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Today episode
Viplav comes home and sits for dinner
Dasharath – Viplav baba u came home… I am so happy today… Have to make an announcement… I want to organise a puja for my potha success
Kanak – I hope this puja will bring success in my son’s life
Viplav – but dadaji suddenly why puja?
Dasharath – it’s for ur happiness beta, 2 days later I’ll organise the puja
Viplav – ok dadaji as u wish
Viplav goes to his room
Viplav – that gautam and his father jn law now know that I don’t have the cassette… What to do now., I don’t even have any proof and tomorrow is the court hearing…
Viplav calls dhaani ashram
Dhaani picks up the phone
Dhaani – hello
Viplav – dhaani, Viplav here… The case hearing has been preponed to tomorrow
Dhaani – what? but how? it was after 5 days na.. Suddenly so early?
Viplav – those people are very big people… They know if more time is given to me then I will find more evidences so they preponed the case so that we won’t get any time
Dhaani – but vakeel babu, now what do we do?.. We don’t have anything to prove us right… I am getting tension
Viplav – don’t take tension or ur hair will become white and u will get wrinkles.. Then shanti sautan elena ( I don’t remember her name so made new one now) will put case on u for mother in law torture
Dhaani – then i will tell elena that because ur father in law viplav tripathi troubles me so I have no option but to trouble u since he is a rakshas ….
Dhaani laughs but then she realises what she said… She feels very awkward… Viplav too realises that she is feeling very awkward.. He changes the topic
Viplav – that gautams worst day is tomorrow when he faces u…ull remove so much shikayat of him that he’ll say I cannot talk to this lady… I’ll give the child… Dhaani this can be the perfect plan
Viplav laughs
Dhaani – very funny… But vakeel babu.. What will happen tomorrow
Viplav – I don’t know Dhaani but I promise I will not let injustice win… Praan jaye par vachan na jaaye
Dhaani keeps the phone and goes to shant…. Badi amma, dulaari and raj lakshmi is also present
Dhaani – shanti, I have a bad news
Shanti – what Dhaani, I am so used to bad news…. Don’t worry and tell me
Dhaani – shanti, vakeel babu called me… He said that the case is tomorrow
Dulaari – what? dhaani so soon
Badi amma – but dhaani how has it come so soon
Shanti – I expected them to do this… Why is god doing this to me..
Dulaari – beta don’t cry
Rajlakshmi – dhaani ull don’t even have the cassette, our case is very weak… How will we win… Shanti… Keep ur mind open to lose
Badi amma – Rajlakshmi keep quiet
Dhaani – Shanti be strong… Rajlakshmi ur right, our case is weak but we won’t lose.,keep trust on god and vakeel babu.
All r tensed…
Next day
Dhaani, shanti come to the court and meet viplav, raj, pankaj
Dhaani – god know what will happen
Gautam, arnav and elena too come with their lawyer
Elena – shanti, how r u dear… Ohh see ur looking so sick but I am really sorry u won’t get ur child
Dhaani – u r not the judge to decide… Here’s the way and there’s the door.. Go away… Don’t poke ur nose here
Gautam – aye vidwa mind ur language.. I know about such ladies… They do this natak of helping and all so they can loot people.. U ate ur husband… And now want to steal my son
Dhaani feels hurt
Viplav – arre baapre, gautamji u speak so well and u know so many things yaar… Good yaar.. It will help u to console urself once I show u ur place… And ya… First I will show what dirty type of person u r, and then I’ll teach u how to speak to ladies
Arnav – don’t fly too high viplav tripathi.. U don’t have any proof.. We have nothing to be scared of

