Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 27)


I am sorry guys…I missed the registration email.. I know ull like my ff… It’s been two months.. I am feeling very ashamed of myself… I’ll try writing regularly or I’ll end my ff soon.. Sorry guys.. Pls sorry

Episode 26

Viplav – you all know that it’s not easy to make gautam confess… We couldn’t even find the cd… N right now we need gautam to confess so I have thought of a plan
Badi amma – say na beta
Dhaani – we have full faith in u
Viplav – yesterday gautam thought Dhaani as elena… If we create the same situation again..
Dulaari – what do u mean
Viplav – see we can make dhaanI as elena and bring her before gautam and can make him confess… I assure u nothing will happen to dhaa
Dulaari slaps viplav before he could finish
Dulaari – how dare u suggest this? don’t u have shame saying this? u think my daughter does not have self respect… How can u even think this… Get out from here before I slap u again
Viplav looks at dhaani

Dhaani is shocked and teary eyed
Badi amma – beta how could u even think like this… We cannot play with dhaanis emotions… No beta.. Pls..
Shanti – bhaiya I know ur doing this for me but for my son how can we use dhaani
Suvarna – vakeel babu dint u think of dhaanis feelings
Viplav – I thought…
He goes to dhaani

Viplav – dhaani I know making u as elena is something which ull will never agree and I also feel very disgusted to say this plan but dhaani trust me.. Pls trust me… I will not let anything happen to u… I will not even let gautam touch u..if ur respect goes even mine will go and Viplav tripathi will never let ur respect go
He hold dhaanis hands
Viplav – dhaani Pls trust me
Dulaari comes and removes dhaanis hands from Viplav and pushes Viplav
Dulaari – get out of the ashram.. Dhaani won’t take part in this stupid plan.. Get out
Viplav – dhaani do u trust me

Dhaani – I do trust u vakeel babu but I cannot go against maai.. Yesterday what happened after that I cannot think of
Dulaari – didi can u pls ask him to go before I slap him again
Badi amma – beta pls go out and think something else
Viplav goes with raj and pankaj
Everyone leaves except for dhaani and shanti
Shanti – I know dhaani u must be thinking I want u to go for this plan but I won’t say you to go… Ull have helped me so much.. I won’t let anything happen to ull… No need to go ahead with this plan but dhaani I trust viplav bhaiya… He won’t let anything happen to u
Shanti goes
Dhaani sits down and thinks what to do…
Dulaari – dhaani…
Dhaani – yes maai
Dulaari – promise me beta… U won’t go for this plan.. I won’t be able to bear If anything happens to u
Dhaani – maai..
Dulaari forwards her hand
Dhaani is about to promise just then raj lakshmi and suvarna come down fighting
Dulaari gets up and goes to solve the matter
Dhaani gets up and goes to her room confused
Next morning
Dhaani serves everyone breakfast
Dhaani – where is Shanti?
Badi amma – she’s in her room
Dhaani – I’ll go and give her breakfast
Dulaari – no dhaani.. Suvarna will give.. U sit
Dhaani sits quietly
Suvarna goes to give shanti food
Dhaani tells Dulaari that she’s not feeling well and gets up to go to her room.. She sees glass of water… She thinks to give shanti water
Suvarna enters shanti room
Suvarna – shanti where r u going

Shanti – Suvarna… tomorrow courts last verdict… What will I do being here.. So thought to go… There’s no evidence to get my child na
Suvarna – there would be if dhaani but how can she..
Shanti – no Suvarna I understand…. I have seen viplav bhaiya and dhaani doing so much for my child.. I am happy that I took a step for my chil… Now if I don’t get sonu that’s god will… I have made up my mind for the worst so it won’t hurt me..
Shanti breaks down and hugs Suvarna
Shanti cries and asks Suvarna not to tell dhaani anything
Dhaani sees all this and runs to her room crying

Badi amma – why did u not let dhaani go to shanti
Dulaari – because shantis tears will weaken dhaani….I know how difficult it is for a mother to be away from her child… But I can’t compromise with dhaanis respect
Dulaari cries and hugs Badi amma
Dhaani sits and thinks about what viplav said..
In the afternoon after lunch badi amma sends dhaani to buy medicines
As dhaani is walking.. Viplav catches her hand
Dhaani – vakeel babu
Viplav pulls dhaani towards him
Viplav – dhaani look into my eyes… Do me
Dhaani looks into Viplav eyes and both have a emotional eyelock

