and about sleeping with you, you only interested in allthese things so why I will stop .
Joy- its ok neha, why you are taking seriously.
Sanky- yes yar, I just made you girlfriend, so please stop your non-sense neha, I know why you are marrying me..
Neha- what??
sanky- leave it, now I am finally asking you, if you want to live than live like friend with me .
Neha – nope, I want to live like your girlfriend.
Sanky- never, I came here to tell you this only, I really made many girlfriends but from now I want to sattle in my life, I took all funs of college life but its time to go for serious relationship guys.
Neha- huh……….
Your useless talks.
Sanky angrily shputs, joy tell her to leave, don’t eat my brain.
Neha angrily replies I also don’t have time to waste here, ok bye.

Sanky sees her leaving from house, “oh thanks gos she went”
Joy- arey yar sanky, why you are thinking to become sattle, how today this idea came yar.
Sanky- I was thinking from before but today mom also told me,
Joy- so you will do marriage.
Sanky- yes bro, till when we will just live like this, with no relation, no seriousness, only time pass and nothing else,
Joy- impressed by his words, yes yar.
Sanky- yes its time for us to stand for family, now I will find nice girl for me which must be good cultured.
Joy- cultured ???, hahahahahahaha…………

Sanky hits his head, speaks sternly yes cultured.
Joy- you always loves small clothes girl yar, you always loves to be in relationship and now thinking for cultured girl.
Sanky- yes because for girlfriend and for fun they are nice but for wife, we need good girl, I don’t want that in future anyone says that see it is my ex. Girlfriends, see this girl wore bikini,, really this is like disrespect for me.
Joy- yes bro correct, wife is like our respect, if she has any fault others will get chance to speak.
Sanky- that’s it, yar these too much fashionable girl is only good for making girlfriend, spending time and for wife we need a good cultured virgine girl.
Joy- so now what you will do bro.
Sanky- please bring pen and paper.
Joy-for what??
sanky- bring yar.
Joy gives him pen, while giving her ask now tell me.
Sanky takes pen paper and replies, I am writing the thing which I required for an ideal wife.
Sanky writes all requirements which a girl should have according to him.

After 2 hours.
Joy- bro what are you writing yar, ‘
Sanky – seats in relief, takes deep breath and tell now I wrote all requirements which a girl should have to become my wife and most important is virgin girl.
He laughs for while and continues with determinative tone “So sanskar mahershwari get ready to fine a VIRGIN GIRLFRIEND who will become my wife”
Joy- and what about other requirements.
Sanky gives him paper and signals joy to read .
Joy got shocked to read his requirements………

Other side, swara is sitting in bus and thinking about her life.
Just than her friend calls her,
Kavya- hey swara are you coming today in party,
Swara- you know very well yar, now I am only bread feeder of my house so I cant come now.
Kavya- yes I know yar but weekly we can go in paties for enjoyment and fun.
Swara- you know very well how much I used to be fond of all these things but now everything is chnged.
Kavya- yes yar, but don’t take tention this Sunday we will go to in disco party.
Swara- what is special in it.
Kavya- nothing yar, it is huge party going to organise in our delhi where all rich people will come and also middle class, so if by chance we get good looking and rich boy here…..
Swara thinks for while, curve appears on her face, yes yar if we get good boy than this useless time will over, really you are very good girl.
Kavya- smilingly, yes that I am………..
Swara- so on Sunday, I will come at our old spot in night time.
Kavya- don’t forget to wear fancy dress.
Swara- hahaha don’t take tention, I will wear modern suit , after a long time I am going for party and that also special one.
Kavya- so bye
Swara- bye take care.
Swara cuts the call and smiles for while, prays, bhgwan please now atleast bring a good looking and rich boy for me…………………………….

precap- sanky requirement revieled, swara family intro
So guys think guess what are requirements of sanky for wife ??
Did you likes swasan character now, what is your openion about there character ??
are both representating a real life type person ??

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  1. awesome loved it

    1. Pathan

      Thanks !!

  2. Hi,it nice chapter ha these two character are based on real life character, all girls are only prefer for well settled man to marriage, and the boys are prefer the culture girl. But I want to ask one question all modern girls are not a bad,and all culture girl is not a good how to his recognize girl with her cloths. But one think sanky want virigin girl for marriage OK its fine,but he is virigin not Na he sleep with other girl,nobody girls will not prefer these kind of man,basically sanky is rejected man for all self respect girls. He told this about his wife no Na basically he is cheating the girlfriend and would be wife. How will he identify the girl are virigin are not ,based upon clothes hahaha useless sanky carry on dear.

    1. Pathan

      You are 200% correct but i really want to show this thing.

      Now a days in big cities many boys becomes non virgin in college life but at the end they want a virgin girl only.

      So i want to show this and really thanks for your valuable comment and view.

      Keep giving like this comment
      Stay blessed

  3. Mahavir

    bro first of all a big sorry for not commenting prologue…u know na my xams are going on so thats y i cant read…but today is holiday so i read both of them and 2mrw is my last xam after that i ll be free…and this epi i was clear about our swasan character…but waiting to know the requirements of sanskar and eagerly waiting for swasan first meet….thank u…tc

    1. Pathan

      No need for asking sorry.
      You read my story that is enough for me.

