Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 25)


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Episode 24

Shanti comes down to eat food…
Dulaari – beta… Eat breakfast and go.. Vakeel babu must be waiting
Shanti – I am very happy.. I am going to see my baby… No I’ll.go now… I’ll eat after coming
Dhaani comes
Dhaani – shanti… full night u was awake… Maai she dint sleep
Shanti- dhaani ur not understanding.. I am seeing my child…
Shanti starts jumping with happiness and she faints suddenly
Dhaani – Shanti
Suvarna calls the doctor
Doctor comes and checks Shanti…
Doctor – please let her take rest… She’s very stressed.. She needs rest
Shanti – no doctor… I am fine…
Shanti gets up and falls again
Doctor – pls she needs rest
Shanti cries
Shanti – I was happy that I’ll see my child..
Dhaani – vakeel babu will win the case and get ur child
Shanti – Dhaani, I trust u… Pls go to vakeel babu and help him… And if u can then take a picture of him
Dhaani – but..
Shanti – Pls Dhaani
Dhaani – ok.. Maai take care of her
Dhaani goes

Outside shanti house
Viplav – where is shanti
Dhaani comes
Dhaani – vakeel babu
Viplav – dhaani, u here..
Dhaani – shanti fell sick… So.she sent me here
Viplav – yaar this shanti, doesn’t want her work done or what…. She sent u to me.. Full time u will only remove faults.. Huh
Dhaani – arae u won’t Imagine how scared I am…. I am.with a rakshas… God only will save me..
Viplav- ok come…
Viplav takes out the keys… And goes to the main door

Dhaani – how did u get the keys?
Viplav – raj disguised himself and told them that they won a lottery and have to come with them.. and then he stole the keys
Dhaani – they would have taken the child with them
Viplav – no we told them kids not allowed… They don’t love shanti child.. They left him here
Dhaani and Viplav enter the house
Viplav – we need to find the cassette just before they come
They both first go to shanti child
Dhaani – he looks exactly like shanti
Dhaani plays with shanti child… Viplav watches her with a smile
Dhaani – don’t worry sonu.. Ur soon going to be with ur mum
Dhaani and Viplav try finding the cassette but they don’t get it anywhere
Dhaani panics
Dhaani – I guess they got rid of the cassette… Now what will we do
A dog barks suddenly
Dhaani – dog
Viplav – oh no… I think they kept the dog to safeguard sonu and house
Dhaani – is that important… I am getting scared
Viplav – there is only one solution…. To,run… On count of 3 – 1…2
And Viplav starts running
Dhaani – cheater… U never said 3 and she runs.. Dog follows them

Viplav – if by 3 it would have bit Me then.
Dhaani and viplav enter the bathroom… And enter the tub which had a glass window type and closes the window
Dhaani – oh god where r we stuck
Viplav – this is ur fault
Dhaani – my fault
Viplav – ya.. Ur friend love u
Dhaani – is this the time to joke
Viplav – let’s sit in the tub
Dhaani sits
Viplav – what should we do
Dhaani – let’s sing…and scare the dog
Viplav – right.. Nice idea and he sings
Who let the dog out.. Bow wow wow wow
Who let the dog out… Bow wow wow wow dhaani gets shocked and covers her ears
Viplav keeps shouting
The dog runs away
Dhaani – hey bhagwan was this a song.?I got ear pain .
Viplav – dog left
Dhaani – what? really?
Viplav – this is rakshas power
Dhaani – haha… I never made a mistake in calling you rakshas
Dhaani and Viplav open the door.Dhaani slips and falls on Viplav and by mistake opens the shower
Both fall on the tub and they get wet… Both r lost in each other eyes
Dhaani realises her position And tries getting up but Viplav is completely lost into her…
Dhaani – vakeel babu… Pls leave me
Viplav realises and leaves her
Both feel awkward but Viplav feels nice where as Dhaani feels bad
Dhaani – let’s leave
Viplav – come…
Dhaani – we dint get the cassette.. Now what will we do
Viplav – we will find a way… I saw something and put it in the bag. U r completely wet.. U need to change.. Wait
Viplav goes into a room and removes elena dress… Here take this…
Dhaani sees the red dress and gets shocked
Dhaani – I am a widow.. I can’t wear this dress
Viplav – Dhaani u r wet.. Ull fall sick
Dhaani – no… I can’t
Viplav – Dhaani… We can’t go like this… Pls change…. Dhaani u need to be strong… Not fall Ill…okay just change and come to my office and then once ur dress dries wear that.. Nothing will happen Dhaani please
Dhaani looks on teary eyed
Dhaani – ok
Dhaani goes to change..viplav too changes into gautam dress
Dhaani wears the red saree and looks at herself in the mirror.. She remembers Soham.. And the time she spent with him… She cries
Viplav continues searching but then he thinks
Viplav – a widow has every right to live her life… This community has spoiled a widow life… Dhaani is so young and she lost her husband that doesn’t mean she can’t wear colourful clothes… I will change this widows tradition…. I will make dhaani enjoy her life
Viplav lifts sonu…
Viplav – I know beta u r missing ur mother.. But I promise.. U will be back with ur mom promise.and after fighting for ur mom… I.will fight for that person who is supporting ur mom
Viplav kisses sonu.. Sonu smiles
Dhaani comes out…
Dhaani – vakeel babu. Can we leave..
Viplav looks at her and gets lost into her
Dhaani goes and kisses Sonu
Dhaani – u will be back with ur mum.. I promise
Viplav – Dhaani u look pretty
Dhaani – I committed a sin and u say I look good… She cries
Sonu with his little fingers wipes Dhaani tears
Viplav – even this little boy doesn’t feel u committed a sin.. Dhaani.. U can live a colorful life.. What’s ur fault that ur husband
Dhaani – pls. . I am feeling very bad.. I can’t argue … Maai will kill me… Pls… We couldn’t do what we did and now I did this
Viplav – okay u wait here. I’ll get the bag
Dhaani – that dog
Viplav – don’t worry.. I will sing again.. Who let the dog out
Dhaani smiles
Viplav – atleast I got a smile in ur face… I locked the dog in the bathroom itself.. It had come..I pushed it in.. Now before they come.. We need to leave.. Because by now they would have got to know that there is no lottery and might have got irritated…
Dhaani – ok
Viplav goes to get his bag
Dhaani cuddles Sonu.. Sonu goes fast asleep
Dhaanu turns and remembers Soham
Suddenly someone hugs her… Dhaani is completely shocked and scared
Gautam (shanti husband) – u elena… U look stunning… I.want to kiss u
Dhaani is completely shocked.. She realises he is drunk
Gautam – I would have come with u to lottery but u were angry with me baby about shanti… What can I do.. I least care about shanti and this child … Baby forgive me and let’s romance..u always leave me alone .. I felt bad that u left me so I had wine
He tries to kiss Dhaani

