Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 7)


recap – sulekha troubles dhaani and makes plans to take dhaani property
Viplav tells his dadi that he began to like the girl he spoke to

Today’s episode

Raja – maa our plan has gone in water…
Sulekha – kya hua, dulaari said that she would name all her property in my Name
Raja – maa she did change the name but not to urs, she changed it to dhaanis name
Sulekha gets shocked – what!… this can’t happen… Dulaari u double crossed me now see what I will do, I’ll play such a game that u won’t forget for life time..
In dhaanis room which is now store room
Dhaani in phone – maai, what Is this,..u named all the property on me… This is urs and babas combined effort, why did u do this
Dulaari – dhaani u r my happiness, u r my husbands last sign, I get all happiness only from you, if for you I have to give my life also I will give property is. Nothing this property we utilise for poor and now also I know you will do the same… Take care of it
Dhaani – maai no this property is urs… I’ll come now to meet you
Dulaari – no dhaani… I want to be alone… Aur tujhe mera kasam take care of this property… Don’t Talk about it
Dhaani – maai

Dulaari – bye dhaani and she keeps the phone
Dulaari – dhaani I cannot allow you to come here otherwise ull. Come to know that now I am staying in the old house… Ull feel very bad, there ur inlaws are troubling you and here I was living a luxury life… No
Dhaani beta the property and luxury all are yours, now your a vidwa, u have to live a sad life, atleast u should be treated properly by them
Dulaari cries
Sulekha comes to dhaani s room
( dhaani room is now the store room not the original one)
Sulekha – dhaani ur mom named all the property in ur name, if you don’t want me to beat you more come with me and change the property to my name
Dhaani – u can beat me how much ever u want but I.will not give my babas property to anyone
Sulekha beats dhaani a lot and go
In the evening, Sulekha and raja drinks..
Raja – what are we going to do?
Sulekha – bahut hogaya.. Now both mother daughter will see that side of me that they will be forced to give me the property
Raja – nothing will happen by torturing dhaani, she won’t give the property
Sulekha – no beta I have another plan
And she laughs

A 1 and half months. Leap
Dulaari – come dhaani… This is banaras
Dhaani – maai, where do we stay, we don’t have a single money, what will we do
We are hungry since 2 days
Dulaari – let’s go ahead and see if anyone can help us
Dhaani and Dulaari walk ahead, after sometime because of hunger and tiredness Dulaari faints
Dhaani – maai, maai get up., someone help me…
Dhaani runs for help, she begs for help but everyone shouts at her saying vidwa is apshagun
Then one lady comes who is also a widow, she puts her hand on dhaani and says – dont cry beta, I’ll see ur maai
She touched Dulaari and tells dhaani that Dulaari has a very high fever, she tells them to come to her ashram, tarini vidwa ashram… Her name is shakuntala ( I don’t remember badi amma actual name in serial so made up this name)
Badi Amma- rajlakshmi open the door… Suvarna, darwaazaa kholo fast
Rajlakshmi opens the door – was coming Badi Amma,
She sees dulaari.. they take her up and make her lie down
Dhaani goes on crying
Badi Amma gives dulaari medicine and makes her take rest

She then takes Dhaani down
Rajlakshmi – are you also a widow at this young age
Dhaani – yes
Badi Amma – don’t cry beta, don’t cry… Where do you live
Dhaani – we don’t have any place to live.. Aunty
Badi Amma – no beta Call me Badi Amma… U n behenji stay here… this is ashram for widows, for all those people whose families have left them, beta u are educated
Dhaani – no Badi Amma I am poor and I am not educated…. thank you Badi Amma
Badi Amma – no beta… Meet them,. This is Site maai, rajlakshmi,. Suvarna
Dhaani meets everyone, just then she Hears dulaari calling Dhaani
Dhaani goes up and hugs dulaari
Badi Amma too comes up
Badi Amma – dulaariji., from today onwards u n Dhaani will stay here only as our family member, u take rest, I’ll get kada for u
Dulaari – I have no words to thank you, u took care of us, we dint have a house, we are new here, u gave us shelter jeeji
Badi Amma – bas dulaari, take care I’ll come
She goes

