Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 5)

Guys just to inform you… From episode 4 is my first episode
This is the second… Pls comment if you like my ff…this is my first ff

Dhaani- maai.. How can Soham leave me.. Maai tell me that the nurse is lying
Dhaani breaks down completely
Dulaari – sister when did they take him…. Why dint u come to tell me?
Nurse – madam ne mana kiya…. Maam ask dhaani to take rest,… She just came back to consciousness
Dulaari – what are you saying… When did they go?
Doctor – madam they left in morning… Sohamji died… I think the funeral must be going on
To dhaani – I know dhaani it must be very painful for you since ur husband died.. So I won’t say don’t cry but Dulaariji take these medicines in case dhaani feels week,,.
Dhaani – maai let’s go home before they take my Soham before I meet him
Dulaari. With tears – thank u doctor.. Come dhaani
Both Dulaari and dhaani rushes home.., dhaani has completely broken… The accident memories are just in her head
They both reach awasthi nivaas
Dhaani..- maajhi devarji. Soham where is he..
To servant – where is Soham.. Kidhar hai Soham
Dulaari – bolo na… Kahaan hai
Sulekha ( soham mom)-why have you come now… Ur daughter took him away from us…. I just gave him a good farewell before ur daughter spoils that too
Dulaari – what are you saying…. My daughter loved Soham… She has broken down
Sulekha – bas… Dhaani wasn’t it you who drove the car at high speed, who fell off the cliff… My son was still alive, he was bleeding badly, he needed care but just to save your daughter, he carried her all over in his weak state and because of that he died
Dulaari and Dhaani get shocked
Sulekha – for your daughter he left me
Dhaani could no longer take it… She fainted

Viplav case is going on… Viplav proves that anand brother had cheated anand by asking some questions due to which the brother confesses it himself.
Anand – u have done me a great favour.. U saved me and my children… Thank u beta… U helped me a lot and I could not even give u fees
Viplav – no pls…. I feel satisfied when I help ull out… The happiness u get Because of me is my fees…. Today I am happy that u r happy…
Anand – god bless u beta… Beta it’s so rare that people like u r still there in this world who cares about others
Viplav – uncle I wasn’t like this but a few years back when I went to kanpur to meet a friend who was going abroad … I was very frustrated of being poor, tired that I could not become rich, there I met a girl dint c her face but saw how she was taking care of a handicapped poor boy…. No body could say that the girl was actually rich… My friend found out one rich lady’s number so I thought to talk to her thinking that if she could meet me then even I could meet some rich contacts and then become rich
( yes guys the girl is dhaani before she was married)

Viplav – hello
Dhaani – hello… How are you tell me
Viplav – my name is viplav and urs?
Dhaani – my name isn’t so big to be told. u wanted something to
Viplav – I am a lawyer, I wanted to meet you and show you my profile, so incase u or any of ur contacts want any lawyer I will be there,
Dhaani – what happiness will you get in helping the rich people, just money that’s it…. has ur profession been bought by money? no na…. See I don’t mind in calling you… But just my advice… Money doesn’t give you happiness, it will just give you a fear, if the money is used to help others then fine…. but if you help the needy people then you will get their blessings and believe me that’s the best money u could get… From money you could just buy everything ur family wants in a go but by working hard to keep up ur family needs along with helping the needy will prove how good son u r and how good person u r
Viplav – u r rich na… It’s so easy for you to say
Dhaani – this is my father’s blessings his hardwork and we utilise this in the need of the poor, handicapped… U too work for poor and try becoming rich… That would be ur life story
Viplav – did u come to any park today and help a boy?
Dhaani – yes how do u know
Viplav -I think.I saw you
Dhaani – so pls think about it and tell me… I’ll give you
Viplav – no thanks… Ill call u later
Fb ends

Viplav – I came back and aimed at working.for poor, I had difficulty at the beginning but now this is giving me happiness
Anand – what’s her name
Viplav – no idea
Anand – bless you beta

Viplav comes home
Viplav – everyone come down
Kanak – what happened beta?
Dasharath – haan beta.. What happened
Viplav – dadi dadi and hugs dadi and says I won case today
Kanak – that’s great beta,.. I knew u will be the best vakeel
Dasharath – I love you beta
Viplav – today party, all will sit and eat together with songs playing in the background
KanAk – paisa.. Where’s the money?
Viplav – I charged only 1 rupee… He had to save his
Kanak – yahaan we have problems eating and u charge for free?
Viplav – mom I got blessings
Kanak – usse stomach doesn’t fill
Viplav – mom
Kanak – suddenly why beta are you doing this
I hate that girl u spoke to that day
Viplav – I don’t want u to say anything against her
N he goes to his room
Dasharath – bas bahuji… make food
Dadi comes to viplav room
Dadi – beta
Viplav – Dadi I love u all a lot… I try my best to fulfill ur needs… But maa
Dadi – u have helped so many people.. U have everyone’s blessing now c go in this path n u will become rich along with the blessings too
Viplav – Dadi I love u princess
And hugs her

Dhaani wakes up
Dhaani – Soham
Dulaari – Dhaani
Dhaani hugs Dulaari and cries.. – I could not see.him once also maai… He died saving me… I have lost all my colour in my life… I don’t know how will I live…
Saying this dhaani cries vigorously
Dulaari cries a lot too

Dhaani is beaten by sulekha
Raja and sulekha plan to sieze Dulaari wealth
Viplav tells dadi that he would love to marry the girl like whom he spoke to and who is pure…

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  3. Yes am I will try posting one Episode a day… Thank you for reading my ff
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  4. HEY goldie super but jaldi vidhaani ko ek karo waiting for that epi

  5. Hello this my first time on TU.. Read this ff.. Superb.. Felt the same feeling when I saw IKRS for the first time….

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