Viplav comes and sees this and gets angry… He takes a pot and hits Gautam and hides
Gautam falls down and gets unconscious
Dhaani is completely disgusted
Dhaani – I want to change
Viplav gets call from raj
Viplav ( keeping the phone) – no time Dhaani they already might be reaching..wait….
Viplav -takes a red saree from elena room and places it on Gautam and somehow puts Gautam on the sofa
Viplav – no one should know we were here.. I know about the dog but no option now.. They need to assume.. Come Dhaani
Dhaani does not move
Viplav sees elena coming angrily from the window
Viplav pulls dhaani and from the back window..they leave
Viplav covers dhaani face and takes her to his office
They enter the office and Viplav locks the door
Viplav – dhaani what’s wrong with u… Dhaani
Dhaani gets teary eyed remembering how gautam hugged her… All these flashed inside her and she breaks down completely
She falls down and cries
Viplav – dhaani!!
Viplav bend down and tries consoling dhaani
Dhaani puts her head on Viplav shoulder and cries badly
Dhaani – I feel like killing myself.. He touched me.. I am feeling very disgusted..all my fault .
Viplav- it’s not your fault…
Dhaani – I told u I can’t wear this saree.. Still u forced me… I am going and changing.. It’s okay if my saree is wet
Dhaani goes to the washroom, wears her saree
She keeps the saree on Viplav chair and leaves
Viplav looks on

Viplav tells the ashram about widow rights and encourages them to fight against it
Viplav shares his plan with shanti, Dhaani and ashram people
All are shocked hearing him
Dulaari slaps Viplav

Guys I don’t like to keep u waiting but hope u understand I did not do it purposely
And guys please comment.. I don’t know if I am writing upto ur expectations or not.. Please…
Thank u guys for reading

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Renuverma

    Hi goldie how r u. Hope u r fine.
    Since long i was waiting for this epidode but didn’t know how to contact u.
    The episode was good. U recreate each n every scene of ikrs in your story.
    The way viplav n dhani gof drenched n viplav told her to change to red sari was fantastic.
    Only didn’t like gautam hugging dhani.
    I wondered how old is sonu.
    I mean how can someone leave a child alone.
    Precap is scary as dulari slapped viplav. Looking forward for next ?.

  2. Sujie

    Goldie ma’am…. Was waiting for this episode since long….. Hope you are doing well.
    You made me nostalgic….. You recreated those beautiful moments of ViDha…… Thank you for this story…. The bad part was that cheapo hugging Dhaani….
    And precap…. Dulaari slapping Viplav…seems annoying.,,,but you are here to give mind blowing episodes…so no fikar at all…. Keep rocking maam??

  3. Thank u so much…. I will try uploading..I am sorr… Had some personal family problems so couldn’t upload… I’ll try uploading on alternative days or even if I delay, it won’t be more than a week
    I know ull dint like gautam hugging dhaani but I had a reason… Sorry if u don’t like it… But I will try my level best to make the episodes interesting

    And just for saying pls imagine eisha Singh for dhaani and obviously mishal for viplav
    Thank u

  4. Renuverma

    Goldie if u would not say it then also its understood eisha is dhani n mishal is viplav.
    Hope everything sorted at yr family.? take care.

  5. Ya…. I know.. Just thought of saying… Ya sort of now ok.. Thank you 🙂

  6. Lakshmi

    goldie ji very interesting epi…and ya i hope u r fine and glad to know that ur family problems sorted out…

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