Dhaani – maai, I dint tell them that I am educated and we were once rich, maai whatever happened I can never forget i,, I don’t want to live the rich life again and maai here everyone are poor, still they gave us shelter,. They don’t know how to read and write, so I can never show them that I am educated, I’ll be a part of them now
Dulaari – beta whatever happened in this one month
Dhaani – don’t talk about it, I shiver even when I think about it
They hug each other
As days passes Dhaani and Dulaari become more close to the vidwa family, all the elders love Dhaani a lot, Dhaani has become a very good friend of rajlakshmi and suvarna,
Dulaari told badi amma all her truth as to why they left kanpur, badi amma promises that she will never let this truth to come out
Dhaani and rajlakshmi keep fighting at times since Dhaani believes widow rules and rajlakshmi does not, Dhaani starts understanding banaras too, she doesn’t feel new to the place anymore, but dhaani still cries for Soham at times,

Rajalakshmi and suvarna treat dulaari as their mother too
It’s a month gone,.since dhaani and dulaari entered banaras
Badi Amma – dhaani can you get some medicines
Dhaani.- yes Badi Amma,. Suvarna ur coming?
Suvarna – yes

Viplavs house
Raj and pankaj come
Raj – arre Viplav today you won another case and ur sitting at home,. Come let’s go out and celebrate
Viplav – yes yaar and while coming let’s go to the jewellery shop, I bought a necklace for mom as surprise
Pankaj – come
All 3 go get the necklace then , Viplav and pankaj orders for a soft drink, raj buys, mixed with soft drink
As they drink Viplav doesn’t realise and drink the wine, they sit in the bike, viplav and raj in one and pankaj in the other., they drive a bit fast
There dhaani gets the medicines, she holds them properly as one medicine is packed in a glass container
Viplav bikes speeds up

Raj – viplav slow down,. Ur going to hit that lady
Viplav. Slows down but the bike just stops an inch before hitting dhaani And dhaani due to fear drops the medicine and it breaks
Dhaani – oye, can’t you drive properly, is this the way to drive?
Viplav – i am sorry
Dhaani – because of you all my medicines fell down
Viplav – o madam it’s your fault too,. Who asked you to walk on the middle of the road,
Dhaani – first you do mistake and now you argue with me
Viplav – pls it’s your mistake too

Dhaani smells that he drank wine
Dhaani – o so you drank wine…. Don’t u know drinking and driving is offence. Rakshas
Viplav – excuseme…
Raj – viplav come from here… Sorry maam
Viplav – one minute raj, take this necklace and keep it for ur loss… Hope we never meet
Dhaani – I don’t want it…
But viplav goes away
Dhaani – such a proud person, I don’t want to meet you too but I will to give you this back.. But Dhaani now what will you do, u need to buy medicines, ya I’ll sell my chain, sorry baba, this chain was given by you and I am selling it… But it’s necessary to buy medicines
Dhaani goes and sells the chain, she keeps viplavs necklace safely, she takes the money and goes to the shop and buys the medicines
Rajalakshmi comes by then
Rajalakshmi – suvarna is at home, Dhaani ur fine
Dhaani – yes come let’s go to ashram
In tarini vidwa ashram
Dhaani – badi amma medicines
Badi amma – thank you beta
Dhaani goes to her room and keeps the necklace safely
She thinks – because of that man, I had to sell my babas chain
She has tears in her eyes
Rajalakshmi comes and sees the necklace
Rajalakshmi – wow the necklace is beautiful.. Let me wear it
Dhaani – no this necklace is of a rakshas and I will give it back,
Rajalakshmi – but dhaani
Dhaani – rajlakshmi
Rajlakshmi goes
There in viplavs house
Viplav – that girl called me Rakshas.. She’s so proud
Raj – but fault was urs too Viplav.. if the medicines was necessary then

Viplav – ur right raj… Hope she bought the medicines from the necklace… I’ll tell her sorry if I see her
Raj – this is the best part about …. U r
a very clean heart person… Just u get angry soon
Viplav- who gave me sharaab
Raj – that was a mistake, mine came to u
Pankaj – raj jhoota
Viplav hits raj with pillow, and they have a group hug

Tarini vidwa ashram
Dulaari and badi amma are sitting
Dhaani comes
Dulaari – Dhaani
Badi amma – what are you thinking beta
Dhaani – I can’t believe badi amma that today also there are some rakshas who shows off their wealth… I don’t like such people,
Ishq Ishq rang rang…. Ishq ka rang safed
There Viplav thinks to apologise to Dhaani and here Dhaani thinks she will just meet Viplav to give the necklace back that’s a it

Viplav and Dhaani meet again and argue, Dhaani calls Viplav rakshas again
Dhaani crashes with pujaari phoolchand by mistake.. He gets angry and is about to slap Dhaani since she is a widow but a hand stops him… Who is that?

Credit to: Goldie

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