Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 4)


Soham ( dhaani husband) – dhaani I am going to office… I’ll be meeting dulaari maai after work… I’ll eat in the office
Dhaani – no Soham… Take care of your health… Eat and go… Ya Soham even I’ll come with you… To meet mai… Today is mai wedding anniversary…. She must be very sad
Soham – ok

ayodhya nivaas
Dasharath – see I got some money after today’s puja
Kanak – bapuji.. Can I buy a saree
Dasharath – haan bahuji… But the price?
Kanak – yess bapuji I’ll make food for you..
Dasharath…- yes bahuji
Viplav – maa maa
Kanak – yes beta bolo
Viplav – maa here take this saree…. I heard you telling baba that you don’t have any good saree…. Maa baba loves you a lot… So I took shalu and baba to saree shop.., this saree is baba selection with shalu favourite colour and my approval
It has our love in it….
Kanak – thank you beta…. Achi saree hai
Viplav goes
Dasharath – shamboo bought such a pheeka saree.. Jewels ke saath how will it look
Kanak – yes bapuji u buy the jewels, I’ll prepare your drink…
Viplav comes to dadi room
Viplav – dadi u saw the saree I.bought
Dadi – yes Achi thi… When will u get my pothi bahu
Viplav – I dint meet my soulmate yet dadi… What to do
Dadi – how should your soulmate be?
Viplav – she should be pure… Her thinking should be pure.. She should help everyone.. I don’t care if she is poor or rich, beautiful or ugly but our ishq ka rang should be safed because white is such a pure colour where if we put any colour it would take it in nicely
Dadi – hope you get such a girl

Dhaani and Soham come to meet dulaari
Dulaari – ull here?
Dhaani – I knew you would be sad
Dulaari – I miss ur dad Dhaani
Dhaani – I have always seen you living a very simple life… U always wear this white saree… Why can’t ur life be colourful?
Soham – no dhaani. Widows wear this white dress because it a remembrance to their husband… Even if I die pls wear white…
Dhaani – what are you saying Soham
Dulaari – no beta… Don’t say like this… My daughter loves you… I have so many wealth but all this I have never even touched,,, like how my life is colorless my daughters life shouldn’t be
Saying she takes a flower and keeps on god saying my daughter should always be with her life partner and there a flower falls on viplav head..
Soham – ok maai… We will go now… Come dhaani
They go out and sit in the car…
Soham – dhaani u drive the car
Dhaani – but Soham.. How can I drive? I haven’t learned properly
Soham – no dhaani sit
Dhaani sits in the driver seat and Soham sits n guides her
At a point in the highway the speed increases to the maximum
Dhaani – Soham I love you… How am I driving
Soham – good dhaani
Dhaani – I want to lower the speed now.. U told me to drive fast but now bas..
By then some men come in another car and hurl abuses on them
Soham – how there they? Comeon dhaani cross them
Dhaani – but Soham
Soham – they insulted you… No dhaani pls go ahead
As dhaani races them a truck comes ahead… She tries a lot to stop the car but is unable to press the break properly.. The car then hits the truck and falls off the cliff
Viplav office
Viplav – I am feeling very restless as if someone who is a part of me is in problem
God help me
A poor man named anand enters
Anand – pls vakeel babu help me… Don’t tell me no otherwise my children will come to the road
Viplav – don’t cry… Kya hua tell me…
Anand – my brother cheated me… He told me to sign some papers saying it’s for my daughters school but then I realised it’s my house papers… Pls help me
Viplav – I’ll help you… I will get u justice
Anand – I don’t have fees to give you
Viplav – my whole life I work for the good of poor… I get satisfied in giving them justice… But still not to show you I am helping you out of pity just give me one rupee
Anand – one rupee?
Viplav – yes that is for you your fees but for me it’s your blessings
Anand – thank you beta
God bless you
After about 2 days

Dhaani gets conciousness
Dhaani – maai where is Soham
Dulaari – beta you got consciousness… I was very scared… Take rest beta
Dhaani – Soham
Dulaari – he is in the icu… Very critical… Beta only when u r fine.. He will be na
I’ll go n c him.. Raja beta dint let me leave you.. But now I’ll go and see
Dhaani – maai I will.come too
Dulaari – no Dhaani u just came to consciousness
Dulaari goes but unable to sit n to see how Soham is Dhaani too got up slowly
Dulaari – sister how is Soham beta… Where is his mother? ab khatra tho na hai na usko
Nurse – he died long back… His family took his body for funeral
Dulaari – what are you saying
Dhaani – kyaaa
Dulaari is shocked to see Dhaani… Dhaani screams that Soham can’t leave her… She asks the nurse to tell her the truth and breaks down…

Dhaani and Dulaari rush home to see sohams a last time.. But they see that the funeral is done
Dhaani is blamed for sohams death.. Dhaani is shattered completely..
Viplav wins anand case… But he gets upset when his mom questions him that why he took only one rupee as a fee….

Credit to: Goldie

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