Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 26)


Hiii guys
Just a little about Shanti story
Sonu is 2 years.. Shanti spend little time with him after which they married gautam and ran away… And being poor and not knowing where they want, it took time for Shanti to reach banaras
Episode 25

Today episode
Tarini ashram
Everyone is worried that why dhaani has not come till now
Dulaari – where is dhaani didi
Dhaani storms inside and runs to her room cryingly…all r shocked and runs behind her
Dhaani closes the door and cries badly… She sits down and cries hard…
Dulaari bangs the door
Dulaari -Dhaani, buchiya,..what happened beta.. Open the door… Dhaani
Badi Amma – Dhaani beta open the door.. Tell us what happened… Dhaani.
Shanti- Dhaani what happened..
Dhaani cries badly
Dhaani – maai, badi amma.. I want to be alone…I’ll come down in sometime… Pls…
Dhaani feels completely disgusted with herself
She runs to the washroom, opens the shower and cries.. She falls down crying remembering how gautam touched her.. She sits in the shower and cries hard

After sometime she gets up
Dhaani – stop crying Dhaani… I am feeling so disgusted… Everyone must be so worried about me.. Maai must be so worried.. She wipes her tears
Everyone is worried down
Dulaari – didi what happened to her.. I am getting worried
Shanti – I am sorry maai.. All is my much she does for me.
Dulaari hugs Shanti
Dulaari – no Shanti beta
Badi amma – shanti beta nothing like that
Dhaani comes down
Dulaari runs to Dhaani
Dulaari – Dhaani beta what happened….why we’re u crying… What happened there.. Ur okay na beta
Dhaani – maai I am fine… Don’t cry.. Don’t take tension… Badi amma shanti… We could not find the cassette.. We searched everywhere
Badi amma – but beta why were u crying.. Tell us beta
Dhaani tells them everything how gautam hugged her.. But she dint tell that she wore red saree
Dhaani cries and hugs Dulaari.. Dulaari feels bad and consoles dhaani
Badi amma. Too consoles Dhaani.. Dhaani hugs badi amma
Shanti comes and folds hand to Dhaani
Shanti – I am sorry dhaani.. Sorry
Dhaani – no shanti it is okay
Badi amma – come let’s have food… Suvarna beta call vakeel babu and ask him to come for dinne… Case Is day after tomorrow.. Now what to do
All go
Dhaani – Suvarna u go I’ll call vakeel babu
Dhaani calls viplav
Viplav – hello
Dhaani – vakeel babu
Viplav – Dhaani, r u fine… I was worried…
Dhaani – ya, fine… Badi amma called u for dinner today to discuss about the case…. I had one more request… Pls don’t tell anyone that I wore a red saree.. I am a widow
Viplav – don’t worry Dhaani… I won’t say
Dhaani – okay bye…
Viplav keeps the phone and sits down

Raj and pankaj enter
Raj – viplav, u found the cassette… Elena, her dad was so furious when they found out this was false
Viplav – no yaar… We dint find that cassette… We searched everywhere n….that cheapo gautam touched dhaani.. And misbehaved with her thinking she was elena… U don’t know how angry I got.. I wanted to beat him so badly… Today the ashram called us for dinner and I am feeling so helpless… I don’t know what to do..this is the first time I am helpless..neither I found the cassette, nor I could take care of dhaani
Pankaj – I have an idea… U said gautam thought dhaani as elena
Viplav – ya.. so?
Pankaj – if we create the same scene… Dhaani as elena then?
Viplav gets angry… He goes and holds Pankaj collar
Viplav -how dare u suggest this? r u mad… Have you lost your brains… Don’t again tell this… U want me to play with Dhaani feelings emotions,respect … How dare u think this… Raj take Pankaj away from here before I raise my hand..
He pushes Pankaj

