Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 9)


Thank you guys for liking my ff…I will definitely unite Vidha but not too soon, it wont be very easy for dhaani to accept viplav….their relation will change from fight to friendship and then to love only afterwards when dhaani sees viplav standing for her, dhaani will confess only afte viplav changes her thinking and everything….
And meena ill add shikayat ki pudiya 
I hope ull like my ff
Recap –dhaani and viplav meet again and fight, dhaani is insulted , viplav supports dhaani,viplav feels bad for dhaani
Todays episode
Raj-shyam called me, he said that he dint like the way you behaved in the marriage, said that he would end the friendship with you
Viplav-ok so let him end,I don’t care.. if supporting the right thing means breaking of a relation, then done yaar, anyways I was thinking about her, any time I meet her ill tell her that we support her
Pankaj- no bhai, she will be so sad at how they insulted her, she must be crying…talking about this to her may sadden her more
Viplav – u r right, I will not even utter a word if I meet her, she should not feel bad because of me
Pankaj-`dekha raj, aajkal viplav is more worried about her….bhai do u like her or anything…u don’t even know if destiny will make you meet her again or no and still you think about meeting her
Viplav-u go before i hit u
Pankaj-mazaak tha bhai,
Viplav- pata hai
Raj and pankaj goes
Viplav-its true that I don’t know if destiny will make me meet her, but whenever we meet I feel destiny wants us to keep meeting, I feel as if I have a very unique relation with her
Vidwa ashram
Badi amma – what happened dulaari, u look sad
Dulaari- jeeji because of me dhaani went there, I just wanted her to learn,how a widows life is… she has lived happiness throughout her life, now it her sad life turn, that’s why I wanted her to go but she was insulted, …..i shiver thinking jeeji if that person wouldn’t have stopped the pandit from slapping dhaani then…
Badi amma—dulaari what is done is done… we cant change it… don’t over think
Dulaari-I know my dhaanis tears have dried up but the sadness , aloneness is still within her, which will never leave her…. Today just because of me she was insulted…..i wish jeeji someone would have insulted me even at that time when I danced in dhaani marriage, I would be more happy ,atleast dhaani would have remained a suhaagan but today because of me my dhaani…
Badi amma-stop it dulaari, u cant change fate..nothing happened because of u…u r the best mother…if dhaani hears this she will be more sad
Badi amma hugs dulaari,dhaani hears this and gets teary eyed

Next day…
Viplav house
Viplav- raj ill come and meet you in sometime….ill go and buy the chain for mom, then I have to meet my client also then ill meet u….ok…bye
Viplav goes
Kanak- viplav is planning to buy a chain for me… I am so excited
Dhaani comes down and remembers soham saying that if he dies he wants dhaani to wear white dress and live a widow life
Rajalakshmi and suvarna enter the ashram eating noodles(badi amma allows the young people i.e rajlakshmi, suvarna and now dhaani to eat these delicious food once a week)
Rajlakshmi-dhaani take this, it is very tasty
Dhaani- no rajlakshmi, I wont eat, I am a widow… I should not eat all this… widows life is colourless and theres no place for any delicious food
Rajlakshmi-badi amma only said……
Dhaani-ya she did but I don’t want… after yesterday, these widow rules have become more clear to me and I will follow it at whatever cost
Suvarna- dhaani….
Dhaani goes up and at that dulaari comes down
Dulaari- what happened beta?
Dhaani- nothing maai
Dulaari- where is your babas chain
Dhaani- its up maai
Dulaari- wear it , it is your babas ashirwaad
Dhaani – yes maai
Dhaani goes up and thinks what to do to get the chain again, she thinks to ask badi amma money
Dhaani- badi amma
Badi amma- yes dhaani
Dhaani- I wanted you to give me 1000 rupees, ill give you back also, actually I needed because…..
Badi amma- no dhaani, don’t give reason. I have trust in you, take this
Dhaani – thank you badi amma. I love you
Dhaani hugs badi amma
Gita jewelers
Viplav is in the shop selecting jewellery for his mom. He doesn’t understand what to buy….he sees dhaani chain and likes it
Viplav- are bhaiya woh deejiye, this is so nice and simple, bhaiya pack this
Dhaani runs into the shop….
Dhaani- bhaiya 2 days back I sold a chain over here, that simple one, pls give me back, I have 1000 rupees, ill give the remaining soon
Shopkeeper- that man bought it, if you talk to himl, maybe he will give you
Dhaani turns and sees the man leaving, she runs towards him. She hits him and both fall down with she on top of him.. he is viplav
Both viplav and dhaani have an eyelock….
Dhaani gets up and sees her chain with viplav
Dhaani- u bought this chain
Viplav- yes, why… I liked it , its so simple, its for my……
Dhaani- why do u always do something in which I get angry
Viplav-u dint get hurt now na…….what did I do
Dhaani- whenever you come problems comes in my life….u r a rakshas
Viplav- don’t call me rakshas
Dhaani- u r a rakshas
Viplav- then run away from here, ill eat you otherwise
Dhaani – u ate my brain na.. isn’t that enough
Viplav- oh is that the reason why u r brainless?
Dhaani- u na are….
Viplav- ya your brain was very bitter, just add a little sweet and spice to make it tasty’…then ill enjoy eating your brain
Dhaani- u r dharti ka bhoj
Viplav-oh earth is my good best friend… he said he has no problem if I am a bhoj. But definitely has a problem with u n ur shikayat…. Shikayat ki pudiya
Dhaani-u!!!! u r a rakshas, u r a pig
Viplav- you are a zebra
Dhaani- u r a monkey
Viplav- o thanks for calling me the king……
Dhaani- u r king of the jungle, so u r a jungle jaanwar…u r a rhinocerous
Viplav- u r a hippopotamous
One small boy comes
Small boy- papa see these people don’t know animals, they are telling all animals name now, and they are calling each other animal….send them to school
The small boy goes with the man
Dhaani and viplav start laughing, dhaani sees the chain and again gets angry
Dhaani- u don’t get tired na showing your wealth, that day u gave necklace , today u will give me money like I am a beggar
Viplav- see you mistook me
Dhaani-how much I understood you, that’s more than enough…cant bear you more…..rakshas
Viplav- if I am a rakshas, u r shikayat ki pudiya
Dhaani-ughh cant stand you more…
Dhaani goes from there
Viplav- thank god, shes fine…atleast she smiled in our fight…why does she be angry with me…..but why was she getting angry seeing this chain.
Viplav goes inside and inquires about that chain
Shopkeeper-dint you give the chain, but that’s right, u bought the chain … how can you give it
Viplav- what are you saying.. she wanted the chain?
Shopkeeper- yes .. she sold this chain 2 days back for some money to buy medicines, now she came with 1000 rupees to buy it again, said its very important to her….but sir all this is bahanabaazi..nowdays widows are characterless… husband dies still they want to deck up and attract more people towards them….. her husband dies , instead of crying and remembering him, she wants chain

