Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 6)

I hope ull r liking my ff

Dhaani cries a lot… After sometime her tears dry up…dulaari is scared that sulekha would blame Dhaani more… Already Dhaani was feeling very guilty… So.she tried convincing Dhaani to come with her
Dhaani – nahi maai… This is my sasural… Its because of me maajhi lost her son, I’ll stay here and serve them
Dulaari – no Dhaani, it’s not because of you, it’s fates game…. okay beta I’ll go now, u take care…
Dhaani – yes maai
And she hugs her
Dulaari comes down and tells sulekha and raja that she is going. they ignore her
Dulaari comes out and prays god – hey bhagwaan I have lived my whole life only for Dhaanis happiness… I can live a life of sadness but can’t think of giving such a life to my daughter… Her lifes colour has gone now… Pls give her strength to live this sad life… Dulaari cries a lot
Dhaani comes down and folds her hand before sulekha
Dhaani – pls forgive me, I’ll do anything to serve you…. I am sorry, I know these are small words but now ull are my sohams family, so let me serve ull and remove all my sins
Sulekha – u pushed my son away from me.. U r a daayan…. I’ll give u punishment
She takes a stick and beats Dhaani a lot… She then throws her out of the house and asks her to spend the night outside
At night Dhaani is crying when raja comes
Raja- ur mom’s phone
Dhaani takes the phone
Dhaani – maai
Dulaari – how are you beta… I know you are upset… Today I feel like cursing myself… Full life I spent a.widow life without touching the wealth but only my one mistake was I danced happily in ur marriage and see my colourless life came to you… I cannot forgive myself.. Never… U were my only hope of happiness and I spoiled that…is sulekhaji treating u badly beta? .. Dulaari cries a lot
Dhaani – no maai what are you saying… U have always sacrificed ur happiness for me… It’s not because of u
And as for maajhi she was angry with me… Now she is not… She lost Her son na ThatS y she was sad… She is not angry with me
Dulaari – really beta?
Dhaani – yes maai… Now you sleep… Goodnight maai
Dulaari – good night beta
Dhaani keeps the phone and gives it to raja… Raja goes in but hears Dhaani speaking
Dhaani to herself – maai I am sorry I lied… I already lost Soham… I cannot think to see you unhappy… Because of me Soham died so I am living this colourless life… U always lived a colourless life but was happy just thinking of my happiness… I cannot think to make you unhappy
Raja hears this and goes to sulekha
Raja – mom… I got a very good plan to take over Dhaani bhabhi property
Sulekha – what plan.
Raja – Dulaari aunts loves Dhaani than her life, if we want anything we need to target Dulaari
Both raja and sulekha smiles
Next 2 data sulekha treats dhaani very badly… She burns her hand, beats her with stick, does not give dhaani food to eat, does not even give her water to drink, dhaani bears all this silently
Even raja began to put a bad eye on dhaani
One day while beating dhaani,. Sulekha calls dulaari silently
Dulaari – hello
Dulaari hears dhaani beating sounds and hears dhaani cries
She immediately leaves for dhaanis house
When she reaches she sees dhaani being beaten up mercilessly
Dulaari – bas keejiye… How much are you beating her… She hasn’t been able to come out of her husbands death and you began torturing her badly…. Pls don’t beat her
Dhaani – maai u here, please maai go from here
Sulekha – your daughter pushed my son away from me
Dhaani -maai please go out
Dulaari cries and goes out
Dhaani comes out after sometime and hugs dulaari
Dhaani – don’t cry maai
Dulaari – u said everything was fine na… What is this?
Dhaani – maai it’s my mistake what happened… I am feeling so bad… This is just maajhis anger and pain of being far from her son and it’s my duty to accept it and serve maajhi… This is vidwa duty
Servant comes and gives Dhaani raw vegetable to eat
Dulaari feels bad seeing this and remembers that dhaani always used to eat delicious food and dulaari never even raised her hand on dhaani
Dulaari – beta I am going
Dhaani – maai
But dulaari leaves as she feels very bad…. Sulekha smiles seeing this Thinking her plan is working
After sometime… Sulekha comes to dulaaris place
Sulekha taunts dulaari that dulaari is living in such a luxury plant and their dhaani is living of hardships… She tells dulaari that she has lost her valuable thing her son and if she wants dhaani to be happy she has to give her all her property she will not trouble dhaani
Dulaari decides to give all her property to save dhaani
Sulekha smiles and phones and tells raja that her plan is working

Viplavs place
Dadi – viplav beta…take this ladoo.. Ur favourite
Viplav – thank u princess, u know dadi… I love doing this work… I get so much blessings and dadi u know I love talking to you
Dadi.. – huth pagle… Beta I am too proud of you..beta I am just waiting for ur wife… When are you marrying
Viplav – u r my princess… My wife should be like you na… Beautiful like you., intelligent like you, eyes like urs, nose like urs
Dadi – bas bas beta.. Par bata na beta what type of girl u want…
Viplav – dadi that girl I spoke to… She was really very good… The way she took care of the boy and the way she explained me how to be content with life.. Being so rich the way she had such a simplicity… I am really carried away
Dadi – so much praises for her beta… her
Viplav – don’t know Dadi…. I just want someone who is like her, same thoughts like her and having the same simplicity.. I really like her Dadi
Ishq Ishq rang rang plays in the background
There dhaani sees sohams photo and says that she will live of a widow happily and will never let anyone come in her life
Screen freezes on Viplav and dhaani face

Sulekha gets to know that dulaari put all her wealth to dhaanis name and not hers… She gets furious
One month leap
Dhaani and dulaari enter banaras…. Dhaani decides that she will hide the fact that she was educated and that she was rich… They meet badi amma and go to tarini vidwa ashram
Viplav and dhaani meet for the first time and have a argument

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