Raj – Viplav what’s wrong with you.. I understand what you are saying… But u only think is there any other way?Viplav..we won’t let anything happen to dhaani
Viplav – no raj… I won’t let this happen… U don’t know how dhaani felt bad when that cheap person touched her
Pankaj -ur wish viplav, but before making any decision u think…. A child of 2 to 3 years is separated from his mother, Left alone with a dog… How cruel is that viplav? but he has hopes that Mr viplav tripathi will reunite him with his mother…. All the ashram people has full trust on u… Dhaani for whom u r shouting used to hate u but now she too trusts u that u will win this case… Shanti who is alone in this world, trusts u… But what r u doing.. Ur going to break everyone’s trust… Now it’s Ur wish viplav…what to do.. Come raj…
Raj and pankaj leave
Viplav gets angry and breaks a flower vase
He remembers how dhaani had broken down when gautam touched her… Then he thinks how gautam said he doesn’t care about the child, shanti tears ,, ashrams trust, dhaani trust on him… Sonus face.. His longing for a mothers love, shanti story.. Viplav looks at the red saree and remembers how gautam thought dhaani as elena,he remembers dhaanis tears and dhaanis words that vakeel babu will get shantis child back
He picks up his phone and calls pankaj
Viplav – ok pankaj… I am ready with that plan.. But remember one thing nothing should happen with dhaani… That cheapo criminal should not even touch dhaani …. Dhaani should be safe… If anything happens to her… I will not be able to forgive myself… Today we will go and tell our plan… Okay bye
Viplav takes the red saree and remembers how dhaani broke down
Viplav – I am sorry dhaani but I promise u… Nothing will happen with u

Dhaani is making food and talking to suvarna and rajlakshmi
Suvarna – after shanti came, u completely forgot me and rajlakshmi
Dhaani – no suvarna, she lost her child.. U both are my sisters and I love ull
They have a.hug
Dhaani thinks that she might have hurt vakeel babu by mistake and thinks of apologising
Just then the door knocks
Badi amma opens the door.. Viplav, raj and pankaj are standing
Badi amma – come inside beta
Viplav comes inside and looks at dhaani guiltily
Dulaari – arae bachuvaji… So early.. Dinner was not made yet
Dhaani – no maai I made it…
Viplav – shanti I am sorry, I could not find the cassette
Shanti – don’t worry, my trust on u hasn’t gone… Dhaani also still trusts u..
These words pierced Viplav and he was feeling very bad to make a plan of dhaani dressing like elena
Dulaari – come let’s eat…
Badi Amma- yes come beta… And I need to discuss about the case too… Come raj, pankaj beta
All go inside except viplav and dhaani

Viplav looks at dhaani guiltily and is about to go
Dhaani – vakeel babu… I felt in the morning I behaved with u very badly… I shouldn’t have behaved like that… I know u were saying for my good… sorry but I couldn’t bear that gautam touching me.. I felt disgusted.. I hope u understand
Viplav feels bad.
Viplav -it’s ok
Viplav goes inside
Dhaani – what happened to him
She too goes inside
All sit inside and began eating
Viplav looks at Dhaani and just feels guilty
Viplav(thinks) – I am hurting Dhaani with this plan but Dhaani trust me for a last time I won’t let anything happen with u… I am. Sorry
Badi amma – in the afternoon ull couldn’t find the cd… Beta I trust u and I know ur doing ur best… Have you thought of anything else… I am not asking u this because I don’t trust u… It’s because I am concerned… Case is day after tomorrow na
Viplav – I understand… And actually
Raj – Viplav does have a plan which will work
Viplav looks at raj angrily and then sadly at dhaani
Dhaani notices hesitation and sadness in his eyes
Dhaani – vakeel babu.. What is the plan?
Viplav – that.. Actually… Woh
Dhaani – why are u hesitating.. Tell na
Dulaari – yes beta tell
Viplav makes up his mind to tell
Viplav – yes I thought of a plan…
Dhaani – ya tell na… I am sure it’s a good plan..
She smiles
Viplav looks on

Viplav tells his plan to the ashram… All are shocked.. Dulaari slaps Viplav and asks him to go out… Dhaani looks at Viplav with tears in her eyes.. Viplav feels bad

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Renuverma

    Hi goldie. Big thanks for it. Whenever i read yr ff looks i am watching old ikrs.
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  2. Goldie mam it was a nice episode yesterday when I read your ff’s name after a long time I was very excited ☺☺☺

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Goldie mam? hope u are doing well.. sorry for not commenting on previous update but I read it and that was commendable.. the way they fall on each other in bath tub.. then their eye lock.. loved it? now coming to today’s episode it was wonderfully written mam .. starting was painful though poor dhani that cheapo Gautam touched her.. but glad she gathered some strength.. bechara viplav he is on delimma.. he wants to win the case but for that he need dhani’s help and has to use that plan.. precap is very sad dulari will slap him.. Oh God.. but I think dhani will agree and will help him..
    Thanks mam for these episodes because they remind us old beautiful and evergreen episodes of ikrs? and don’t worry u are doing best.. keep going and post the next one soon(er)?

  4. Lakshmi

    goldie ji… was an interesting one….precap was shocking…but no problem sab theek ho jayega….

  5. Hiii .. Thank u guys for all the love and support…
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