Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 24)


I know I am posting after long time.. I really hope ull r liking my ff…

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Today episode
Viplav goes behind dhaani to the terrace… He sees dhaani sad and she has tears in the eyes… she looks at the sky as if she is searching something
Viplav -dhaani,
Dhaani – vakeel babu, u here
Viplav – enough dhaani, bas hogaya.. Now stop it
Dhaani gets startled
Dhaani – stop what
Viplav – till it was with me, I was fine but leave the stars…don’t find shikayat on the stars…
Dhaani smiles

Dhaani – for the first time I agree with u… Yes I am finding faults in the star… U know one of That star is my loved one and he left me…. U know he left me without thinking about my happiness…. I have so many complaints but I can’t tell them… Those complaints just flow as tears…I remember having dinner with him like this
Viplav – r u talking about ur husband
Dhaani -don’t talk about him… He cheated me and left me alone…
Viplav – u loved him a lot?
Dhaani -I don’t know…he loved me in college… He proposed me.. At first I.was reluctant but when he treated my maai as his, I felt his love selfless and I agreed to him
Viplav – u agreed to him even though u dint love him
Dhaani – I did like him maybe I dint love him first , but once we got married, the way he stood for me n maai … Made me respect him, care for him… Maybe then I started loving him.. The day he died my life changed… My whole world came crashing down
Dhaani cries

Viplav – I thought u r very strong
Dhaani – I try my level best to be strong only for my maai, she died thousand more times than me after Soham died… She keeps thinking that it’s because of her that I became a widow… Maai has lived a tough life..she brought me up alone.. . She gave me all the comforts without me asking….u know vakeel babu, when Soham died I felt like dying too, but when I thought of maai I stopped myself…u won’t believe she sold that house which contained of my papas memories only for my happiness.. . Now maai happiness matters a lot for me, if she gets happiness by my smile, I can smile my whole life for her
Viplav – u know Soham brother is very lucky to have had a wife like u… And kaki is more lucky to have a strong daughter like u…and I am very lucky to have such a friend…
Dhaani smile,, viplav wipes her tears
Viplav – by the way Dhaani, u r educated and u told me that u can’t read
Dhaani – that… Pls don’t tell anyone this
Viplav – don’t worry I won’t say… Now come to eat
Dhaani – won’t u ask why I lied?
Viplav – I know there must be a reason and today u spoke ur heart to me.. I am sure when u feel u will tell me about this…
Viplav smiles and goes

Dhaani – I spoke my heart so easily to him, to that person who I always fight with…. He dint even once ask why I lied…. He is really a good person
Viplav goes out and thinks
Viplav – she suffered a lot… She lost that husband who she loved a lot… God give her the strength…I am Happy she could speak her heart to me.. I feel like giving her happiness
Badi amma – beta chalo.. I made sharbat, raj lakshmi is serving
Viplav goes. Dhaani comes down
Badi amma – Dhaani beta, ur fine na
Dhaani – yes Badi amma…
Badi amma – u dint have food so even ur maai dint eat… Go and make her have food
Dhaani – this maai na
Dhaani goes to the kitchen, puts food and goes to dulaari room
Viplav takes the sharbat to drink from raj lakshmi but little sharbat falls on his dress so he goes to clean it
Dhaani – maai what is this… Why did u not eat.. U know na ur bp comes down then.. U don’t listen only
Dulaari – beta I know seeing this u remembered Soham and went away.. When u r sad how can I eat
Dhaani -maai..
Dulaari – I am sorry beta, already u did not have a father and now I took away ur husband…. I know all this fake smile and all is just to make me happy, but how will I be happy when my daughters life is colourless
Dhaani – maai bas.. U r my world… U r my happiness…n maai if u don’t eat, then ur daughter will break down
Dulaari hugs Dhaani and both cry
Viplav sees this and he gets tears in his eyes.
Viplav – pls god never break this mother – daughter relationship
. He then leaves

All sit down… Dulaari and Dhaani come down too….
Raj – Viplav court gave us 5 days but now what do we do
Dhaani – shanti don’t worry.. We will find a way
Shanti – whose worrying dhaani… First I was scared for me… Ull were strangers… And I had no family..but now I am scared only for my child that he is in a wrong family… Because I have got a family.. U, this ashram and Viplav bhaiya
Viplav – Shanti
Shanti – what sort of unknown people will bear so many scoldings of someone who they don’t know but u n dhaani bore it… I spoke so many things but u both never left my side.. U both were always my shield, my helpers.. U both r my family.. U all r my family
Dulaari and badi amma hugs Shanti
Dhaani – yes Shanti we r ur family and will always be with u n ur child at all points
Shanti – I am really sorry, please forgive me for doubting u both
Viplav – u just called us family now why sorry
Shanti smiles
Raj – I raised a question here and all of ull became emotional… God save me from emotional drama
Viplav – raj…
Pankaj – now tell what do we do
Viplav – we need that cassette, now only that can save us, we even need some proofs..
Dhaani – how will we get that cassette
Viplav – we need to break through Gautam house at night
Shanti – but how will u break thru… They will be there and my child, I want to see him
Viplav -I have a plan
Viplav shares his plan.. All like it…
Shanti – Viplav bhaiya, I will come with u… I will see my child
Viplav – ok Shanti… So let’s do it
All smile
Raj lakshmi – u have such a good brain, can we exchange brains
Dhaani – rajlakshmi..
Viplav – of course then u change my name too to viplakshmi… And ur name rajlav
All laugh
Viplav – ok I’ll leave now
All thank Viplav raj pankaj
Viplav tells dhaani silently to take care and be strong
Dhaani smiles

Shanti falls unwell and sends dhaani to viplav
Viplav and dhaani enter the house and gets stuck

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. At last u have posted 🙂 wonderful episode .. when viplav ask her that don’t find complaints atleast in stars was so funny and when dhani told him about her life was heart touching .. keep going and please post the next one soon

  2. Goldie how r u . Hope all well.? finally dhani told viplàv about her husband and the fact that he loved her n she respected him. Also the ashram scene u narrated with badi amma rajlakshmi was brilliant n i was nostalgic. Really missing that period n badi amma. Seems vidhani bond is blooming. ??take care ☺

  3. Shruthy

    it was such a senti episode! got tears reading :'( poor Dhaani she misses her ex husband so much. </3 kash viplav's friendship could bring a real smile on her face one day.
    and it has been for a long time we are having this precap, which makes us more and more excited Goldieji. cant wait for next part.

  4. too good goldie….. well going….keep writing……

  5. Lakshmi

    goldie ji kaise hai aap…?
    another nice epi….but some sad….and the ending was as usual with some comedy elements of viplav….ur writing is very much interesting while reading…keep it up ji…waiting for the next one….

  6. Sujie

    Goldie maa’am….too good….. you carry on please 🙂 🙂

  7. Goldie mam keep going. How is your health know.

    1. Today’s episode was mind blowing

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