Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 29)


Guys I feel I am stretching this shanti story a am going to try to end the court case in 2 episodes ..
Thank u guys for liking my ff

Dhaani sits quietly covering her face. She takes the glass and gives it to gautam
Gautam – elena u made this drink.. Thank u baby
Gautam drinks it
Gautam tries to touch Dhaani but Dhaani moves inside the circle
Gautam is full under the effect now
Gautam – I am not able to come in.. What is all this
Dhaani (as elena) – I am angry.. I am seeing nowadays u love ur son more than me… I have a doubt that u want shanti back in ur life
Gautam – u r mistaken… I love u a lot
Dhaani thinks that why isn’t Gautam confessing
Viplav is looking at all this
Gautam – why do u feel I don’t love u
Dhaani- many reasons… Tell me what u did for me

Gautam – I took away shanti happiness for u… U had enmity with that girl shanti… So ull gave me promise that if I marry u and take that child… Ull will give me anything I want…. But u aren’t being my wife at all… Shanti was such a dutiful wife just she dint have money.. But for you I planned with ur father and u and we kidnapped shantis parents…. I then went and declared them dead to shanti… For u I came here to banaras with sonu…. I don’t love sonu at all…if u order I can even harm my own son…
Dhaani and viplav are shocked that shanti parents are alive
Dhaani- where are shanti parents
Gautam – u hid them saying that they should suffer seeing their daughter suffer… Why are u asking me
Dhaani- ya… Do one thing bring them tomorrow to the court… Don’t tell papa… I.want them to see their daughter losing the case
Gautam – ok… And once we win let’s remove Sonu out of our life forever…
Now come here
Viplav – I have to make Gautam go and save Dhaani
Dhaani – let’s celebrate after the case
Gautam – no elena… If I can kill, kidnap and harm anyone for u… I can do it to u too… Don’t mistake me so much
Dhaani gets scared
Gautam – I am going to the washroom.. When I come be ready…
Dhaani signs viplav to stop the current

Dhaani runs to Gautam and holds his hand and stops him from going to.washroom
Dhaani – no u can’t go
Gautam – remove this gunghat… Ahhhhh
Viplav hits Gautam with stick and holds Dhaani hand and runs
314 room
Viplav – Dhaani u r alright na
Dhaani- only because u were there I could gather courage to talk
Viplav gets touched by her words
Dhaani – those ppl are so bad.. They are torturing shanti parents and shanti thinks her parents died
Viplav – raj keep an eye on Gautam… Dhaani come I’ll drop u

Badi Amma is waiting for dhaani
Dhaani enters. Badi amma runs and hugs her
Badi amma – beta ur fine? nothing happened na… Ur maai thinks u slept
Dhaani – Badi amma I am fine… Vakeel babu took all care that nothing should happen to me…
Viplav enters
Viplav – I had promised u na… I won’t let anything happen to dhaani
Badi amma – thank u beta….god bless u
Viplav leaves… Dhaani tells Badi amma everything… Badi amma is shocked
Badi amma – they are such cruel ppl… God should punish them…
Ayodhya nivaas
Viplav is in his room with raj and pankaj
He sees the video
Viplav – thank god everything went good.. We got proof… Soon shanti will get her child and parents…
Raj – all this is because of u
Viplav – no raj all this is because of dhaani. Her courage… If she wouldn’t have taken this step then nothing woukd have happened….
Pankaj – but u took all measures to protect her
Viplav – that’s my duty
Raj – viplav do u like dhaani
Viplav – r u mad raj… Don’t ask me such stupid question…
Viplav goes out and thinks
Viplav – raj is talking nonsense but do I really feel something for dhaani… I can’t see dhaani Hurt… Viplav stop thinking all this

Viplav wins the case… Viplav and dhaani together give sonu to shanti… Everyone is happy… Dulaari is angry with dhaani for lying

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  1. Aiswarya

    Goldie mam it was soooooo nice episode ?enjoyed each n every scene ??precap is so interesting ??
    Post the next part soon

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Waah Goldie ma’am! An epic episode.. viplav successfully got proof against Gautam and all.. now finally shanti will get her son back! Good going and keep going <3

  3. Areeb

    Hello Goldie ma’am. Exceptionally amazing writing! ? The whole execution of plan! ? Fool Proof! ? I’m really inclined towards the suspense, thriller, spying sort of stories. I’m liking this whole shanti ko insaaf dilao track! ? Keep writing such!

  4. Sujie

    Nice one ma’am…..keep going…..
    Loving the moment Dhaani trusts Viplav like no one else ????

  5. Lakshmi

    goldie ji…it was an interesting epi…like the detective stories..thriller mood…

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