Viplav – dhaani, trust me I won’t even let gautam touch u…dhaani u r my respect…..if anything happens to u it would be my loss…. This plan was my last thought.. Do u want a small child to be grown in a heartless atmosphere without any love? say dhaani… Tell me
Dhaani removes Viplav hand from her shoulder and goes a step back
Dhaani – I can’t help u….my maai is my life she has done so much for me.. I cannot break her trust…. I cannot help u in this plan… I am sorry… Sorry
Dhaani leaves
As dhaani is walking she sees gautam and elena in a wine shop
Dhaani goes near them
Gautam – elena ull come to seapark hotel na.. I know we should celebrate tomorrow but today night I can’t wait

Elena – ok gautam… And once we win the case my first victory over shanti would be done then u see what condition I’ll make of sonu.. I can’t wait for it
Dhaani feels disgusted… She goes and sees a.small child going being beaten by a man
Dhaani saves the boy
Dhaani – how can u beat him.. He’s such a small kid.. If u want him to learn something teach him with love… He will never be a good human if u beat him
Viplav claps his hand.
Viplav – wow dhaani… U can go.. Here take 50 rs
Man – madam he is my son.. I can never think of beating him… Sir just told me to act before u…thank u sir.. Come beta

Boy – yes papa
Dhaani – what is this natak
Viplav – this natak is to open ur eyes dhaani… U could not bear this child getting beaten up but have you thought tomorrow when we lose the case this act u saw today will be an everyday reality for sonu…. Gautam and elena will romance each other but will never give a bit of love to sonu… Even though having a loving mother sonu will never get love… Dhaani if we don’t do this plan we will lose… I will give up my life but will never let anything happen to me… Pls
Dhaani looks on but does not say anything
Viplav – dhaani say something.. Okay don’t come… Think about yourself.. Don’t trust me… Bye
Viplav goes

Dhaani thinks
Violas goes to raj and pankaj
Raj – what happened
Viplav – no plan raj let’s forget it…. She won’t take part.. They don’t trust me
A voice comes
Voice – hotel seapark night 8.00 today
All look front and see Dhaani standing
Viplav looks on surprised

Dhaani leaves tarini ashram in night
Viplav assures Dhaani safety.. Dhaani tensed

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  1. Aiswarya

    Goldie mam I’m so happy sooooo happy when I came to know u got registered n replied me ??plz don’t end ur ff soon ?n don’t feel like that .when u got registered u posted na. Dulaari slapped viplav ?so sad but a mother can’t bear this .episode was super duper as always.
    Atlast princess ? trusted her Prince ?precap is very interesting ??can’t wait for the next episode
    Post the next episode soon ?

  2. Goldie1234

    Thank you so much Aishwarya… happy my ff is upto ur expectation.. Surely I’ll try uploading regularly

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Goldie mam! I am so happy to see ur fiction after so long.. Coming to episode it was superbly incredible?? though slapping part was hurting but the way viplav tried to assure dhani, his dialogues my goodness! That was too good, I was imagining him saying “u are my respect” Seriously ma’am, u have nailed it.. Eagerly waiting for the next one so it’s a request to please post the next one tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. I am not pressurizing u it’s just I am very excited, Ok so have controlled my excitement and like a good girl I am saying to post the next one sooner..
    Keep rocking ma’am?

  4. Shruthy

    That was fantastic Goldieji. I loved it so much.
    Happy Dhaani has finally decided to be in Viplav’s plan. And the way he repeats he will never let anything happen to her shows how much he is also ashamed of having to do such things.
    But after all, “no pain, no gain”!
    Waiting for your next part. And please don’t end the ff. We all really love it so much. We can understand you being late, but late or not, don’t let it down.

  5. Sujie

    Ma’am ….I am sooo happy to see you with your ff after such a long time……
    Don’t stop writing ma’am….its going superbb…. can imagine each and every scene…and relate it to those episodes when Viplav asked everyone to trust him…and when no one was there….slowly Dhaani was getting inclined towards him because of his goodness….. 🙂 🙂
    keep going Ma’am

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  7. Lakshmi

    hi goldie ji u r back…:)
    and don’t feel ashamed…we understand ur situation…but now onwards u can update it na..?
    and coming to the epi…

    it was really awesome…we really missed ur ff..and u…

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