Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 23)


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Viplav calls elena to the witness box
Viplav – yes elena… I want u to tell the whole story again
Elena – shanti was my best friend… She got jealous seeing that I got a good husband and now trying to steal my child
Viplav – u mentioned that she stole ur child?
Elena – yes she did

Viplav – so why dint u file a case against her?
Elena – that…. She is my frnd
Viplav -your honour… One lady stole her child but she did not file any complaint against her. . How great…. Just because she’s her friend… . Okay Elena u said she’s ur friend.., there must be some photo which u both must have clicked… Show the court
Elena is speeches
Viplav – why..u don’t have photo? Okay… U have been bought up in banaras rigjt
Elena – yes
Viplav – n u r friends with her since childhood
Elena – yes
Viplav – your honour shanti is new to banaras…. Here are some photos of shanti which shows that she never lived in banaras and she is new here
Viplav gives the photos

Viplav – elena u can go… I would like to call gautam in the witness box
Gautam comes
Viplav – let’s take for the sake of saying that elena dint want to file case against shanti…. But what about you… U said u knew shanti was a very bad lady, then why did u not take any responsibility to file a case
Gautam -my wife said no and to give her a chance
Viplav – what type of father r u… Someone ran away with ur child and ur saying wife dint allow u… Neighbours said shanti used to come in night to meet sunil.. Shanti too agreed… But still ull dint do anything… This case also shanti filed.. As parents ull dint bother
Gautam is speechless
Viplav – when did u meet shanti
Gautam – during mine and elena marriage
Viplav – ur honour gautam is lying… Gautam and shanti used to stay in the same village.. Here are their marriage photos
Gautam elena is shocked
Shanti – my marriage photos… How did he get that
Raj and pankaj comes
Raj – we both went in the morning to ur village to get these pics and viplav went to gautams house now to search if there is any other pics… He got elena and gautams album
Dhaani – that’s y he was late
Viplav – this shows that shanti was gautam wife and judge…. Elena and gautam claims shanti to have troubled them a lot., but they haven’t done anything to stop her which any normal person would have done… I also would like to say that shantis parents r dead and shanti has no house here so she stays in a vidwa ashram…. Gautam claims that shanti ran with sunil but to find shanti they dint take police help,
Verma – viplav tripathi enough…what u r saying does not have any relation to the case.. Could u prove that sunil is not Gautam son
Viplav – I just proved that shanti and Gautam were married..
Verma – that is not a proof… Anyone can merge two pics together and say it is a pic
Judge – Mr verma is right… We cannot take the marriage photo into consideration
Viplav – ok so take Gautam and elena wedding photos na verma…. Show shanti in that album
Verma – shanti isn’t there….she might have not come
Viplav – ur client just said he met shanti first time in the marriage
Verma – what is that connection with the. Case
Viplav – ur honour I might not have much proof right now but I have proved that elena and gautam are lying… If they r truthful why lie…. Elena lied that shanti ran away with her child but dint take action…it’s not something to be believed.. and gautam lied that he met her in his wedding… They were lying… Why are they telling.lies in the court…. I am just requesting court to see their lies and not take any decision in a haste.. It’s about a child’s life…. I request the court to give me time so I can get more solid proofs
Verma – why should court give more time
Viplav – because ur clients lied n if they r truthful they shouldn’t have lied and u had preponed the case before I could get more proofs
Judge – I agree with viplav tripathi… Gautam and elena Singh did lie so taking that in consideration the next hearing will be 5 days later
Court adjourned
Everyone goes
Dhaani hugs shanti
Dhaani – I told you na vakeel babu is the best… I can’t believe I mistook such a wonderful person
Shanti is silent
Viplav comes to them… Raj and pankaj hugs Viplav….
Viplav – we dint win the case.. So chill guys
Dhaani – but u made impossible.. Possible… With no preparation I was so scared but….
Viplav – dhaani so much tarif from u… I can’t believe
Dhaani – it’s once a while, enjoy it because u r my all time rakshas

All laugh except shanti
Viplav – what happened shanti, why are u sad
Shanti – I have been very selfish… U n dhaani helped me when no body did and I still have been rude with ull…. Vakeel saheb…. I am sorry for what all I said and dhaani, u have supported me at all times, u never let me feel sad, today when I saw both of ull fighting for me, I realised maybe u both r my family, thank u..
She folds her hand
Both viplav and dhaani hold her hand
Shanti – dhaani, I know being a widow at this age is such a tough life and still I said about u not being mother,….I spoke like that I am sorry
Dhaani feels sad but composes
Viplav feels the sadness in dhaanis eyes

Dhaani – enough of all this… We need to find more proofs now, but today Dinner in my ashram, vakeel babu, pankaj, raj all come
Night time in ashram
Viplav comes to ashram with raj and pankaj
Dulaari I sees Viplav and remembers Viplav calling dhaani his wife.. She gets angry
Dhaani comes from behind
Dhaani – maai this is only our vakeel… Viplav tripathi… Today he fought the case very well….
Dulaari – he is only the one name
Viplav – kaki, that day to safeguard dhaani, I told that lie because I thought u r trying to degrade her respect, had I know u r her mother, I would never had dare to speak like that… I am sorry
Badi amma comes
Badi amma – beta come in…

They all enter..
Food is served and all eat happily…. They talk…. Shanti too speaks..
Viplav – omg Shanti after so many days I am seeing u happy….
Shanti – this happiness is because of u and dhaani… Thank u both for everything
Viplav sees dhaani a bit sad…. Dhaani remembers her moments with Soham and get teary eyed… She excuses herself and go out
Viplav follows dhaani

Viplav asks dhaani about her husband… Dhaani gets emotional
Viplav tells dhaani that they need to find the cassette soon and both make a plan

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Sujie

    Goldie ma’am ….. keep writing such good stuff… I am loving it…. Don’t let those selfish people win….
    🙂 🙂

  2. Arshdeep

    You wrote the whole court proceedings very well mam..

    Viplav rocks.. Goldie mam rocks..!! 😀

  3. Shruthy

    I knew it! Viplav just ROCKED the court scene. ??? He is too good.. ?? Finally they can get more proofs against those stupid people. Cant wait for next episode. Precap looks so ViDhalicious ???❤️

  4. Omg goldie u r a brilliant writer seems u r a lawyer. All arguments n statement were narrated nicely. ?? i am speechless for this Superb episode.

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