Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 28)


Episode 27

Viplav – dhaani
Dhaani – yes I am ready to take part in this plan… I can’t let a bad upbringing for sonu… Those ppl dont even care for that child
Viplav smiles
Raj – what is seapark?
Dhaani tells them everything she heard
Viplav – raj somehow stop elena from going to hotel and pankaj u book another room in the hotel.
Raj and pankaj leave
Dhaani – I will also leave..
Viplav catches Dhaani hand
Viplav – I know Dhaani.. It’s very tough for u to take part in this plan…. I will not let…
Dhaani – shhh…. I don’t want u to again tell me to trust u because vakeel babu… The only reason I am taking part in this plan is I trust u….
Viplav smiles – thank u Dhaani
Dhaani – right now no one should know about this… Maai will never allow me
Viplav – ok…

Dulaari – where is dhaani
Badi amma – why r u worrying.. She will come
Dhaani comes
Dhaani – maai I am very thirsty… Can u pls get water
Dulaari goes
Dhaani – Badi amma… I want to tell u something
Badi amma – yes beta say na
Dhaani – I have decided to take part in this plan
Badi amma – dhaani..!! no beta… How can u decide.. Dulaari will not say yes
Dhaani – that’s y I don’t want maai to know
Badi amma – no dhaani.. I.don’t permit u too

Dhaani – Badi amma… I heard elena saying she doesn’t care about sonu.. I don’t want sonu to be bought without love and badi amma see shanti… She can’t even hug her son
Badi amma – but beta if anything happens to u
Dhaani – nothing will happen.. Trust me…
Badi amma – I want to meet viplav before making any decision
Dhaani – ok
Dulaari comes and gives water…

Later at 6.30pm
Dhaani and badi amma come near a temple.. Viplav is waiting there
Badi amma – Viplav
Viplav – maajhi
Badi amma folds her hand
Badi amma – I may not be dhaanis mother but I always treat dhaani as my own daughter.. If.anything happens to my daughter I won’t be able to forgive myself. I’ll die… I am feeling so guilty to say yes.. Dulaari will never forgive me… I want assurance from u that nothing will happen to dhaani

Dhaani – badi amma
Viplav holds badi ammas hand
Viplav – I promise u nothing will happen to dhaani….I promise u if anything happens to dhaani… I’ll leave my profession… I’ll quit my job and that’s my promise
Badi amma and dhaani are shocked
Badi amma – beta
Viplav – don’t worry.. That situation won’t come… U trust ur son
Viplav hugs badi amma
Dhaani – ull convince maai na
Badi amma – yes beta.. U take care beta… My blessings are always with u
Dulaari – are didi where ull went
Badi amma – just a walk with my daughter
Dulaari smiles – yes yes spoil her more

Badi amma – Dulaari there’s a puja ka paat in the temple near by.. We should go… Shanti beta will also get peace… We should leave now
Dulaari – ok come everyone… Come dhaani
Badi amma – no dhaani is not well… Let her sleep
Dulaari panics

Dulaari – what happened to her
Dhaani – maai don’t worry just slight headache
Dulaari – ok
All leave… Badi amma kisses dhaani forehead and ask her to take care
Once everyone leaves.. Dhaani too leaves to meet Viplav
Seapark hotel room 314
Dhaani enters… Viplav raj are sitting there
Viplav – Dhaani

Dhaani – what to do
Viplav – Dhaani.. U need to wear this saree…
Dhaani – I have a colorless life still color enters my life in some or other way
Dhaani changes into the saree and comes… Viplav gets mesmerised seeing Dhaani.. Raj sees Viplav and doubts that Viplav has began liking Dhaani
Raj – ok Dhaani listen. We have put cameras in the next room… Pankaj has called elena to some place saying that he has some proof that gautam is planning against elena…. And down the receptionist will make gautam come to the next room
Viplav – Dhaani.. Don’t be scared… Cover ur face and sit and just speak in such a way that u r angry, elena is angry… We have cameras and once gautam confesses.. We will bring u
Dhaani- ok

Viplav takes Dhaani to.the next room
Dhaani sees all the decorations and feels disgusted… She then sees the floor..there are some wires
Dhaani – what’s this
Viplav – this is electrical wire.. U be inside this circle… If gautam tries coming in he will get electrical shock.. So he can’t touch u

Dhaani – thank u…
Viplav – I.said na Dhaani I won’t let anything happen to u…and Dhaani.. I.have mixed nasha ka medicines in that juice.. Make sure he drinks it… And u dont come outside this circle ( the circle is made by wires and obviously its a bit big)
Viplav – I am hiding in washroom
Viplav phone rings
Viplav – ok ( keeps phone) Dhaani here comes the devil… All the best
Dhaani nods, pray god.. And goes inside the circle covering her face

Gautam confesses everything…Dhaani Viplav escape… Raj questions Viplav about his feelings for Dhaani

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    Good one? badi amma’s concern was too natural! Loved the whole episode.. Precap is exciting! Keep going and post the next one soon?

  4. Goldie1234

    Thank much guys for liking my ff… Seriously thank u

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