Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 3)


Hii guy…. My ff is open to all… I am very sorry to write in Hindi…now I’ll be writing in English

Theme of my ff- dhaani is a educated girl who loved her husband Soham… Her mother dulAari is very rich but is a.widow… Being in the old generation she follows all the widow rules and only thinks of dhaani good

Viplav is from a middle. Class family… He is a lawyer who works only for the good of poo….. He strives a lot to fulfill his family’s requirements….
Dasharath is a common priest whose aim is to become mahapandit. he loves Viplav a lot… But indulges in all bad work… He robs people at times and because of this he has some money which he kept a secret place… This is unknown to viplav who believes dasharath blindly… Only kanak knows about this.. And because she wants money at times… Would lure her bapuji with her beauty for mone….. Kanak loves viplav a lot too and knows that she is wrong but feels that it’s okay
Viplav loves his Dadi a lot… He respects all his family members

One day Dhaani husband dies and Dhaani becomes a widow… She is badly treated by her inlaws but bears it silently but one day an incident happens which forces Dhaani and dulaari to leave kanpur with all their wealth siezed by awasthis… They enter banaras… And live in tarini vidwa ashram… Dhaani hides the fact that she is educated and lives a life of simplicity…. Dhaani believes in helping all poor people but her only weakness is that she believes widow rules firmly….
Once dhaani sees a young poor lady in trouble…. People all over beat that lady… Dhaani goes to help her and decides to get justice for her… Not having much money… Dhaani takes the lady to viplav…. The story then proceeds as to how dhaani and viplav fall in love and viplav changes dhaani white life back to colours….it also is a story as to how dhaani makes dasharath and kanak realise their mistakes and support viplav
Hope u all like it… Need ur reviews please

I’ll be writing a few episodes as a brief about dhaani husband and viplavs life… N soon bring their meeting….. Pls read my ff and love it
I was a silent reader… Just came out And became inspired to write a ff
Pls read

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Good start goldie, liked the inro keep going…

  2. Good going Goldie. Keep it up.

  3. Nice one. Story seems good.

  4. Well it is unique. Good one. Yr name suggests that you are from punjab is it.

  5. Good going goldie…keep writing….

  6. Yes punjabi settled in pune
    I hope all of u like my ff… Anything u want me to change ur welcome to say
    Pls comment so I will know if u like it or not… I have posted my first chapter… It’s titled as episode 4 but it is episode 1 Pls read

    1. Wow goldie so i was right.☺

  7. goldie nice one continue writing

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