Viplav – really, ur not scared? then u wouldn’t have sent ur goons and
Shanti- pls stop… Uncleji, elena ull had problems with my parents but today they are not there… I promise u I won’t interfere in ur lives, just give me my baby, I don’t even want gautam
Gautam – u don’t have any right to reject me, u r already rejected by me
Shanti – I beg u… I don’t want this case… Please give me my child
Elena – u want ur child na, ok I’ll give, first u rub ur nose on the ground, then tell everyone how characterless u r, and ur child is a result of ur characterless and is not gautams son, so u threw ur child away but gautam being generous took care of the child and even me… I promise u… Do this and I will give sonu back to u
Arnav – it will be fun to see this…ur parents good punishment .. I promise u listen to my daughter and ill give ur child.. Anyways we have no love towards him
Dhaani and viplav feel very disgusted hearing this but they get shocked when shanti agrees to this
Shanti – I am ready to do whatever u say. I just want my child
Dhaani – shanti r u mad… U won’t do anything like this… Come from here
Dhaani tries pulling shanti but shanti removes her hand
Shanti – no dhaani, I need my child… I don’t mind doing anything for my child… U won’t understand dhaani the relationship between a mother and Child because u r not a mother and can never be one …
Dhaani feels hurt
Viplav – Shanti what r u saying… U will get ur child but with respect not like this… Dhaani has always helped u selflessly.. How can u talk like this to her…
Shanti – u don’t talk only… U don’t even have evidence… I can do anything for my child…
Dhaani pulls shanti and slaps her
Elena gautam and arnav enjoy the scene
Dhaani – come back to ur senses…. By doing this, ur spoiling ur child’s future too…. Don’t run so much in emotions that u walk in the wrong path where u won’t get anything … Come to the correct path…. U will get ur child back… Vakeel babu will get u ur child with respect… What do u think if u do this u will get ur child? no shanti u won’t get… Only ur respect will go
Viplav – dhaani is right… This case will be a lesson to all those who separates a mother from child for their benefits.
Gautam, elena and arnav goes inside the court
Dhaani – raj bhaiya, ull take shanti inside, we will come in 2 min
Raj takes shanti and goes
Dhaani – vakeel babu, ur fine
Viplav – dhaani, I should ask if u r fine., shanti spoke like that
Dhaani – I understand her, ur fine na
Viplav – dhaani, shanti agreed to their cheap demands for her child, I need to do something to stop shanti from thinking about this otherwise I will lose to myself… Dhaani, I don’t have any evidence… What will I do
Dhaani – vakeel babu, when ur confused about something just close ur eyes and think about the things u got in ur life… Ur life has a meaning, that meaning will solve ur problem… Today only u can save shanti…
Viplav – dhaani if I don’t win I’ll never be able to face myself
Dhaani puts a consoling hand
Dhaani – our biggest evidence is our truth and their lie… Vakeel babu bring these two to the witness box… We will win the case
Viplav smiles
Viplav – come let’s go in
Dhaani – u go… I’ll come
Viplav goes, dhaani comes to washroom
Dhaani looks at herself in the mirror and remembers shanti words about mother.. She breaks down
Dhaani – whenever Soham used to come near me, I used to stop him saying that I don’t feel he is my prince and only my prince has the right to touch me… Soham I miss.u
Dhaani cries

Case proceedings begin

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Arshdeep

    Very nice mam..
    I am very hopeful viplav will win the case..

    Loved it when viplav said arey baapre.. I felt as if viplav is standing right next to me and saying that..

  2. Mariyam123

    Goldie it’s superb. Last part was very emotional. Felt like crying.

  3. Sujie

    Goldie ma’am ….. Go on… I KNOW VIPLAV WILL WIN THE CASE 🙂

  4. Superb goldie. Nice conversation between dhani n viplav on phone n at court. Viplav was so caring when he first scolded arnav then shanti on speaking rudely with dhani. Now seems both have developed feelings but would reveal after viplavs victory it seems. Awesome. Yesterday’s precap was missing or i have missed.

    1. That part will, come in the next episodes… Thank u for liking my ff

  5. It was wonderful Goldie mam and viplav will win the case for sure but the way shanti insults dhani was hurting but our hero is with her and when he said are bab re was lovely 🙂 .. keep going

  6. Shruthy

    Case will surely be Viplav’s success because when Viplav is here, not to fear! <3
    Shanti is quite overreacting that she even blames ViDha while they both are the ones who support her and afford her childish acts. I mean, I can understand a mother's feelings, but to say such things about ViDha, seriously… Poor Dhaani, she is already hurt having lost her husband and she keeps saying such things. At least both ViDha are here to console each other..
    Waiting for next part Goldieji! <3

  7. Goldie ji an epic one……as everyone knows only justice wins atlast….so wishing a very best of luck to vidhani…want to know how will viplav gain evidences against the villains and give justice to shanti…

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  9. This shanti did she have to hurt dhaani oh wish they unite with vakeel babu soon, hope she gets her baby soon

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