Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 8)


Recap – dhaani and viplav first meeting
Dhaani and dulaari come to banaras and meet badi amma, they stay in tarini vidwa ashram

Today episode

Next morning
Badi amma – dhaani beta, ek madat chahiye
Dhaani – tell Badi amma
Badi amma – u know na beta, we make flowers, diya and all, so beta in the next road, there’s a marriage going on.. They ordered us garlands and these decoration items, ull go n give beta… Take suvarna with you
Dhaani – yes Badi amma I’ll go now, come suvarna
Dulaari – dhaani but be careful that ur outside the house and you don’t go inside, we are vidwas apshagun for Others, we should not create problems in others life
Badi amma – dhaani knows her good and bad, don’t keep reminding her that she’s a vidwa, dhaani go beta
Dhaani -maai don’t worry, I’ll take care.. Come suvarna, bye badi amma, maai
Dhaani goes with suvarna
Dulaari – jeeji I am very happy dhaani has got another mother like you, thank you jeeji for listening to me and sending dhaani, it’s just 3 months since she’s a widow, now she must get used to seeing others happiness and not participating in their happiness
Badi amma – Dulaari I dint like the reason why you sent dhaani, u forced me that’s y I sent her, I can’t see her hurt, I don’t believe that because of dhaani someone’s happiness can go
Dulaari – she needs used to the hurt jeeji, it’s just like yesterday I was dancing in dhaanis marriage and today she’s a widow, it’s all because I was a apshagun…if as a widow I would have been far from her marriage, she would have been happy
Dulaari starts crying
Badi Amma-Dulaari! U r the best mother any girl could have, u r only blessing for her
And hugs her
Viplav house

Raj – Viplav, not coming?, it’s getting late, shyam called me to come soon
Viplav – ya. Coming, what time is the marriage
Raj – it starts in another Half an hour
Viplav – u go down, I’ll tell maa and come
After sometime viplav comes down and sits with raj and pankaj in car
( guys viplav is not so poor, he is a middle class striving for a little earning but they could afford a small car after viplav would save his earnings and he bought for kanaks happiness)
Viplav raj and pankaj reach the marriage, Viplav gets a clients call so he tells raj and pankaj to go inside, he will talk and come..
Dhaani also reaches with suvarna In the marriage
Dhaani – suvarna, who do we give the flower too?
Suvarna – can’t understand Dhaani, wait I’ll ask that bhaiya to call the malikin out.. Give me the basket
Suvarna goes, dhaani walks a bit inside and remembers her moments of marriage, she gets tears in her eyes, she turns back to go but hits a man holding flower petals and was about to fall when viplav catches her…. All the petals fall on them and both have a eyelock
Dhaani – tum
Viplav – tum yahaan
They both stand up
Viplav – what are you doing here, anyways I wanted to meet u to ask…
Dhaani,- whenever u come, some or the other problems come along, now what u want, to break something else of mine?

Viplav – stop it…
Dhaani – break something else and then give me money just to show how rich u r
Viplav – listen…
Dhaani – but listen, I don’t want that necklace of urs, I had kept it safely to give you but had no idea that u will come here, I’ll give u soon,..I am not a beggar…
Viplav Closes her mouth with his hand and they have a small eyelock… He removes his hand
Viplav – listen, without understanding u shouldn’t speak……kitni nachadi hai tu
Dhaani – u called me nachadi
Viplav – ur not deaf na… First ur not allowing me to speak
Dhaani – u na…
Suvarna – dhaani..
Dhaani – thank god you came Suvarna, let’s go from here… She looks at viplav and says rakshas
Saying she dragged Suvarna from there
Raj – Viplav kya hua
Viplav – arre woh nachadi vidwa, I met her again, she called me rakshas again yaar..
Raj – hahaha, okay now come, shyam is waiting,..
( guys dhaani does not like viplav because she feels he shows off her wealth and she had a bad experience before leaving kanpur which I will disclose later, another reason is that she feels that because of viplav, she stole her dad’s chain)
Suvarna – dhaani, what happened, why you came out, we have to give the basket to that servant Who is waiting there

Dhaani – sorry suvarna, come
But some, dirt went inside Dhaani eye and she was unable to move
Dhaani – suvarna u go inside, I’ll come
Suvarna – ok Dhaani
Viplav raj and pankaj enter the marriage hall and proceed to the bridegrooms room, they meet shyam in the room and start chatting with him…
Dhaani starts searching for suvarna but because her eyes are watering, her concentration is lost and she enters the hall
Suvarna comes out and sees that dhaani isn’t there, she assumes that dhaani went and goes to the ashram
Pandit Phoolchand – arae I need the flowers, ok madam, I’ll just come
Phoolchand walks and there dhaani who is searching for Suvarna realises she is inside the hall, she turns to go out but hits Phoolchand…
Phoolchand – arae papi, what is this madam, a vidwa in ur marriage hall
Brides mother – hey bhagwaan, who r u

Phoolchand – do u want ur daughter to be widow too
Brides mother – how dare u, who asked u to come in
Dhaani – I had bought flowers for u,I was searching for my frnd and entered the hall
Phoolchand – all this is just bahanabaazi, u came here so that u can spread ur apshagun everywhere na, u ate ur husband, now you want everyone else to lose their husband na, papi, now because of you I have to bathe again… U made me impure
Dhaani cries…
Bride mother slaps dhaani,

