Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 22)


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Today episode
Viplav and dhaani enter the court room
Judge – this case is regarding the custody of sunil Singh between shanti and gautam Singh…. Who is shanti lawyer
Viplav – sir me,I am Viplav tripathi, lawyer of shanti Singh
Judge – who is gautam lawyer
A man enters the court – me
Everyone looks at that man and see who it is
Dhaani is shocked
Dhaani – Mr.verma
( remember guys before they went to Viplav, they met a lawyer Mr verma who insulted them)
Mr verma comes inside
Verma – I am verma and I’ll be handling gautams case
Dhaani – that day he insulted us and now is handling the wrong side.. Huh
Judge – let’s the case begin
Viplav – your honour… Sunil Singh is the son of shanti and gautam Singh…. Shanti Singh loves her child unconditionally but gautam Singh due to his greed for money took away the child and married elena trivedi… They are refusing to give the child back to my client… It’s my request that the child should get back to his mother
Verma – good speech and story given by my friend viplav tripathi…. My honour… Sunil Singh is the son of elena and gautam Singh… Infact gautam Singh never knew shanti….. Shanti is a money digger… She became friends with elena and tried stealing her husband and when gautam being a devoted husband refused her, she is torturing them now for their child
Dhaani and shanti are shocked
Shanti – Dhaani he Is lying… Do something
Dhaani – ssh shanti be quiet… Don’t worry
Viplav – sir, this is a lie… Why will someone file a case against someone when the child is not hers
Verma – viplav tripathi cool down…. I have proofs too to prove my point… Sir I’ll call elena to the witness box
Elena – shanti had been my best friend but then I never knew she was jealous, she tried to steal all happiness in my life… First my husband but because he is truthful, then my child….she stole him first and ran away… With so much difficulty I got him back… Please sir give me justice
Gautam comes to the witness box

Gautam – this lady is the worst lady I have ever known, she is a troublesome to us..
Arnav – judge saab this shanti was never a good lady, she always was jealous of my daughter and now she is troubling her
Verma – sir I have more proofs to prove my point…. He calls the neighbours….
All the neighbours talk in favour of elena and they even say that elena is a great mom…. They tell the judge that how shanti used to come in the night to take the child
Shanti gets up and shouts
Shanti – sir, this is lie… I agree I used to come, but only to take my child back, I had no choice, so I tried in the night….. Being his real mum I dint see him for days, I wanted to c him…. ELENA u liar… I hope u suffer a lot
Dhaani – keep quiet…. What are u doing
Judge – I want silence
Viplav – sir this is the grief of my client which has come out, I request u to forgive this outburst and pardon her
Verma – do u have any proof against my client Mr tripathi?
Judge – we will continue the case after lunch
Verma – viplav tripathi… Heard a lot about u..u never lose a case and all… But I can c ur case is just too weak… This maybe ur first loss…..I am sorry
Viplav – even I heard a lot about u….I am so happy u r feeling sorry for me….but I don’t even feel a bit for u…. U know dhaani when a donkey sees the mirror he thinks he is seeing another donkey but actually he is seeing himself…. This donkey verma.. O I am sorry… My friend lawyer verma is seeing his own loss because I am showing him the mirror… Just like the donkey
Verma – viplav

Dhaani – u called us inauspicious na… Did u c urself, u r sold by money…. Vakeel babu come from here
Viplav dhaani leave with shanti
Shanti – Vakeel saheb, they are telling lies and u were just sitting like that… Tell me truthfully, did they give u money to cheat me
Dhaani – shanti enough just stop it… I agree that u are sad, those people raised a lot of questions ,, but that doesn’t mean u raise question on Vakeel babu… Don’t forget shanti that today we r in this condition only because of u.. If u wouldn’t have told about the cassette, by now ur child would have been with u..vakeel babu had taken out the cassette so cleverly
Shanti cries
Viplav – dhaani, I’ll come in some time…. Before the proceedings start
Dhaani – but where?
Viplav goes
Break gets over and case starts
Shanti – Dhaani where is vakeel saheb… I know I spoke a lot… I’ll apologise but ask him to come back… Please
Dhaani – Shanti he will come
They sit

Verma – looks like my capable friend couldn’t bear the loss Nd went away..
Judge – ok so I am taking my decision
Dhaani – pls wait… Vakeel babu will come back soon
Judge -I give 10 min
Dhaani – I don’t even have his number, I have his office number.. She calls through the std phone but no one picks
Dhaani goes to shanti
Dhaani – shanti where is raj and pankaj
Shanti – they were not there from morning… Dhaani vakeel saheb left us in the middle….
Dhaani – I trust vakeel babu. . He won’t break my trust
Judge – ur lawyer did not come till now?
I am sorry I’ll take my decision

The court…..
Viplav – one min judge sir…
Dhaani – vakeel babu
Viplav – I am sorry judge sir, but please don’t take decisions in a haste
Verma – this is not ur house viplav tripathi that u can come whenever u want… This is court having certain rules
Viplav – yes Mr verma I haven’t forgotten that… I have a good memory
Judge sir, I have a few questions to ask elena…. Can I
Judge – permission granted
All are tensed

Precap –
Dhaani viplav talk, viplav asks Dhaani about her husband death, Dhaani feels emotional

Guys that door locking for cassette will come in a few episodes….

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Shruthy

    Oh God! Getting irritated because of this Shanti ?? She is so stupid. But at least it helps us prove Viplav & Dhaani trust each other. I am happy how Dhaani supports Viplav always.
    And what is Viplav cooking in his mind? ? I am sure he came back with a bang.
    And the precap! Oh… That is going to be emotional…

  2. Mariyam123

    Good episode Goldie. Keep going

  3. Sujie

    Goldie ma’am .. Good job….keep going…. Never let the evils win

  4. Arshdeep

    Nice mam
    This shanti is annoying now but love that dhani still trusts viplav.. 🙂

  5. Goldie mam it was very good .. shanti is such a dumbo, that donkey part was funny? .. precap is interesting.. keep going☺

  6. Hi goldie. Hope u r fine. Lovey episode of ?☺so viplavs determination n fight for truth would make him WIN.GOOD TO SEE DHANI’S EMOTIONS FOR HIM.

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