Viplav- mind what are you saying man… how dare you talk wrong about a woman… don’t you have shame… do u know her that u r talking wrong about her.. may be this chain really has some sentimental values attached…..and even if it doesn’t she has full right to wear it… god decides fate. If in her husbands fate death was early that nobody cannot do anything… widows have full right to live their life…change your mindset sir….if a man loses his wife, he will remarry the next day, he wont do the same rituals as the woman do…why different rules for man and woman
Shopkeeper- sir i……
Viplav- don’t you feel ashamed of calling her characterless… are you still being able to open ur mouth in front of me….next time think 1000 times before calling her or any woman characterless… and your work is to assist people who have come to your shop…not comment badly about that customer to someone else… first do your work sincerely…. If I see u commenting like this , I will file a case aginst you
Shopkeeper- sir I am sorry..pls
Viplav- so be it
Viplav turns to go but sees shyam with his wife
Viplav-hii shyam
Shyam- that one widow girl is making you lose your name which you earned
Viplav- shyam
Shyam- yesterday you made a scene in my wedding for that widow. Today in the jewelers…. Looks like ull fight for her everywhere….what is that widow for you?
Viplav- yes I will fight the whole world for her… I will take a stand for her and prevent anyone from hurting dhaani.. that’s my promise to u… by the way… congratulations for you married life and maam to u too, came to buy jewellery ?
Shyam-if you were my friend , I would have told u yaar, but after yesterday.. I forgot u r my friend
Viplav-I still treat u as my frnd unless u r clean hearted
Shyaam wife– sorry viplavji, but u don’t know her and the fact is that shes a widow… just see she came and urs and my husbands friendship broke
Viplav- very sad to see you talking like this, being a lady u should have been the first to tell shyam that he is wrong… but what can one do … ur mother treated dhaani very badly yesterday, then why wont u… anyways this is ur day after marriage… ull enjoy…bye
Viplav goes
Shyams wife- is this the friend you used to talk highly of?
Shyam- don’t know what happened to him but one things for sure… one day he will fight with everyone even his family for that widow

Viplavs house
Viplav comes inside the house
Kanak- viplav beta, u were going to buy something for me na… did u buy?..comeon give your mom
Viplav- no mom, I couldn’t buy anything today but I promise you, soon ill buy u some thing
Viplav hugs kanak and goes… kanak is angry
Viplav comes in the room and keeps the chain safely
Viplav- no mom, I cant give u this, this chain is of shikayat ki pudiya , if that day I was careful, then she wouldn’t have need to sell her chain,I will give it to her,but I know if I give like that she wont take because she has self respect, but don’t know y my heart says that she will take it soon from me with a smiling face….till then wait viplav
Viplav smiles
Dhaani comes in…- he called me , shikayat ki pudiya.. how dare he.. rakshas kahika
All the ladies of the ashram look at dhaani including dulaari and badi amma

Dhaani and viplav are stuck in the forest and have a cute nok jhok
Dulaari slaps dhaani after seeing her with viplav
Dhaani sees a lady being beaten and goes to help her

Credit to: Goldie

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  8. Thank u so much guys for liking my ff…. I will try the best to make it interesting for ull

  9. goldie full of comedy liked it

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