      Keep smiling always

  4. Soujanya


  5. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm …loved it …waiting fr nxt part ..

    1. Pathan

      Thanks !!

  6. Amazing…

  7. See first think is that sanskar is not virgin Bt he wants virgin girl like this is not done… N all the modern girls who wear modern dress are really not bad like some are there by not everyone so how can sanskar pretend that she is good or bad… Sorry for this bt its my opinion… Bt u continue… ???????

    1. Pathan


  8. SRSL

    Ohh god yourself is not a virgin before thinking about your wife think about yourself…you are gonna cheat you gf….if you can’t follow your own rules don’t except others to do so…and swara is behind rich boys???nice episode bro..

    1. Pathan


  9. Interesting

    1. Pathan

      THANKS !!

    1. Pathan

      THANKS !!

  10. Srusti

    Very nice and plz give the links of this ff

  11. Niku

    It’s nyc…..but I hate sanky thoughts really he want a virgin gf n a wife weather he lost his virginity or not… that’s great…..sanky can’t afford if someone says his wife to be his ex but his wife can afford it…..pathan I m not angry on I m just angry on those who have d same thoughts just like sanskar …..I just hate ryt now

    1. Pathan

      yes you are correct…….
      i only wanted to show this thing to you guys

  12. Namra

    nice chappy ippu… n thanks for clearing our confusion… now I understood sanky’s character very well… but his thoughts are really not good, I mean he himself is not a virgin even though he want a virgin girl to marry… But you should continue this story because you are showing the truth of today’s life… Hats off to you for that… I mean seriously many boys thinks like this only that they should get well cultured girl (who doesn’t have any past relationships with other guy) even though they have numerous gfs… Anyways post the next part soon… eagerly waiting for swasan’s first meet…

    1. Pathan

      yes you are correct……
      thanks for commenting

  13. Oh Sanskar himself is not a virgin boy and he wants to marry a virgin girl…Such rubbish thing is this…Don’t think that I am talking about your ff or your thoughts I am just telling my views about Sanky’s character…And he is thinking that if his wife will not be a virgin girl then everybody will badmouth about her and he will not be able to afford it and it will be a disrespect thing for him??? And what about him?? If any girl will tell that he was my boyfriend then what will happen?? This will increase his wife’s respect and she will be able to afford it?? Such a rubbish boy he is!!! And Irfan you don’t think that I am angry on you for your ff I am just telling this…I just hate those people who have this types of thoughts…You stay blessed and keep smiling always…

    1. Disrespectful*

    2. Sorry for typing mistake…That line will be IT WILL BE DISRESPECT FOR HIM?? Sorry for that disrespectful wala comment…By mistake I posted it…

    3. Pathan

      Yes you are 200% correct

      Glad to see your analytic comment on my ff

      Thanks for amazing comment
      Keep smiling always

  14. Pooja26

    hiiii !!!!!
    howz u ???????
    swasan ‘s character are bit diffferent frm other ffs…
    i like it !!!
    post nxt asap….
    looling forward to read s ff 😉

    1. Pathan

      I am fully fine
      Thanks for commenting

  15. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    V.nice chappy bro…About their character, I don’t like sankys character… Vo khud hi virgin nehi hain,then how can he expect a virgin wife,urghhhh…Swara want a rich guy.. Well,some girls want a rich and handsome guy so they can enjoy their luxuries life..Same goes with swara..Anyway, keep going.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  16. Nice……….

  17. Jst lvly..But Sanskar’s character is not tht much gud…What he wants is not suits for him…Dont get angry with me..I m jst saying..N about Swara then I think she is far better than Sanskar..Anyways u stay happy n keep smiling always..

    1. Pathan

      Yes you are correct

  18. Amazing…..
    Thanx a lot for writting this kind of ff…..
    It’s reality of todays World…

  19. Malika

    Omg means sanskar is. ??????????? ….but when swara will come he will be. ?????…what!! Requirements!!! Which!! A!! Girl!! Should!! Have!! According !! To!! Sanskar!! ?????????Absolutely correct jj agree…. And chotu… Kyaa haii yearrr… Sanskar.. Is like this..!! ..?????? …..!! Update soon chotuu i can’t say anything as im shock plus excited to write next one….. Awesome update mera chotuu busy coooll…. Yo yo I’m waiting….???? jaldii karooo varnaaaa bahout marrr chaygaa.. ?????????????? I’m joking.. Update soon.. Okk stay bless, keep entertaining us and keep smiling… ?????

    1. Pathan

      Ok sure
      I updated next part sister.

      Dont beat me
      I already have pillows with me
      Thanks for commenting

  20. Vyshu10


  21. Deeksha

    Good….. But I didn’t liked Sanskaar character….!!!!!!! He himself is not virgin and wanted a virgin gf….???????? Hate him….!!!!!!

    1. Pathan

      Yes you are correct
      Thanks for supporting

  22. Mica

    huh! even i want a virgin boy *throw Sanskar to dustbin…
    well… portrait both gender wish in real life…
    mostly, boys want a pure girl to be his wife no matter how impure they are…
    and girls want great future from her husband..

    1. Pathan

      YES YOU ARE 200% CORRECT….

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