Brides mother – how dare you enter my daughter marriage, don’t you know vidwa are signs of apshagun.
Phoolchand – arae, she ate her husband na, so now she wants to keep an eye on ur son in law
Dhaani – no.u r mistaking me
Bride mother – shut up, this was your plan?
Behanji ( to bride grooms family) I am sorry for all this
Bride grooms mother – no no teach her a lesson, if because of her anything happens to my son, who is responsible

Bride mother slaps Dhaani again
Phoolchand – no no this girl made me impure, her sazaa should be big, everyone take your sticks and beat her
Dhaani falls on Phoolchand feet and cries, she asks them to believe her that she came In by mistake and she doesn’t have any bad intentions
Phoolchand pulls her hair
Phoolchand – u r such a characterless lady, papin, u killed your husband, hatyarin,
And he was about to slap her,but a hand stops him… All are shocked
Yes! viplav stops Phoolchand from slapping Dhaani, he sees Dhaani crying a lot, Dhaani doesn’t see viplav because she is busy crying, she just opens and sees that someone stopped Phoolchand from slapping her

Bride mother – what are you doing beta
Viplav – is this the way to treat someone?
Dhaani goes back as she is crying, brides mother sees this and throws the garlands
One garland falls on viplav and other on dhaani, dhaani runs away outside the hall crying that she came by mistake
Viplav feels bad for her, he throws phoolchand hand
Viplav – how dare you think that you can slap a woman, don’t u.know that u cannot slap a woman, it’s a offence?
Phoolchand – she came in the wedding
Viplav – so what offence did she commit
Hadn’t she said that she came in by mistake and even if she did come In what’s her fault
Bride mother – she is a widow

Viplav – so what?
Phoolchand – she is a apshagun, she ate her husband
Viplav – what are ull talking…. Don’t any of ull have shame talking like this, so much ull insulted her, u got happiness, r ull satisfied…. U can imagine the sadness she will be in now… What do ull mean by saying that widows are apshagun…. Everyone needs to die one day, she herself must be very sad that her husband died and talking about her like this
Bride mother – this is our beliefs that widows should not attend happy functions like marriages, If my daughter gets widow then…

Viplav – then she will be apshagun too, it’s so disappointing how ull r talking,u don’t know her still u shouted at her and ull be happy in the next minute celebrating ur daughters marriage but u thought about her, she will be crying for no fault of hers, just because she came in by mistake,. And panditji better take care of your hand, dare you hit Any woman now, then it will be very bad for u,I am a lawyer, I’ll file a case on u
Shyam, raj and pankaj are also present there
Shyam – what are you doing Viplav, stop it, stop making a scene and stop supporting that vidwa girl, talk to my inlaws properly

Viplav – those people called her characterless for no fault of hers , this pandit calls himself gods devotee but will raise hand on her, and you tell me not to make a scene…
Anyways Shyam, I am a human first and then your friend, so first is my humanity relation with her, then friendship with u…
So bye
Shyam – so for her u will leave my wedding
Viplav – all the best Shyam for your married life but I can’t Stay in a place where no one respects a lady, come raj, pankaj
Viplav storms out, phoolchand feels insulted and vows revenge soon, Viplav removes the garland and keeps it
Raj and pankaj come out
Pankaj – who was that girl
Viplav – that same vidwa who I met yesterday and even today.
Pankaj – u supported her?
Viplav – our fight is separate but what happened inside was not dhaanis fault, she was insulted so badly
Raj – dhaani?
Viplav – ya that’s her name,

Tarini vidwa ashram
Badi Amma- suvarna, where is dhaani
Suvarna – she dint come here or what?
Dulaari – no beta
Just then dhaani comes in crying, she runs Inside her room
Dulaari – dhaani, jeeji what happened to dhaani
Badi Amma – come Dulaari let’s c
Badi Amma, Dulaari, suvarna, rajlakshmi, sita mai and all the other ladies of the ashram go to dhaanis room
Dhaani hugs Dulaari and cries

Then she sees Badi Amma and cries
Everyone asks dhaani what happened, dhaani tells them everything…. Dulaari is shocked… Badi Amma asks everyone to go down while she brings dhaani, dulaari removes the garland from dhaani shoulders
Badi Amma consoles dhaani and comforts her,
She then takes dhaani down
All the ashram ladies along with suvarna and rajlakshmi dance for dhaani and express their love for her,dhaani is overwhelmed seeing their love and hugs everyone she then feels happy
Rajlakshmi – who stopped that pandit from raising hand on you
Dhaani – don’t know, but whoever he was, he was a very good natured man, can’t believe where one side there is a rakshas, other side there is a good man
Badi amma sees dulaari worried and goes to talk to her
Dhaani thinks about who is that man who saved her and viplav thinks whether Dhaani would be alright
Ishq Ishq rang rang… Ishq ka rang safed plays in the background

Dulaari blames herself for Dhaani condition
Viplav decides that he will not remind Dhaani of this incident if he sees her again
After this incident, Dhaani believes widow rules more firmly
Dhaani sees viplav buying her fathers chain and gets angry on him more
Both argue again

Guys just to tell you, dhaani is educated and she helps all poor people,she stands for all those people who need help but she doesn’t know how to stand for herself.
Viplav will teach her how to stand for herself.. And these fight arguments between the two will also reduce soon ,

Please comment if you like my ff… I feel ull are not liking

Credit to: Goldie

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